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#Wordpress to Tumblr


PHP script that help to export Wordpress posts to Tumblr.

It can serve as a basis because it contains the resolution of several export issues :


  • Support secondary Tumblr blog for destination ( group )

  • Import Tags

  • Import posts types according to categories

  • Use custom fields to import

  • Make a list of source/destination posts URL to easily create redirections rules ( eg. redirect permanent 301 Apache )

  • Deals with [sourcode] and [caption] Wordpress shortcodes ( using the backpress shortcodes lib )

  • Sourcecodes can be highlighted with google-code-prettify

  • Fill the Tumblr post Slug with the Wordpress post name


Copy, rename and edit the sample configuration file config.php.sample to config.php


To obtain an export file from Wordpress, go to the wp-admin menu and choose Tools>Export. Select Articles and push the Download button.

The script can simply export all posts as Regular, but it was also made to deal with categories and custom fields ( if you have previously tried to make Wordpress look like Tumblr with a custom taxonomy and Custom Field Template ).

Indicate in config.php the category which represent the posts types in $tumblogWPCategory . Then indicate the corresponding terms for each type in $tumblogWPCategoryTermsMatches.

Consider that as it is, the script support this custom fields :

  • link : link-url
  • photo : image
  • video : video-embed
  • quote : quote-author, quote-copy ,quote-url
  • audio : audio

##Photos and images Photos are automagically uploaded to Tumblr when using the photo post type. However, images of the post body are not uploaded. You have to maintain them in a CDN for instance. In the config file, you can relocate images paths using the $relocateBodyImages array.

$relocateBodyImages = array( 
=> ""


In the config file, indicate a file name for $logFile.

The log file is in the CSV format :

 source-URL ; destination-URL

So you can easily create rules for your web server.

Redirect permanent source-URL destination-URL 


The script delete-tumblr-post.php is a utility to delete all post of the tumblr blog.

These scripts use the Tumblr API v1


This script is based on the Wordpress-to-Tumblr script, but it's not a Fork in view of all changes and additions that are made.

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