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angular-storage Build Status

A Storage done right for AngularJS.


auth0 logo If you want to quickly add secure token-based authentication to your Angular projects, feel free to check Auth0's Angular SDK and free plan at

Key Features

  • Uses localStorage or sessionStorage by default but if it's not available, it uses ngCookies.
  • Lets you save JS Objects
  • If you save a Number, you get a Number, not a String
  • Uses a caching system so that if you already have a value, it won't get it from the store again.

Installing it

You have several options: Install with either bower or npm and link to the installed file from html using script tag.

bower install a0-angular-storage
npm install angular-storage

Using it

angular.module('app', ['angular-storage'])
.controller('Controller', function(store) {
  var myObj = {
    name: 'mgonto'

  store.set('obj', myObj);

  var myNewObject = store.get('obj');

  angular.equals(myNewObject, myObj); // return true


  store.set('number', 2);

  typeof(store.get('number')) === 'number'

Namespaced Storages

You can also create namespaced storages if you want

angular.module('app', ['angular-storage'])
.factory('Auth0Store', function(store) {
  return store.getNamespacedStore('auth0');
.controller('Controller', function(Auth0Store) {

  var myObj = {
    name: 'mgonto'

  // This will be saved in localStorage as auth0.obj
  Auth0Store.set('obj', myObj);

  // This will look for auth0.obj
  var myNewObject = Auth0Store.get('obj');

  angular.equals(myNewObject, myObj); // return true

Changing storage type

angular.module('app', ['angular-storage'])
  .config(function(storeProvider) {
    // Store defaults to localStorage but we can set sessionStorage or cookieStorage.
  .controller('Controller', function(store) {

  var myObj = {
    name: 'mgonto'

  // This will be saved in sessionStorage as obj
  store.set('obj', myObj);

  // This will look for obj in sessionStorage
  var myNewObject = store.get('obj');

  angular.equals(myNewObject, myObj); // return true



Sets the underlying store for the store service. It can be localStorage, sessionStorage or cookieStorage. Defaults to localStorage

store.set(name, value)

Sets a new value to the storage with the key name. It can be any object.


Returns the saved value with they key name. If you saved an object, you get an object.


Deletes the saved value with the key name

store.getNamespacedStore(namespace, delimiter)

Returns a new store service that will use the namespace and delimiter when saving and getting values like the following namespace[delimiter]key. For example auth0.object considering auth0 as namespace and . as a delimiter


This library is used in auth0-angular


Just clone the repo, run npm install, bower install and then gulp to work :).

Issue Reporting

If you have found a bug or if you have a feature request, please report them at this repository issues section. Please do not report security vulnerabilities on the public GitHub issue tracker. The Responsible Disclosure Program details the procedure for disclosing security issues.




This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.