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Ledger KMD Reward Claim

Claim your KMD rewards on your Ledger device -


  • Make sure the KMD app and firmware on your Ledger are up to date.
  • Connect your Ledger.
  • Open the KMD app on your Ledger.
  • Open the Ledger KMD Reward Claim app on your computer.
  • Click the "Check Rewards" button.

If you encounter any problems, be sure to check the FAQ below. If you still can't resolve the problem then open an issue with as much information as possible and we'll try and help.


I get an error signing or broadcasting my claim transaction, what went wrong?

This is most likely because you are using an outdated version of the KMD app on your Ledger which doesn't support the overwinter hardfork.

Make sure the KMD app and firmware on your Ledger are up to date before trying to claim your rewards.

If you are sure your device is up to date then please open an issue with as much information as possible and we'll try and help.

Why do all my funds get sent back to a new address?

We follow the same BIP44 standard that Ledger Live follows. We will send your reward claim to the next unused address in your account. This means all UTXOs in a single account are consolidated in a single transaction, which does have some privacy implications. However, in the Komodo ecosystem, most wallets just have a single address which is re-used, this is even worse for privacy. If you want privacy you should use a shielded address. Therefore, after consulting with Komodo lead developer jl777, we don't see this to be an issue.

To clarify, to preserve privacy across accounts, UTXOs in different accounts will never be mixed together, this is why you need to claim your rewards in each account separately. For increased anonymity, you should claim each account on different days to avoid time analysis linking the separate claims.

If consolidating the UTXOs is an issue for you and you'd like a solution that doesn't link addresses together, then please let us know.

My browser is unsupported, can you support it?

We don't blacklist any specific browsers, we detect compatibility for the U2F API which is required to communicate with the Ledger. If the browser doesn't support the U2F API then we show an "Unsupported Browser" dialog.

You can view a list of U2F supporting browsers at


While this app was built by Atomic Labs, many community members were a great help.

Reference reward calculation code

  • jl777 (C++)
  • pbca26 (JavaScript)


  • jl777
  • ComputerGenie
  • jorian


  • zatJUM
  • TonyL
  • SHossain

If you feel you've contributed and aren't listed here, please let us know.


MIT © Atomic Labs
MIT © Luke Childs