Xiaomi M365 Display V0.2
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Xiaomi M365 Display

Products Used

Arduino Pro Mini
I2C OLED 0.96" Screen
FTD1232 Usb Programmer
3d Printed Bracket
1N4148 Diode
0.25w 120ohm Resistor

Estimated price is around 10$ (Inluding Printed Parts).


alt text
Please install the libraries I provided in the files, install them to you arduino library folder, usually
I'd recommend you to use Arduino 1.6.6

Physical Connections

alt text

Known Issues

Sometimes the Arduino Freezes, a watchdog is in place but doesn't always trigger.

Screen caps

Soldering, soldered directly to the cable coming from the MCU

5V To Red
GND To Black
BUS To Yellow
alt text
A video on how everything is soldered may come soon.

Meanwhile you can enable subtitles in English in this YouTube video produced in Spanish languaje https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQUNXCyj2Fs


UI pictures from version 0.2
alt text
alt text
More pictures are coming soon.


Саша sasha1804sk@gmail.com