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#NRL Digital Pass addon for Kodi

Updated for 2018 season, live videos and match replays/highlights working well


You will need a NRL Live Pass to use this add-on. Most Telstra Mobile customers are eligble for a free subscription with their plan. Please see their website for details. If you are not eligible for the free plan, in-app subscriptions are now supported as long as the subscription is linked to an account which can be done through the mobile app.

How to install

NRL Live is available from the Aussie Add-ons repository, installation instructions located here. Head on over and follow the instructions to install the repo, then install the add-on.

Development Version

Bleeding edge builds of the add-on are available from the Aussie Add-ons development repository. The latest changes are always available immediately from this repository. These versions aren't tested fully, so we would encourage you to give any feedback if something is broken.


You will need to enter your Telstra ID or credentials. For the free Telstra customer offer, you will need to have an eligible mobile service linked to your Telstra ID. If you haven't registered a Telstra ID and/or haven't linked your eligible service to it, please visit this Telstra page to create a new Telstra ID or link an existing one with your mobile service.

The live streaming bitrates reflect an average bitrate only, you should ideally have twice the bandwidth available to ensure buffer free viewing.


Please let us know of any errors by opening an issues ticket. It would be great if you could attach a Kodi debug log file as well. Submitting a log file is easy - there is a menu option for it in the settings of the add-on. Just note the github issue number that is given in Kodi and put it in the issue ticket you create.


NRL Digital Pass addon for Kodi







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