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Integrates the OpenMeeting video conferencing application with ATutor
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#Openmeetings module for ATutor  readme

Be sure Openmeetings is installed and functioning properly before attempting to install this module. 

Requires Openmeetings to be installed on this server, installation guide can be found at:

1. Unzip the module into the ATutor mods/ directory.
2. Login to ATutor as the administrator and run the ATutor administrator's Install Module tool. Select Openmeetings to install.
3. Once installed, on the administrator modules screen, enabled to module.
4. Open the administrator's Openmeetings screen and enter the URL, username and password to the Openmeetings installion you will be using.  The user account must have Admin-rights.

This module has been tested on the following specifications:
Openmeetings	0.7    (RC1)
Red5		0.7+   []

GNU Lesser General Public License

Feb 5, 09
- Added the ability to delete conference rooms.
- Now compatible with Openmeetings 0.7RC1 (Red5 7.0+)

June 26, 08
- Added the ability to create diff type of rooms: conference/audience

June 25, 08
- Admin can now delete or create group meetings

June 19, 08
- Allow users to retrieve the recordings.  [June 25, 08 - milestone for version 5.3]
- Make the index page a bit more pretty.

June 11, 08
- Allow each group to have their own meeting, anyone in the group can start off the meeting, and when all exit, room should be deleted.
- Course meeting should be triggered by instructor only.  Otherwise page should display the meeting time (There is no meeting at the moment.  THe next available meeting is at xxxx)
- Instructor should probably be capable to adjust their own meeting size in their own config.
- Research on how recorded video works, see if we can remove meetings as well.
- admin/openmeetings, check if there is a slash at the end.

June 05, 08
- allow admin to change the room size.
- clean room after course is deleted.
- though these would be way easier to do it in the openmeeting's end
- upgrade nusoup script
- update readme, and write up something that teaches the user to setup red5
- allow 2 modes

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