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Auphonic Mobile Web App Open Source

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This is the source for the Auphonic Mobile Web Application targeted at iOS and Android. It is built using web technologies combined with Cordova (Phonegap). This application was initially developed by @cpojer as bachelor thesis at the Graz University of Technology for Auphonic.

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  • Install Cordova (PhoneGap). Note that for iOS a fork of Cordova is currently being used:
  • Install NodeJS and npm (brew install node npm on OS X using Homebrew, apt-get install npm on Debian-based systems)
  • Note: on Linux NodeJS is sometimes called nodejs and not node
  • npm install in the root folder
  • Create an App at and insert your API Keys in JavaScript/APIKeys.js.rename, copy the file to APIKeys.js
  • Run Scripts/watch --once to compile all resources. Run the script without the --once flag to watch for changes during development.
  • In Cordova, run lib/ios/bin/update_cordova_subproject to update Cordova references in the iOS project.
  • Android: Download and Install the Android SDK
    • Set a symlink from App/ to Android/assets: ln -s App Android/assets/
  • (optional) Download and install Roboto
  • If you need to update the Cordova plugins, run ./install-cordova-plugins in the Scripts path.


  • Use the Xcode project in iOS/ to run the App on the iPhone
  • Use Google Chrome and open App/ on a local server.
    • Be sure to enable touch events in Web Inspector (see: Web Inspector Settings)
    • Note: When developing locally in a browser the relative path of the project in App/index.html needs to be adjusted and the local server needs to be added to iOS/Auphonic/config.xml and Android/res/xml/config.xml.
  • Android
    • Ensure that the Android/ folder links to the correct version of Cordova Android
    • Copy all files from App/ except cordova.js to Android/assets/App
    • Update __PLATFORM to 'android' on top of index.html
    • Run Android/cordova/run
    • Shoot yourself


  • Run Scripts/compile to generate a compressed file with all server resources ready for deployment.
  • Remove "REMOVE WHEN DEPLOYING" block from index.html
  • Update both config.xml files (in iOS and Android folders) and remove all but from the <access origin=…> blocks
  • Ensure that index.html says this.__PLATFORM = 'ios' for iOS and this.__PLATFORM = 'android' for Android
  • Build and ship with the appropriate toolset for either iOS or Android
  • Rethink this list and automate all the above steps.


Gaussian Blur (129.5 for Splash, 247.5 for Icon) on a centered white circle. Set the layer to 48 % opacity.

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