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30 Days Hath September
2014-10-01 23:00:43 -0400

I don't know that I ever mentioned it on the blog before now, but my goal in September was to post to this blog every single day. It started when I noticed someone else doing some kind of 30 days challenge for September. I think the goal was to write 500 words every day, which for many people is roughly a blog post. For me, that 500 number showed up a lot, but it wasn't the goal.

The goal was to build momentum in blogging again. I wanted to see if blogging would beget blogging. I wanted to see if I had anything to say, or could find new things to say every day.

That all seemed to work out, though it didn't go quite as expected.

I didn't expect this to turn into a Perl blog. I write Perl for my day job, but usually spend my hobby time at night doing something else. Lately, it's been Elixir, which I still love. But work got busy and some of that bled into my hobby time in the best possible way. I've been learning lots of new things to help modernize what we have at work. I'm enjoy that tremendously and spending lots of time at nights working on new Perl things that I can bring back to work.

(The cynical out there would call this Resume Driven Development. Honestly, I just enjoy it.)

But spending time with Perl kept bringing up interesting topics, mostly about how far the Perl world has fallen, but still...

I had hoped to write more substantial posts. More tutorials. More code samples. I just didn't generate that kind of material this month for various reasons.

I have a few posts I'm very proud of, though:

So, yeah, good month. Wish it was more technical. Wish there was more code examples. But I accomplished what I set out to do in broad strokes.

Now I'm having trouble deciding what to do with October. Better think fast... There's always Inktober, but I don't think I could manage the time on that one... I did one today (the Venom Pez Dispenser, but that was just dumb luck. (Also, I'm not very good at inking. Not good at all.)

Stay tuned...

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