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@novemberborn novemberborn released this 02 Jun 14:43
· 117 commits to main since this release

What's Changed

  • We're now shipping type definitions compatible with TypeScript 4.7, by @RebeccaStevens in #3024
  • throws and throwsAsync assertions now take a function to test error messages, by @il3ven in #2995
  • Test failure summaries no longer duplicate t.log() messages, by @il3ven in #3013
  • The number of timed-out tests is printed at the end of a run, by @il3ven in #3021
  • We've documented how to load multiple instances of the same "shared" worker, by @codetheweb in #3009
  • Links to translated documentation have been updated, by @forresst in #3037
  • Node.js 17 has been removed from the test matrix, and Node.js 18 added in #3039

Full Changelog: v4.2.0...v4.3.0