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Auriel M.V. Fournier

Postdoctoral Research Associate - Mississippi State University, Biloxi, MS
1815 Popps Ferry Rd, Biloxi, MS 39532 - - 419.307.6261 - Github Profile - Google Scholar Profile - Twitter @RallidaeRule

Professional Appointments and Education

Postdoctoral Researcher - Mississippi State University
April 2017-Present ~ Dr. Mark Woodrey and Dr. Jim Lyons, Supervisors

Elected Councilor Wilson Ornithological Society - 2017-2020
Associate Editor The Ibis - 2017-Present
Research Committee Co-Chair Black Swamp Bird Observatory - 2016-Present
Lesson Maintainer Data Carpentry R Ecology Lessons - 2016-Present

2017 ~ Ph.D. in Biological Sciences - Arkansas Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
University of Arkansas - Dr. David G. Krementz, Adviser -

Phenology, Habitat Use, and the Impacts of Wetland Management on Autumn Migrating Rails in Missouri

2011 ~ Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Management - Minor Remote Sensing
Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI - Magna Cum Laude

Peer-Reviewed Publications

In Press

Fournier, AMV, Krementz, DG. Confirmation of diving and swimming behavior in the Sora (Porzana carolina) Wilson Journal of Ornithology 130(3) doi:10.1676/17-046.1


Fournier AMV, Mengel DC, Krementz DG. Sora (Porzana carolina) autumn migration habitat use. Royal Society Open Science. 5: 171664. doi:10.1098/rsos.171664


Fournier, AMV, Mengel, DC, Gbur, EE, Krementz, DG. The timing of autumn Sora (Porzana carolina) migration in Missouri Wilson Journal of Ornithology 129:675-770 DOI: 10.1676/16-108.1

Fournier, AMV, Mengel, DC, Krementz, DG. Virginia and Yellow Rail autumn migration ecology: synthesis using multiple data sets Animal Migration 4:15-22 DOI: 10.1515/ami-2017-0003

Fournier, AMV, Drake KL, Tozer DC. Using citizen science monitoring data in species distribution models to inform isotopic assignment of migratory connectivity in wetland birds Journal of Avian Biology 48: 1556-1562 doi:10.1111/jav.01273

Fournier, AMV, Krementz, DG. Nocturnal distance sampling all-terrain vehicle surveys for non-breeding rails The Wildlife Society Bulletin 41:151-156 doi:10.1002/wsb.745

Fournier, AMV, Sullivan, A, Bump, J, Perkins, M, Shieldcastle, MC, King, S. Combining citizen science species distribution models and stable isotopes reveals migratory connectivity in the secretive Virginia rail Journal of Applied Ecology 54:618-627 doi:10.1111/1365-2664.12723



Fournier, AMV, Welsh, KJ, Polito, M, Emslie, S, Brasso, R. Levels of mercury in feathers of Clapper Rails over 45 Years in coastal salt marshes of New Hanover county, North Carolina Bulletin of Environmental Contamination & Toxicology 97: 469-473 doi:10.1007/s00128-016-1870-z


Fournier, AMV, Shieldcastle, MC, Kashmer, T, Mylecraine, KA. Comparison of arrival dates of spring rail migration in the southwest Lake Erie Marshes, Ohio, USA. Waterbirds 38: 312-314 doi:10.1675/063.038.0313

Fournier, AMV, Bond, AL. Volunteer field staff are bad for wildlife ecology The Wildlife Society Bulletin 39: 819-821 doi:10.1002/wsb.603


Fournier, AMV, Shieldcastle, MC, Fries, AC, and Bump, JK. A morphometric model to predict the sex of virginia rails The Wildlife Society Bulletin 27: 881-886 doi:10.1002/wsb.323

In Review

Fournier, AMV, Shave, A, Fischer, J, Siegrist, J, Ray, J, Chesky, T, MacIntosh, M, Fraser, K. Testing the island habitat-selection hypothesis in a long-distance migratory songbird

Eulinger, K, McDaniel, T, Calvert, G, Fournier, AMV. Juvenile King Rail (Rallus elegans) in stomach of American Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus)

Fournier, A.M.V., Mengel, D.C., Gbur, E., Raedeke, A., Krementz, D.G. Addressing uncertainty in wetland bird community response to early autumn wetland inundation


2018 Elective Member - American Ornithological Society
2012-16 Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship - University of Arkansas
2016 Distinguished Student Service Award - The Wildlife Society U of Arkansas Student Chapter
2015 Associate Wildlife Biologist The Wildlife Society
2011 Outstanding Senior in Wildlife Ecology and Management - Michigan Technological University
2010 Member of the Year - The Wildlife Society Michigan Technological University Student Chapter
2009 Woman of Promise - School of Forest Resources and Envi. Science - Michigan Technological University


