A modifed jQuery ColorPicker library that works with IE6 and iOS
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This library further improved with support on mobile devices, where mousemove/mousedown
events are not available; now simply tapping the selector cursor would work as well.

The original README is below. -au


The Problem and the Solution
	This Library Merges the jQuery ColorPicker Library (http://www.eyecon.ro/colorpicker/) with the iepngfix.htc 
	from TwinHelix (http://www.twinhelix.com/css/iepngfix/).

	The end result is a ColorPicker Library that works accross all browsers, including IE6.

	The ultimate solution to this problem was not that difficult, it was achieved with 2 steps;
			1.) Download the IEPNGFIX package from TwinHelix, and drop the iepngfix.htc and blank.gif files into 
			    the root of the ColorPicker Library (or the root of your public folder if you are installing this in 
			    your own application).
			2.) Put the following lines of code in the bottom of the colorpicker.css file;
			JS File Requires These
			.colorpicker_color div, .colorpicker_color div div { behavior: url("iepngfix.htc") }
			SlideDown Demo Requires These
			#colorSelector2, #colorSelector2 div, #colorSelector2 div div { behavior: url("iepngfix.htc") }
			Pop-Up Live Preview Demo Requires These
			#colorSelector, #colorSelector div  { behavior: url("iepngfix.htc") } 
Better Efficiency?
	If you want your application to be a bit more efficient, I would recommend following the steps below;
		1.) Add a conditional statement in the head your layout, that defines a separate CSS file for IE6. For those 
		    of you not familiar with this, the statement looks like this;
		<!--[if IE 6]>
			<link rel="stylesheet" href="/ie6.css" type="text/css" media="screen, projection">
		2.) Create ie6.css and place it where ever your stylesheets are.
		3.) Remove the lines of code that I added to colorpicker.css and put them in ie6.css
This will only call the iepngfix.htc file when the browser is recognized as IE6.

Improvements to Come?
	Yeah, there's a small issue of cleaning up the borders around the colorSelector divs so that they are not transparent. 
	I'll get there. But at least for the the time being you can few the colors in those DIVs, which you couldn't do before.

Disclaimer: My wife is a lawyer, so I'm always aware of the legal stuff. This library is provided "As Is", and I assume no 
responsibility for issues it may cause you. I have tested it on many browsers, but not all operating systems, and cannot 
guarantee that it will behave properly across all platforms. In other words, use at your own risk.....but i think the risk 
is pretty low :-)