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The logo for the Austin PHP Meetup
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Austin PHP Logo

Austin PHP logo


In 2015 @llbbl felt a need to update the branding. When he started thinking about it, he kept coming back to the Acronym itself and wanted to integrate that into the logo.

He then realized if you split the letter “H” at the midline, it becomes a U on top and a lowercase N on the bottom. The final realization was that the U and N fragments also looked like brackets if you rotate them.

That is how we ended up with the P inside the array notation. It’s really started out as an H that he broke into two pieces. He did think about having two P’s inside the brackets, but one seemed stronger visually. The P is in the same font as the current official logo. he added the word Austin below it for obvious reasons.

The software used was Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

Font's Used:

  • Handel Gothic Italic
  • LithosPro Regular
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