Co-PI and Writer 2018 $3000 Mississippi State University CFR/FWRC Undergraduate Research Scholars Program [supporting an undergraduate mentee]

Travel Grant 2017 $210 American Ornithological Society/Society of Canadian Ornithologists Conference

Travel Grant 2017 $350 Wilson Ornithological Society Annual Conference

Travel Grant 2016 $200 North American Ornithological Conference

Co-Investigator and Writer Missouri Department of Conservation Research Grant 2015 $62,000

Travel Grant 2015 $320 American Ornithologists Union/Cooper Ornithological Society Conference

The Frances M. Peacock Scholarship for Native Bird Habitat 2015 $4000

Arkansas Audubon Society Trust 2014 $1200

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2011 & 2009 $3000


Invited Presentations

Keynote Oklahoma Ornithological Society Spring Meeting
Seminar Water[@]Wayne Series - Wayne State University
Symposium Talk American Ornithological Society
Seminar Louisiana State University, School of Renewable Natural
Seminar Mississippi State University, Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Aquaculture
Seminar University of Southern Mississippi, Department of Biological Sciences
Seminar University of Delaware, Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
Seminar Gettysburg College, Department of Environmental Studies
Seminar Tulane University, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Seminar University of Montreal, Department of Bioological Sciences
Seminar Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Symposium Talk American Ornithological Society/Society of Canadian Ornithologists
Seminar Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Centre for Conservation Science, UK Headquarters
Symposium Talk International Association of Great Lake Researchers
Seminar Bird Studies Canada
Keynote The Biggest Week in American Birding Festival
Seminar Missouri State University, Department of Biological Sciences
Keynote Ohio Ornithological Society Annual Conference
Seminar University of Toledo, Department of Environmental Sciences
Seminar Arkansas Tech University, Department of Biological Sciences



Fournier, A.M.V., Lyons, J., Cooper, R., Woodrey, M. Prioritization of conservation actions through structured decision making Ecological Society of America New Orleans, LA

Fournier, A.M.V., Woodrey, M., Wilson, R., Gleason, J., Lyons, J., Cooper, R., Tirpak, J. Coordinated Bird Monitoring With Decision Science SESYNC Boundary Spanning Symposium Annapolis, MD

Woodrey, M.S., Fournier, A.M.V., Wilson, R.R., Gleason, J., Lyons, J., Cooper, R.J., Tirpak, J. Application of structured decision making in the development of a Gulf of Mexico-wide avian monitoring program *Assoc of Field Ornithologists/Wilson Ornithological Soc * Chattanooga, TN

Ward, S., Fournier, A.M.V., Bond A.L. Rodent eradications on islands and their effect on rails (Rallidae) as non-target species Assoc of Field Ornith/Wilson Ornith Soc Chattanooga, TN

Fournier, A.M.V., Lyons, J.E., Adams, E.M., Brush, J., Cooper, R.J., DeMaso, S., Driscoll, M., Frederick, P., Gleason, J., Wilson, R., Woodrey, M.S., Guiding Coordinated Bird Monitoring Decisions Through Structured Decision Making. American Ornithological Society Meeting Tucson, AZ

Woodrey, M.S., Cooper, R.J., Evans, K.O., Iglay, R., Rush, S.A., Fournier, A.M.V., Strange, T. Application of monitoring Best Management Practices to marsh restoration priorities to reduce uncertainty of marsh birds response American Ornithological Society Meeting Tucson, AZ

Adams, E.M., Fournier, A.M.V., Lyons, J.E., Woodrey, M.S. Using a structured decision making framework to support large-scale inference. American Ornithological Society Meeting Tucson, AZ

Ray, J.D., Fraser, K.C. Fournier, A.M.V., Shave, A. Selection of island habitat by a Texas population of purple martin during the non-breeding season. 54rd Texas Chapter Wildlife Society Dallas, TX.

Fournier, A.M.V., Woodrey, M.S., Lyons, J.E., Cooper, B.J., Evans, K.E. Application OF Structured Decision Making to Marshbird Monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico American Ornithological Society/Society of Canadian Ornithologists Meeting, East Lansing, MI

Heard, S., Fournier, A.M.V., Branch, T. Skelly, D. Why most studied populations should decline. Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution

Fournier, A.M.V., Mengel, D.C., Krementz, D.G. Habitat Use and Migratory Timing of Virginia and Yellow Rails. Wilson Ornithological Society Meeting, Fort Meyers, FL pdf link

Fournier, A.M.V., Drake, K., Tozer, D., Krementz, D.G. Migratory Connectivity of Sora, Virginia Rail and Yellow Rail. North American Ornithological Conference, Washington D.C. pdf link recording

Fournier, A.M.V. Building Collaboration and Community in Science Through Twitter. North American Ornithological Conference, Twitter for Scientists Workshop, Washington D.C.

