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Using composer

Add this to you dependencies in your composer.json (example) :

  "require"     : {
    "atoum/sfAtoumPlugin": "*"

After a

php composer.phar update

The plugin should be in the plugin folder and atoum in the vendor folder.

Then in your ProjectConfiguration file you have to activate the plugin and define the atoum path.

  sfConfig::set('sf_atoum_path', dirname(__FILE__) . '/../vendor/atoum/atoum');

  if (sfConfig::get('sf_environment') != 'prod')

Using a git submodule

Install atoum as a submodule

git submodule add git:// lib/vendor/atoum

Install sfAtoumPlugin as a git submodule

git submodule add git:// plugins/sfAtoumPlugin

Add the plugin in your ProjectConfiguration file

  if (sfConfig::get('sf_environment') != 'prod')

##Launch tests

php symfony atoum:test

You can pass a configuration file (see here for how to write the configuration file : ) via the -c option :

php symfony atoum:test -c config/atoum/hudson.php

All atoum options are available :

 ./symfony help atoum:test

 symfony atoum:test [-p|--php[="..."]] [--default-report-title[="..."]] [-c|--configurations[="..."]] [--score-file[="..."]] [--max-children-number[="..."]] [--no-code-coverage] [--no-code-coverage-in-directories[="..."]] [--no-code-coverage-for-namespaces[="..."]] [--no-code-coverage-for-classes[="..."]] [-f|--files[="..."]] [-d|--directories[="..."]] [--test-file-extensions[="..."]] [-g|--glob[="..."]] [--tags[="..."]] [-m|--methods[="..."]] [--namespaces[="..."]] [-l|--loop] [--test-it[="..."]] [--test-all[="..."]] [--force-terminal[="..."]] [--bootstrap-file[="..."]] [--use-light-report[="..."]] [--debug[="..."]]

 test-file-or-dir        path to test files or folders

 --php                              (-p) Path to PHP binary which must be used to run tests (default: Array(    [0] => /usr/bin/php5)) (multiple values allowed)
 --default-report-title             Define default report title with <string> (multiple values allowed)
 --configurations                   (-c) Use all configuration files <file> (multiple values allowed)
 --score-file                       Save score in file <file> (multiple values allowed)
 --max-children-number              Maximum number of sub-processus which will be run simultaneously (multiple values allowed)
 --no-code-coverage                 Disable code coverage
 --no-code-coverage-in-directories  Disable code coverage in directories <directory> (multiple values allowed)
 --no-code-coverage-for-namespaces  Disable code coverage for namespaces <namespace> (multiple values allowed)
 --no-code-coverage-for-classes     Disable code coverage for classes <class> (multiple values allowed)
 --files                            (-f) Execute all unit test files <file> (multiple values allowed)
 --directories                      (-d) Execute unit test files in all <directory> (default: Array(    [0] => /var/www/ereservation/test/unit/)) (multiple values allowed)
 --test-file-extensions             Execute unit test files with one of extensions <extension> (multiple values allowed)
 --glob                             (-g) Execute unit test files which match <pattern> (multiple values allowed)
 --tags                             Execute only unit test with tags <tag> (multiple values allowed)
 --methods                          (-m) Execute all <class::method>, * may be used as wildcard for class name or method name (multiple values allowed)
 --namespaces                       Execute all classes in all namespaces <namespace> (multiple values allowed)
 --loop                             (-l) Execute tests in an infinite loop
 --test-it                          Execute atoum unit tests (multiple values allowed)
 --test-all                         Execute unit tests in directories defined via $script->addTestAllDirectory('path/to/directory') in a configuration file (multiple values allowed)
 --force-terminal                   Force output as in terminal (multiple values allowed)
 --bootstrap-file                   Include <file> before executing each test method (multiple values allowed)
 --use-light-report                 Use "light" CLI report (multiple values allowed)
 --debug                            Enable debug mode (multiple values allowed)

##Write tests

tests must include the bootstrap

require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../../plugins/sfAtoumPlugin/bootstrap/unit.php';


Atoum repository and documentation are available here :


atoum plugin for symfony 1.4




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