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* Add docker production environment

* fix typos

* Version bump

* Remove old compose file

* Add hCaptcha (#793)

* Add hcaptcha

* Add hcaptcha to contact form

* remove some duplicate code

* fix use

* add hcaptcha

Co-authored-by: Johanna Cherry <>

* Add reCAPTCHA (#585)

* Add optional google recaptcha on login

* use recaptcha domain and added recaptcha to signup

* fix recapture on signup

* fix Undefined property: stdClass error

* fix bool operation

* Fix optional captcha

* env -> config (recaptcha)

fix php artisan config:cache

Co-authored-by: Johanna Cherry <>

* Update Fees.php (#810)

* Allow use of both reCaptcha hCaptcha or no capture based on config (#808)

* WIP: add config for captcha and allow user to choose between them

* add captha on sign up

* clean up

* read captcha switch from env

* Add min reqs to the readme file

* Add commands to makefile for clearing laravel cache and recompiling autoloaders

* Add artisan migrate to the setup scripts in case there's database migrations that need to be run

* Last name is required by the database schema so needs to be required by the signup form too

* Fix redirect on the signup page - the import was missing, but also the redirect was being ignored all togeher because you can only do a redirect in a route itself, if it's in the constructor you have to explicitly call send.

* Change the use of Utils::isAttendize() to Utils::isCloud() during the signup process - this is used to hide the signup form in cloud environments, this way it will show in dev.

* Remove dupe translation

* Refactor a bit of the captcha logic for the signup page
- move services to subdirectory
- create recaptcha service
- create factory for captcha services
- create partial views for each captcha service and include in the main view
- standardize config options

* Refactor login page to use captcha services

* Refactor contact form page to use captcha services

* Use promises to initialise camera for check-in (#712)

* Update QRCode Reader to use navigator.mediaDevices

Update to use navigator.mediaDevices for Safari and Chrome Desktop to enable using camera

* Update public/assets/javascript/check_in.js

Co-authored-by: Etienne Marais <>

* Remove old docker config files that got readded during rebase

* Bump version number for new release

* Add missing CAPTCHA_KEY to example

Co-authored-by: Luca <>
Co-authored-by: Johanna Cherry <>
Co-authored-by: Samy <>
Co-authored-by: Melvin Thoabala <>
Co-authored-by: scottyeung <>
Co-authored-by: Etienne Marais <>

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Attendize is an open-source ticketing and event management application built using the Laravel PHP framework. Attendize allows event organisers to sell tickets to their events and manage attendees without paying service fees to third party ticketing companies.

Attendize Attendize


Open-source ticket selling and event management platform

Please report bugs here: Detailed bug reports are more likely to be looked at. Simple creating an issue and saying "it doesn't work" is not useful. Providing some steps to reproduce your problem as well as details about your operating system, PHP version etc can help.

Take a look and follow the guide to make sure you have configured attendize correctly.

Documentation Website:
Demo Event Page:
Demo Back-end Demo:

Current Features (v2.X.X)

  • Beautiful mobile friendly event pages
  • Easy attendee management - Refunds, Messaging etc.
  • Data export - attendees list to XLS, CSV etc.
  • Generate print friendly attendee list
  • Ability to manage unlimited organisers / events
  • Manage multiple organisers
  • Real-time event statistics
  • Customizable event pages
  • Multiple currency support
  • Quick and easy checkout process
  • Customizable tickets - with QR codes, organiser logos etc.
  • Fully brandable - Have your own logos on tickets etc.
  • Affiliate tracking
    • track sales volume / number of visits generated etc.
  • Widget support - embed ticket selling widget into existing websites / WordPress blogs
  • Social sharing
  • Support multiple payment gateways - Stripe, PayPal & Coinbase so far, with more being added
  • Support for offline payments
  • Refund payments - partial refund & full refunds
  • Ability to add service charge to tickets
  • Messaging - eg. Email all attendees with X ticket
  • Public event listings page for organisers
  • Ability to ask custom questions during checkout
  • Browser based QR code scanner for door management
  • Elegant dashboard for easy management.

Minimum Requirements

Attendize should run on most pre-configured LAMP or LEMP environments as long as certain requirements are adhered to. Attendize is based on the Laravel Framework

PHP Requirements

  1. PHP >= 7.1.3
  2. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  3. PDO PHP Extension
  4. Mbstring PHP Extension
  5. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  6. Fileinfo PHP Extension
  7. GD PHP Extension

MySQL Requirements

  1. MySQL version 5.7 or higher required


Feel free to fork and contribute. If you are unsure about adding a feature, create a Github issue to ask for Feedback. Read the contribution guidelines

Submitting an issue

If you encounter a bug in Attendize, please first search the list of current open Issues on the GitHub repository. You may add additional feedback on an existing bug report. If the issue you're having has not yet been reported, please open a new issue. There is a template available for new issues. Please fill out all information requested in the template so we can help you more easily.

Please note: support is not offered from the project maintainers through GitHub. Paid support is available by purchasing a license.


To get developing straight away use the Pre-configured Docker Environment
To do a manual installation use the Manual Installation Steps


To run the application tests, you can run the following from your project root:

# If the testing db does not exist yet, please create it
touch database/database.sqlite
# Run the test suite

This will run the feature tests that hits the database using the sqlite database connection.


If you are having problems please read the troubleshooting guide


Attendize is open-sourced software licensed under the Attribution Assurance License. See for further details. We also have white-label license options available.

Code of Conduct

The Attendize community operates a Code of Conduct to ensure everyone is able to participate comfortably, equally and safely.