Fournier, A.M.V., Mengel, D.C., Krementz D.G. Habitat Use by Autumn Migrating Sora in the Mississippi Flyway Society of Wetland Scientists - TX pdf link

Fournier, A.M.V., Drake, K. Active Capture of Rails During the Breeding Season and Fall Migration. Inland Bird Banders Association Meeting - MS pdf link

Fournier, A.M.V., Sullivan, A.R., Bump, J.K., Perkins M., Shieldcastle, M.C., King, S.L. Combining Citizen Science Derived Species Distribution Models and Stable Isotope Analysis Reveals Migratory Connectivity in a Secretive Species, the Virginia Rail (Rallus limicola). American Ornithologists Union/Cooper Ornithologial Society Meeting - OK pdf link

Fournier, A.M.V., Mengel, D.C., Krementz D.G. Timing of Autumn Migration in the Mississippi Flyway by Rails. Association of Field Ornithologists Meeting - NS pdf link

Fournier, A.M.V., Krementz, D.G. 2014 The Response of Fall Migrating Sora to Wetland Management. Arkansas State Chapter of the Wildlife Society Spring Meeting- AR

Technical Publications

Fournier, A.M.V., Mengel, D.C. The timing of autumn rail migration in Missouri Missouri Department of Conservation Science Note

Fournier, A.M.V., Effects of Wetland Management Strategies on Habitat Use of Fall Migrating Rails on Intensively-Managed Wetland Complexes in Missouri : Final Report USFWS Division of Migratory Birds Webless Program pdf

Fournier, A.M.V., K. Willard. King Rail Nesting and Brood Rearing Ecology in Managed Wetlands: Final Report USFWS Division of Migratory Birds Webless Program pdf

Butler, C.J., Fournier, A.M.V. Using Multiple Stable Isotopes to Investigate Migratory Connectivity in Yellow Rails, Le Conte's Sparrows, Nelson's Sparrows and Sedge Wrens. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Region 3) and Prairie Pothole Joint Venture.

Butler, C.J., Fournier, A.M.V. Using Multiple Stable Isotopes to Investigate Migratory Connectivity in Yellow Rails, Le Conte's Sparrows, and Sedge Wrens. U.S. Forest Service


Fournier, A.M.V., Shieldcastle, M.C., Kashmer, T., Mylecraine, K.A. Comparison of Arrival Dates of Rail Migration in the Southwest Lake Erie Marshes, Ohio, USA International Association of Great Lakes Researchers Conference - MI pdf

Fournier, A.M.V., Krementz, D.G., Mengel, D.C., Raedeke, A.H., Sora Migration and Wetland Management The Wildlife Society National Conference - PA pdf

Fournier, A.M.V., Krementz, D.G., Mengel, D.C., Raedeke, A.H., Ecology of Fall Migrating Sora in Missouri. The Wildlife Society National Conference - WI pdf

Fournier, A.M.V., Sheildcastle, M.C., Fries, A.C., Bump, J.K., 2011 Developing a morphometric model to predict the sex of Virginia Rails. The Wildlife Society National Conference - HI pdf

Fournier, A.M.V., Roth, A.M., Flaspohler, D.J., 2011 Assessing mechanisms for variation in the eyes of Golden-winged Warblers Ecosystem Science Center Poster Session - MI pdf

Fournier, A.M.V., Flaspohler, D.J., 2010 Habitat Classification and Biological Inventory of Pioneer Scout Reservation Undergraduate Research Expo - MI


2018-Present Co-Chair Early Professional Development Committee American Ornithological Society
2017-Present Committee Member Erin Lehnert, MS Student, U of Central Oklahoma
2013-Present Peer Reviewer 13 journals
2018 Local Organizing Committee Assoc. of Field Ornith. & Wilson Ornith. Soc. Meeting
2018 Presentation Judge Assoc. of Field Ornith. & Wilson Ornith. Soc. Meeting
2017 Presentation Judge Wilson Ornithological Society Meeting
2016-17 Vice Chair Open Science Section Ecological Society of America
2015-17 Treasurer/Secretary Wetlands Working Group The Wildlife Society
2014-16 Treasurer Biology Graduate Student Assocation University of Arkansas
2015 Presentation Judge Assoc. of Field Ornith., Wilson Ornith. Soc., Soc. of Canadian Ornith. Meeting
2014-15 Treasurer Student Working Group The Wildlife Society

