Auth0's Partner Demo for BoxWorks 2016
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Step by step guide

Account creation

Create a Stamplay application

Create a Box application

Configure Box as an OAuth2 provider for Auth0

  • Go to and under the connections => social section enable box, paste client_id and client_secret from the previous step
  • Then go to the clients section and create a new client of type Single Page Web Application
    • Go to settings and save client_id and client_secret for the next step.
    • Set https://<your-stamplay-application-id> as callback URL.
    • Finally go to connections and enable box (configured in the previous step).

Configure your Stamplay application

  • Open and edit the application you created previously, go to the users => authentication section and select Auth0, fill in your account domain and client_id and client_secret from the previous step.
  • Then go to the objects section and create an object named mood, add two properties named email and mood.
  • Browse the snippets section and see how the REST API works.

Now you can go to https://<your-stamplay-application-id> to check that the authentication flow works.

Configure you web application

  • Clone
  • Find and replace <your-stamplay-application-id> with your stamplay application id in index.html, stats.html
  • Install the stamplay-cli
    npm install -g stamplay-cli
  • Deploy your project
    stamplay init
    You'll be prompted to enter your stamplay application id and your API key (located under dashboard => settings)
    stamplay deploy

Test your application

open https://<your-stamplay-application-id> and https://<your-stamplay-application-id>

Or browse the existing live demo at