@megastep megastep released this Sep 27, 2018 · 76 commits to master since this release

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AudioKitUI is a static library again and working well. AudioKit playgrounds have also been checked out and are working well with Xcode 10.

This release requires iOS10.0+.

@aure aure released this Sep 18, 2018 · 109 commits to master since this release

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This version was created when Xcode 10 came out and marked our change from AudioKitUI being a static framework to a dynamic framework. Unfortunately this caused macOS apps to break and created a lot of startup warnings even on iOS. AudioKit 4.4 should only be considered if your app does not use AudioKitUI and you can't upgrade to AudioKIt4.5 with Swift 4.2 for some reason.

@aure aure released this Jun 3, 2018 · 443 commits to master since this release

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In preparation for the release of AudioKit Synth One, we're making the master and develop branch structures mirrored in both repos.

This release has many API breaking changes. Mostly they have to do with distinguishing between "time" and "duration". AudioKit time is meant to mean a moment in time and duration is for a length of time.

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AKSampler is now our own code, not relying on Apple's sampler code. If you still need the features of the old sampler, simple rename your class to "AKAppleSampler" and it should be fine. AKSampler was created by Shane Dunne and he has provided extensive documentation in the Documentation folder on the top level.

Shane has also led the effort to make AudioKit's DSP code platform independent, and he has even created a VST for Windows with AudioKit's core code. AudioKit has been reorganized to separate code that is platform independent (called "Core") and that which is Apple only.

A new Audiobus MIDI example was added.

Known Issues:

  • AKPlayer sometimes not respecting isLooping
  • Broken Physical Models: Drip, Mandolin, Tubular Bells
  • Oscillators seem to be on by default (see oscillator synth playground for instance)
  • Broken Playgrounds: Microtonality, those for the models above, some Sporth examples, Exporting Files, MIDI Chord Generator