Multiplatform Hyper-V Manager using Python and freeRDP
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HYPY - HYper-v in PYthon

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Multiplatform Hyper-V Manager using Python and FreeRDP

How hypy works?

Hypy uses winrm or ssh to comunicate with hyper-v server shell and sends powershell commands to interact with the virtual machines. To access the virtual machines, hypy uses freeRDP.

Hyper-V Server configuration

Clients connecting via WinRM

Hypy uses winrm to communicate with the hyper-v host, so it must be enabled and accepting connections. has a session explaining how to enable WinRM on the server/remote host.

Clients connecting via SSH

As an alternative to winrm, you can setup a SSH server on the hyper-v server. Using the protocol parameter in command line or setting ssh in the protocol option.

Client configuration


FreeRDP binary must be in path (windows, linux and mac). Make sure FreeRDP is working before using hypy or it will not open the session to the virtual machine.

Linux: Your package manager should have freerdp 1.1 or higher avaiable.

Mac: When using homebrew, make share to include --HEAD option to get the latest version (1.1 or higher) with HyperV support or use macports. Either way you will need XCode installed.

If you need to compile freerdp, look into for instructions.

Install instructions

Hypy can be installed with pip

pip3 install git+


To configure Hypy, create the file '~/.hypy.conf'. You can use hypy.conf.example that comes with the package to get a starting point or use the contents below. These options can be overriden in the command line if needed.

host = <server name in domain>
domain = <domain name>
user = <username in server>
pass = <password>

protocol = <ssh or winrm>
ssh_port = 22
sync_interval = <interval in hours to make new cache file>


> hypy --help
Usage: hypy [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Multiplataform Hyper-V Manager using Python and FreeRDP

  --version                Show the version and exit.
  -u, --user TEXT          Username in hyper-v server
  -p, --pass TEXT          Password in hyper-v server
  -d, --domain TEXT        Domain name
  -m, --host TEXT          Hyper-V server hostname/ip address
  -t, --proto [ssh|winrm]  Protocol to be used
  --help                   Show this message and exit.

  connect   Connect to virtual machine identified by...
  create    Create a new snapshot with vm's current state
  delete    Delete a machine's snapshot by name
  list      List virtual machines and its indexes
  ls        List updated virtual machines and its indexes
  pause     Pause virtual machine identified by index
  restore   Restore virtual machine snapshot
  resume    Resume (paused) virtual machine identified by...
  save      Save virtual machine identified by index
  snap      Manage virtual machine snapshots
  snaps     List virtual machine snapshots
  start     Start virtual machine identified by index
  status    Show virtual machine current status
  stop      Stop virtual machine identified by index
  switch    Manage virtual network switches in the...
  switches  List avaiable virtual network switches in the...

If you need help on any subcommand, run COMMAND --help. Further details on subcommands:


A tox.ini file is included for execution of style check and unit tests.