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Dimensional charting (dc.js and crossfilter) for RCloud

Define some aggregations and then drop in a dataframe. Get a set of linked, brushed and filtered interactive charts.

This RCloud package defines a simple domain-specific language for drawing linked and filtered charts. The language is inspired by (but does not share vocabulary with) ggplot, in the sense that it tries to define reasonable defaults and infers parameters from other parameters in order to reduce boilerplate.

The charts are drawn with dc.js. rcloud.dcplot pushes an R dataframe into a crossfilter instance on the client. An intermediate library, dcplot.js, performs the inference and defaulting of chart parameters.

As with all RCloud-JavaScript packages, rserve.js performs the translation from R to JavaScript data structures. In this package, even some R expressions are sent over the Rserve wire, allowing the front end to generate JavaScript functions from the R parse tree.

This is sometimes a great idea and sometimes just weird.