Async/Await syntax support for Q promises
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// Drop-in replacement to require('q')
var Q = require('q-jscex');
var HTTP = require('q-http');

// Shorthand to make typing easier
var $async = Q.async.$;

// Define an Async function with a special $await keyword in it
var fetch = eval($async(function(url) {
    // $await takes anything that returns a Q Promise
    var buf = $await( );
    // ...pauses one second...
    $await( Q.delay(1000) );
    // something with the returned buffer...
    return buf;

// Return value of Async functions is always a Q Promise

Demo (HTML5 Canvas required)


This module exports a Q root object (Q) containing a Q.async.$ helper; it compiles a regular function into one that returns a Q Promise object.

Functions defined with Q.async.$ has access to an extra $await keyword, which implicitly waits for other Q Promise objects.

Please see example.js for awaiting multiple promises with Q.all, and type make demo to see it in action.

The source code is in src directory and written in LiveScript. Note that LiveScript is not a runtime dependency of this module; it's only used for development.

For use in client-side browser environments, please see examples in the samples directory.

The underlying JIT compiler is available as the Q.async.$.Jscex object.

See Also

CC0 1.0 Universal

To the extent possible under law, 唐鳳 has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to q-jscex.

This work is published from Taiwan.