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Open Web Meditation

An Automattic Design Experiment


What is the world of the open web like, beyond the walls of dominant social media platforms? How do our experiences of the internet differ depending on where we spend our time and share our ideas? Come with us on a journey to explore the landscape of the web and get to know the people and possibilities of open source, the open web, and open opportunities.

“The technology industry, like all industries, follows cycles, and the pendulum is swinging back to the broad, empowering philosophies that underpinned the early social web. But we’re going to face a big challenge with re-educating a billion people about what the web means.”

—Anil Dash, The Web We Lost

About this repository

This repository contains all the assets from the open web meditation that was created as an Automattic Design experiment. In the spirit of open source, we would like to invite others to create versions of this meditation in their own languages so that we can share the ideas behind it globally.

How to

Please use the assets provided to create your own voiceover track and export alternate language versions of the full video. Here's the suggested process:

  1. Use the script text provided to write a version in your own language.
  2. Watch the video a few times in English to understand the timing.
  3. Play the video silently as you record your own voiceover audio to make sure you are synced to the animation.
  4. Use video editing software (something simple like iMovie is fine!) to combine the video file (without voiceover) with your voiceover audio and export a full video version in your own language.
  5. Use a service like Trint to generate an .srt caption file.
  6. Upload your video to YouTube or your own website.
  7. Fork this repository, add your link under "links to translated versions" in this readme doc and submit a pull request.
  8. Thanks for participating!

Provided in the repository are:

  • the text of the U.S. English voiceover script
  • the captions file

Video files of the original U.S. English version are available as follows:

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