Professional Development

2018 Grant Writing Workshop Starkville, MS
2018 ROpenSci Unconference Seattle, WA
2018 Introduction to Structured Decision Making NCTC
2017 Adaptive Management: Structured Decision Making for Recurrent Decisions NCTC
2017 Bayesian Modeling for Ecological & Social Scientists SESYNC, University of Maryland
2016 Spatial Capture Recapture Workshop University of Georgia
2016 Game Theoretical Modeling of Evolution Tutorial NIMBios, University of Tennessee
2015 Editoring in Ornithology Workshop American Ornithologist Union Meeting
2014 Data Management Workshop The Wildlife Society National Conference Pittsburgh, PA
2014 Applied Hierarchical Modeling Workshop Patuxent Wildlife Research Center/Royle & Kery
2013 'Adehabitat' R Package Workshop The Wildlife Society National Con/James Sheppard
2013 Occupancy Modeling Short Course Darryl MacKenzie


Lesson Development

von Hardenberg A et al. Editors: Francois Michonneau and Auriel Fournier. 2017. Data Carpentry: R for data analysis and visualization of Ecological Data. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.569338

As Instructor

Advanced R Programming and Graphing Workshop
Developed materials and taught a day long workshop on programming, graphing, data management and building packages in R.
Link to most recent Materials

  • American Ornithological Society Conference - April 2018
  • American Ornithological Society/Society of Canadian Ornithologists - August 2017
  • North American Ornithological Conference - August 2016
  • American Ornithologists Union Conference - July 2015

Data and Software Carpentry Workshop
Two-day workshops on reproducible research in R, Unix Shell, and Git.

  • Grand Valley State University, MI, Dec 2017
  • USDA - New Orleans, LA June 2016
  • Federal Reserve Board, Washington D.C. June 2016
  • University of Connecticut, March 2016
  • Iowa State University, November 2015

As Tutor

Science Writing Tutor
Quality Writing Center - University of Arkansas - January 2014 - March 2017 Tutoring undergraduate and graduate students on scientific writing 8 hours a week. Editing thesis, dissertations, lab reports and other writing. Working extensively with English as a Second Language students.

As Teaching Assistant

University of Arkansas
Biometry - 2016
Developed materials, scripts and documentation to move all labs from SYSTAT to R. Link to Materials

University of Arkansas
Wetlands Ecology and Management - 2015
Taught weekly labs on taxonomy and wetland field methods. Gave lectures, graded materials.

Michigan Technological University
Field Techniques - 2010 and 2011
Taught weekly field labs on forestry and wildlife ecology skills.

Michigan Technological University
Creating Your Success - 2010 and 2011
Oriented new students to campus resources, taught study skills.

Michigan Technological University
Ornithology - 2011
Lead field trips, gave guest lecture, gave field quizzes.



2016-17 #SkypeWithAScientist 8 Classrooms across the US
2013-17 Outdoor Education Volunteer Hobbs State Park, Arkansas
Lead monthly spring bird banding demonstrations to groups 40-150 of children and adults
2013-17 Science Fair Judge (7) Regional/Local Science Fairs NW Arkansas
2017 Talk Mississippi Coast Audubon Society 2015-16 Editor Science and Math Section Editor of Science Borealis
2015-16 Bird Banding Demonstration (3) Camp War Eagle Summer Camp, Arkansas
2015-6 Biotweeps Curator Curating a week of tweets to 2k+ people about my research for Biotweeps
2016 Presentation Arkansas Audubon Society Annual Meeting presentation
2015 RealScientist Curator Curating a week of tweets to 30k+ people about my research for RealScientists
2014-5 Presentation (4) Local Library Science Program, AR
2013-5 Presentation (3) Springdale Alternative High School, Springdale, AR
2015 Field Trip Leader (2) The Biggest Week In American Birding Festival
2015 Presentation (3) Boys and Girls Club of Bentonville, Arkansas STEAM Program
2014 Talk Arkansas Audubon Society Annual Conference

Work Experience

Freelance Ecologist October 2016-January 2017
Bird Studies Canada
Environmental Education Internship
Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, Michigan State University - Kara Hass - May - July 2012
Bird Bander
The Big Island, Hawaii - Dr. Jessie Knowlton - February - May 2012
Field Technician
Isle Royale National Park - Dr. Joseph Bump - May 2011
Remote Sensing/GIS Technician
Michigan Technological University - Dr. Mike Falkowski - February 2010 - December 2011
Small Mammal/Lakeshore Restoration Technician
Michigan Technological University - Dan Haskell - July 2010
Field Crew Leader
Michigan Technological University - Dr. Amber Roth March - June 2010
Bird Bander
Black Swamp Bird Observatory - Mark & Julie Shieldcastle - Spring and Fall 2004-2008

Professional Licenses and Certifications

Master Bander License Holder. Previously sub permitted in US and Canada for 13 years 14 years experience, 7000+ birds
Wilderness First Aid Wilderness Medicine Institute/NOLS (2/2016)
CPR/First Aid American Red Cross (12/2015)
Instructor Training Software Carpentry & Data Carpentry - (5/2015)