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Auton Lab, Carnegie Mellon University


The Auton Lab, part of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science, develops Artificial Intelligence for practical solutions to real world problems.

Helpful how-tos

We have a repository, the Auton Faqs, for a collection of how-tos and helpful living documents. We intend to have this as a searchable resource for folks that emphasizes simplicity and concision. Check it out!


  1. auton-survival auton-survival Public

    Auton Survival - an open source package for Regression, Counterfactual Estimation, Evaluation and Phenotyping with Censored Time-to-Events

    Python 302 73

  2. weasel weasel Public

    Weakly Supervised End-to-End Learning (NeurIPS 2021)

    Python 153 11

  3. esrnn esrnn Public

    Hybrid ES-RNN models for time series forecasting

    Jupyter Notebook 17 5

  4. auviewer auviewer Public

    Python 10 2

  5. aqua aqua Public

    AQuA: A Benchmarking Tool for Label Quality Assessment

    Jupyter Notebook 18 1


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