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Auth0 Webtasks is a platform for easily creating a serverless HTTP Endpoint / Webhook. Auth0 Webtasks executes node.js code in a secure and safe manner. There's no servers to deploy, no tools you have to install, just code.

  • Every webtask is an HTTP endpoint
  • Simple Node.js programming model
  • High fidelity of HTTP, webtasks can even return HTML
  • Full access to node modules available on
  • Rich browser based editing experience
  • Middleware
  • Multi-tenant

How does it differ from other Serverless offerings?

  • Specialized for Node.js
  • Low configuration
  • Highly customizable
  • Extremely low latency
  • Designed from scratch for web-based / user interactions rather than plumbing between backend services.


This workshop assumes you have the following ready to go:

  • Familiarity with modern JavaScript
  • A Github account
  • A Slack account with administrative privileges
    • Feel free to create a new one just for this workshop
    • If attending a workshop where there is a leader, one will be provided
  • Node.js installed
  • Some of the advanced examples use jq.
  • A Text Editor
  • These examples assume you are using bash.

Workshop Modules

  1. Hello Editor - 20 Minutes
  2. Hello CLI - 15 Minutes
  3. NPM Modules - 15 Minutes
  4. Secrets - 20 Minutes
  5. Storage - 20 Minutes
  6. Programming Models - 5 Minutes
  7. Local Execution
  8. Local Debugging
  9. Middleware
  10. Custom Programming Models
  11. Extend


  • Fork the repository.
  • Clone your forked repository.

OPTIONAL A tip for those who do not have an in-IDE-markdown-viewer. Using hads allows you to navigate around the workshop content, edit it to add your own notes and offers a easy search bar to go back and look something up. If you already have a markdown viewer, then skip this step.

Note: Feel free to edit and send pull requests to update/add more modules.