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Audacious was originally based on the X Multimedia System (“XMMS”) via its
GTK+ 2.x port Beep Media Player (“BMP”). Audacious has changed quite a bit
since its first release, however, and little XMMS/BMP code remains.
The Audacious project began in 2005 under the leadership of William Pitcock
(“nenolod”). Many people have made contributions, both large and small, since
that time. At present, the project is led by John Lindgren and Michał Lipski
(“tallica”), with help from a few others. Special thanks go to Michał Lipski
for setting up and maintaining the current website, and to Thomas Lange for
leading the translation effort.
The Audacious logo was designed by George Averill and updated by John Lindgren.
It uses the “Circulate” font created by Brian Kent.
Besides the developers listed below, a word of thanks is also due to the many
people who have helped to translate the Audacious interface into a number of
different (human) languages. The translation effort is now done mostly through
Transifex, making it easier to contribute but also nearly impossible to
maintain a list of those who have done so.
Audacious was written by:
George Averill
Daniel Barkalow
Christian Birchinger
Ralf Ertzinger
Michael Färber
Matti Hämäläinen
Michael Hanselmann
Anders Johansson
Jussi Judin
Thomas Lange
John Lindgren
Michał Lipski
Giacomo Lozito
Mikael Magnusson
Tomasz Moń
William Pitcock
Paula Stanciu
Ben Tucker
Tony Vroon
Yoshiki Yazawa
Eugene Zagidullin
Please note that many of Audacious’s features are implemented by plugins, whose
authors are listed elsewhere.