Quake Life is a game mod that enables gameplay with Quake models in Half Life maps.
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Quake-Life is a QuakeC conversion of the core Half-Life 1 entities into a playable Quake mod. All half-life monsters and weapons are replaced with Quake 1 entities, and various button and trinkets are tweaked to be more "Quake-like". The goal of this mod if to allow modders to have maps that are multi-compatable for half-life 1 and quake, and also adds the ability for Quake 1 users to play through half-life levels.

Current Status

This is a copy of the original Quake Life open source release. The project has not reached error-free status as there are issues with entering some areas. It is a large undertaking to go through each map in Half Life and ensure all the areas are accessible and have monsters, weapons and other artifacts inserted at appropriate spots. The project is totally hackable and will remain open to anyone to make modifications.


Place the progs.dat into a folder named "quakelife"

To play Half-Life 1 or Half-Life Uplink Demo:

  • Extract the contents of the "valve" folder into the quakelife folder
  • To play the Uplink demo, set the server's map to "hldemo1"
  • To play the Half-Life single-player game, start on map "c1a0" (c0a0 set not fully supported yet)
  • To play the training levels, set the map to "t0a0"


  • XavioR (avirox) - Programming
  • Marcher Fortress dev - for the spider :)
  • Trickle, Baker - Testing/support
  • Valve Software - for making Half-life \m\