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Atomex wallet tutorial

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Where to get Atomex

At the moment we have only Windows client, clients for other platforms are in our roadmap.
Also, Atomex exchange is available via API, so that any wallet can integrate and utilize atomic swaps.

Download signed binaries

Get the latest version from

Build from sources

$ git clone --recurse-submodules
$ cd atomex.client.wpf
$ dotnet restore
$ nuget restore
$ msbuild /p:Configuration="Release"  /clp:ErrorsOnly'

How to use Atomex

After downloading and installing the msi package, open the Atomex application. You can either generate a new wallet or restore an existing one from the mnemonic phrase.

Create new wallet

1. Choose the network

Use TestNet for testing purposes and exploring the features. Do not import your mainnet wallet or send real funds to addresses created in this mode!

2. Name your wallet

3. Generate seed

Before generating the seed you should pay attention to its length. Sometimes it’s better to check what is the seed length the other wallets your use. Don’t forget to write down your seed after you pressed "Generate".

4. Set mnemonic password (optional)

Set a derived key password which will be needed in addition to the seed to restore your wallet.

5. Set local password

Set up the storage password which is needed every time you unlock the wallet.

6. Make atomic swap

Now your private keys are kept encrypted on your computer and your AtomEx App is ready to make its first swap!

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