Media player and structured navigation application which consumes a IIIF 3.0 spec AV manifest
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Avalon IIIF-AV player

Build Status JavaScript Style Guide

This is a React JavaScript application that displays a player and structured navigation when given a IIIF-AV JSON manifest (spec 3.0).

Demo Page:


Navigate to project root directory and run the following commands. A webpack dev server (with live re-loading) will start at: http://localhost:3334/

yarn install
yarn start


To build the bundle:

yarn build

Running tests:

To run the project's Jest unit tests:

yarn test

Travis Runs...

To use on a page:

     <title>Avalon IIIF Player Example</title>
     <div id="avln-iiif-player-root" class="avln-iiif-player" data-manifest-url=""></div>
     <script src="[INCLUDE /build/static/js/your-compiled-js-file-here.js]"></script>

The data-manifest-url attribute should link to a publicly accessible IIIF-AV manifest.