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Write an AI to command your troops to gather the most resources in the time allotted. You gather resources by exploring the map, finding resources, executing a gather action, and then returning to your base with the gathered resources. The AI communicates over TCP via a JSON protocol.



The server will connect to your client. You will start receiving messages in the format:

  player: 0,
  turn: 12,
  time: 300000, // time remaining in game
  'unit_updates': [{ // your unit's updates
    player_id: 0,
    x: 0, y: 0,
    can_attack:true // cooldown is ready
  'tile_updates': [{
    // relative to your base
    x: 7, y: -9,
    visible: true,
    blocked: false,
    resources: {
      id: 12,
      type: "small",
    units: [{
      status:"unknown", // tile update statuses can only be unknown or dead
      player_id: 1,
      health: 10

Any time something about one of your units changes, (position, status, etc), you will receive an update.


Any time something about a tile changes, (enemy units, visibility, etc), you will receive an update.


This is the amount of time remaining in the game (in milliseconds).


This is the current turn of the game. Each turn is 200ms.

Sending commands

To command your units, send messages to the server using the format:

  commands: [
    {command: "MOVE", unit: 2, dir: "N"},
    {command: "MOVE", unit: 3, dir: "S"},
    {command: "GATHER", unit: 7, dir: "S"},
    {command: "DROP", unit: 9, dir: "E", value: 10},
    {command: "CREATE", type: "worker"},
    {command: "SHOOT", unit: 4, dx: 3, dy: 2},
    {command: "MELEE", unit: 4, target: 2},


The protocol is newline delimited. Make sure your JSON has all but its last newline stripped!


Commands are your AI's way of telling the server what you want your units to do. Some commands take many turns to complete. When finished executing a command, a unit's status will be set to idle.

MOVE: unit,dir Move a unit by id in a given direction N,S,E,W. Command will be ignored if the unit cannot move in the specified direction or is currently executing a previous MOVE command. Units can occupy the same location.

GATHER: unit,dir Tell a unit to collect from a resource in the specified direction N,S,E,W. Command will be ignored if the unit cannot gather in the specified direction. Resources are automatically deposited by walking over the players base.

DROP: unit,dir, value Tell a unit to drop value resources in the specified direction N,S,E,W. Command will be ignored if the unit cannot drop in the specified direction (unit in the way).

CREATE: type Create a new unit by type: worker,scout,tank. Command is ignored if the player's base does not have enough resources.

SHOOT: unit,dx,dy Tell the unit to shoot a location relative to the attacker. All units at the location will be damaged (including your own). Command is ignored if the location is out of the attacker's range (within unit vision). Each unit has an attack cooldown. can_attack will be sent down as true when they can attack again.

MELEE: unit,target Tell the unit to melee a nearby unit. Command is ignored if target unit is more than a single tile away. Each unit has an attack cooldown. can_attack will be sent down as true when they can attack again.

IDENTIFY: unit, name Name the unit (or player if left blank). This name will only show on the graphical server window. Command is ignored if the unit is owned by another player.


When a unit has died, its status will be set to "dead".
Dead units will no longer respond to your commands.



BASE: When joining the game, your base will be placed at a random location on the map. Map locations will be sent from the server relative to your base's location (i.e. A location of x: 1, y: 1 would indicate the tile 1 step east and 1 step south of your base).


WORKER: You will start the game with 6 workers. Workers are the only unit that can carry resources. They have average vision, speed, health, and a weak melee attack. Cost: 100.


SCOUT: Scouts have longer vision, faster speed, lower health, and a weak melee attack. Cost 130.


TANK: Tanks have average vision, slower speed, higher health, and a ranged attack. Cost 150.

type cost range (+/-) speed (tpt*) health attack cooldown (turns) attack damage build time (turns)
worker 100 2 5 10 3 2 5
scout 130 5 3 5 3 1 10
tank 150 2 10 20 7 4 15

*turns per tile (tpt): Number of turns required to move from one grid location to the next. Smaller is faster.

Communication Overview

Your chosen starter kit should implement the basic communication protocol with the server.

The server will send updates to each connected AI at the beginning of a turn. The server then waits a specifed amount of time (defaults to 200ms) for each AI to send commands. It processes any received commands and then advances to the next turn.

