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A comparison of ColdFusion RESTful Web Service creation frameworks and native functionality

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ColdFusion REST Comparison

This repo is a collection of sample REST API's implemented using various frameworks for ColdFusion.

  • CF10's native REST functionality
  • ColdBox: Relax
  • Mach-II (1.9 bleeding edge release)
  • Powernap
  • Relaxation
  • Taffy

The same model is reused throughout all examples.


I'm using MySQL for the purposes of my presentation, but there's no reason it shouldn't be able to run on MSSQL/etc.

(Table create + populate scripts are provided for MySQL and MSSQL in the "sql" folder.)


I've created this repo as part of a presentation for CFObjective 2012 on this topic. The slide deck is also included in the repo (in _slides), and makes use of the awesome Reveal.js presentation library.

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