This library has been deprecated. See README for more info
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Deprecation Notice

This library has been deprecated. To use Auth0 in your Xamarin app, please see the Xamarin Quickstart, and also the new Auth0 OIDC Client which supports both iOS and Android.


A cross-platform API for authenticating users with the Auth0 platform.

## Generate and publish new Xamarin Component

  1. Build Xamarin.Auth0Client.sln solution (with RELEASE mode)
  2. Download the xamarin-component command line tool and run the following script (replacing Auth0Client-X.Y.xam with specific version number):
mono xamarin-component.exe create-manually Auth0Client-X.Y.Z.xam \
  --name="Auth0 SDK" \
  --summary="Add authentication with different sources, either social like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or enterprise like WAAD, Google Apps, AD, ADFS or any SAML Provider." \
  --publisher="Auth0" \
  --website="" \
  --details="" \
  --license="LICENSE" \
  --getting-started="" \
  --icon="icons/Auth0Client_128x128.png" \
  --icon="icons/Auth0Client_512x512.png" \
  --library="ios":"src/Auth0Client.iOS/bin/classic/Release/Auth0Client.iOS.dll" \
  --library="ios-unified":"src/Auth0Client.iOS/bin/unified/Release/Auth0Client.iOS.dll" \
  --library="android":"src/Auth0Client.Android/bin/Release/Auth0Client.Android.dll" \
  --library="ios":"src/Auth0Client.iOS/bin/classic/Release/Xamarin.Auth.iOS.dll" \
  --library="ios-unified":"src/Auth0Client.iOS/bin/unified/Release/Xamarin.Auth.iOS.dll" \
  --library="android":"src/Auth0Client.Android/bin/Release/Xamarin.Auth.Android.dll" \
  --library="ios":"src/Auth0Client.iOS/bin/classic/Release/Newtonsoft.Json.dll" \
  --library="ios-unified":"src/Auth0Client.iOS/bin/unified/Release/Newtonsoft.Json.dll" \
  --library="android":"src/Auth0Client.Android/bin/Release/Newtonsoft.Json.dll" \
  --sample="iOS Sample (Classic). Demonstrates Auth0 authentication on iOS (Classic).":"./Xamarin.Auth0Client.iOS.Sample-Classic.sln" \
  --sample="iOS Sample (Unified API). Demonstrates Auth0 authentication on iOS (Unified API).":"./Xamarin.Auth0Client.iOS.Sample.sln" \
  --sample="Android Sample. Demonstrates Auth0 authentication on Android.":"./Xamarin.Auth0Client.Android.Sample.sln"

For detailed instructions, see the component packaging guidelines.

  • This will create a component package named Auth0Client-X.Y.Z.xam, which will include libraries and samples for iOS and Android, along with the required supplementary files.
  • You are ready to upload the new Auth0Client-X.Y.Z.xam package to

Issue Reporting

If you have found a bug or if you have a feature request, please report them at this repository issues section. Please do not report security vulnerabilities on the public GitHub issue tracker. The Responsible Disclosure Program details the procedure for disclosing security issues.




This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.