Note that in fast mode (which will be used in the tournament) the server will advance to the next turn after it receives a single message from each AI (or the time limit expires) and so you'll want to batch your commands for each turn into a single message.

Ask your coach if you need detail in addition to what's listed here.

JSON Schema

Message from Server

property type notes
time int Milliseconds left in the game
turn int Current turn of the game
player_id int Your player id
tile_updates array of Tiles Tiles that changed last turn
unit_updates array of Units Your units that changed last turn
game_info Game Info Game settings, only sent on turn 0
results map of player id to Results Results of game, only sent once game has finished


property type notes
id int Unique identifier for the unit.
player_id int Your player identifier.
x int Tile coord (positive to the right "E")
y int Tile coord (positive is down "S")
type string Type of unit (base, worker, scout, tank)
status string current status (idle,moving,building,dead)
health int Current health of unit
resource* int Value of resources currently being carried.
can_attack* bool Can attack next turn (based on cooldown)

* Optional: may or may not be present depending on the unit type.


property type notes
visible bool Can currently be seen by one of your units
x int Tile coord (positive to the right "E")
y int Tile coord (positive is down "S")
blocked bool Tile can be walked on by units.
resources null or Tile Resource Description of the resource (if any) on this tile.
units array of Enemy Units Enemies found on this tile.

Tile Resource

property type notes
id int Unique identifier for this resource.
type string Time of resource (small or large)
total int Total amount of value left in this resource.
value int Value of a single harvested load.

Enemy Units

property type notes
id int Unique identifier for the unit.
type string Type of unit (base, worker, scout, tank)
status string limited current status (dead or unknown)
player_id int Identifier of the player that owns the unit
health int Current health of unit

Game Info

property type notes
map_width int Map width in tiles
map_height int Map height in tiles
game_duration int Length of game in milliseconds
turn_duration int Length of each turn in milliseconds
unit_info map of Unit type to Unit Info Information about each unit type

Unit Info

property type notes
hp int Initial health of units
range int Number of tiles in any direction the unit can see
cost int Resource cost to create (optional)
create_time int the number of turns it takes to create (optional)
speed float Movement speed of unit in turns per tile of movement (optional)
attack_type string melee or ranged (optional)
attack_damage int Damage dealt by this unit (optional)
attack_cooldown_duration int number of turns the unit must wait between attacks (optional)
attack_cooldown int number of turns the unit must wait to attack again (optional)
can_carry bool true if the unit can HARVEST and carry resources (optional)


property type notes
score int Total score for the game

Setting Up the game

  • checkout repo
  • install ruby 2.3.x or newer
  • install Gosu dependencies (mac | linux)
  • install bundler: gem install bundler
  • cd server
  • bundle install
  • ruby src/app.rb

Running the game

$ruby src/app.rb --help
usage: src/app.rb [options]
  -p1, --p1_host     player 1 host [localhost]
  -p1p, --p1_port    player 1 port [9090]
  -p2, --p2_host     player 2 host
  -p2p, --p2_port    player 2 port [9090]
  -m, --map          map filename to play (json format) [map.json]
  -l, --log          log entire game to game-log.txt
  -f, --fast         advance to the next turn as soon as all clients have sent a message
  -fs, --fullscreen  Run in fullscreen mode
  -nu, --no_ui       No GUI; exit code is winning player
  -t, --time         length of game in ms [300000]
  -drb, --drb_port   debugging port for tests
  -p1n, --p1_name    player 1 name
  -p2n, --p2_name    player 2 name
  --help             print this help


  1. Disconnecting. Game will continue, but you will lose control of your units.
  2. Games are logged to game-log.txt

Creating your own maps

You may want to test out edge cases or set up situations for testing that are not in the training maps. Maps are built using Tiled. To build your own:

  • Download and Install Tiled
  • Copy an existing map
  • Update layers
    • blocked layer has cells filled in that are not walkable
    • objects has resources and base starting locations (copying existing resources/bases will maintain needed type properties)
    • environment has decorative tiles
  • export the map as JSON with Map -> Properties -> Tile Layer Format set to CSV