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Paper wallets to seed the Burner Wallet with private keys.
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Paper wallets to seed the Burner Wallet with private keys.



git clone
cd paper-wallet
npm i

generate accounts

node generate.js

(This will output an accounts.json file with the JSON format [{address,pk}])

edit design and copy

edit template.html to make changes and replace front.png, back.png, inside-left.png, and inside-right.png to update images

you can also set a global background with the background.png and a quick edit to template.html

create wallets from accounts

node index.js

(this will output wallets.pdf)

print wallets

lp wallets.pdf

You can print out private.svg if you are in a pinch.

If you would like me to generate you a special wallet design cspaperwallet.jpg hit me up on Twitter or Telegram @austingriffith


batch generation

If you want to make a large batch of wallets and merge them into a single pdf for ease of printing, there is a batch.js:

First, get your template.html looking right.

Then, edit HOWMANY in the batch.js and run it:

node batch.js

This will generate a file called wallets.pdf and also addresses.txt for airdropping.


Finally... print, fold, cut, and glue your way to freedom!


air dropping

You will need a distribution account. I would suggest using a mnemonic you can remember in the Burner Wallet and then copy the private key the wallet generates.

You will then pass this private key into the airdrop script within the command you run it with or in a .env file:

echo "SENDING_PK=0xdeadbeef" > .env

If this account has the necessary funds on the network provider, it will drop whatever you specify in the AMOUNT_OF_ERC20_TO_SEND and AMOUNT_OF_NATIVE_TOKEN_TO_SEND to all accounts.json:

node airdrop.js

Use the CONFIG options like justChecking, dryRun, testRun for more control and testing.


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