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Secure cookie-based session middleware for Express.

Session data is stored on the request object in the 'session' property:

  var app = require('express');
  var cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
  var cookieSessions = require('cookie-sessions');

      name: 'session_data',
      secret: process.env.SECRET

The cookie-parser middleware MUST also used.

The session data can be any JSON object. It's timestamped, encrypted and authenticated automatically. The authenticated encryption uses aes-256-gcm offered by the node crypto library. The httpOnly and secure cookie flags are set by default.

The main function accepts a number of options:

Option Required Description Default
secret Yes The secret to encrypt the session data.
timeout Yes The amount of time in milliseconds before the cookie expires. 24 hours
name Yes The cookie name in which to store the session data. \_node
path Yes The path to use for the cookie. /
domain No Define a specific domain/subdomain scope for the cookie.
autoRenew No Boolean: if true, a new cookie will be set in each response with an updated expiration + timeout true
httpOnly No Boolean: if true, the httpOnly cookie flag will be set. true
secure No Boolean: if true, the secure cookie flag will be set. true
sameSite No If set to "lax" or "strict", the sameSite cookie flag with the corresponding mode will be set.
sessionCookie No Boolean: if true, it's considered a session cookie and no "expires" is set.

Why store session data in cookies?

  • Its fast, you don't need to hit the filesystem or a database to look up session data
  • It scales easily. You don't need to worry about sticky-sessions when load-balancing across multiple nodes.
  • No server-side persistence requirements


  • You can only store 4k of data in a cookie
  • Higher-bandwidth requirements, since the cookie is sent to the server with every request.

In summary: don't use cookie storage if you keep a lot of data in your sessions!

Migrating to version 1.0.0

  • Any cookie created with 0.0.2 version will be invalidated.
  • The options object has two naming changes:
    • name instead of session_key
    • sessionCookie instead of session_cookie
  • The following exported functions have been removed:
    • readSession
    • readCookies
    • checkLength
    • headersToArray
    • hmac_signature


Secure cookie-based session middleware for Express



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