AtomJump Messaging plugin to allow remote messages to be inserted via an API call, given a basic identifier
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A basic message inserter for AtomJump Messaging with a simple passcode for security.


AtomJump Loop Server >= 1.0.4


Find the server at Download and install.

Download the .zip file or git clone the repository into the directory loop-server/plugins/inserter

Copy config/configORIGINAL.json to config/config.json

Edit the config file to match your own email account sender, and default forum to insert messages to.

Note: we recommend that you only use this plugin if you are on a secure HTTPS server. Otherwise, the passcode can potentially be intercepted, as it is unencrypted.


You can then make an external API call to e.g.[Forum Name]&msg=[Message URL-encoded]&code=2498jfknf-changeme