Java Object Mapper for Mongodb
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Java Object Mapper for MongoDB

#Based in:

  • Java Driver for MongoDB
  • GSon

Contacts: Aristides Villareal Bravo

It works similar to JPA, visit Wiki for Documentation


1.Add to pom.xml








2. Create beans



public class Paises extends GenericBeans {



private String siglas;


private String pais;


private String logo;

public Document toDocument(Paises paises) {
    Document doc = new Document();
    try {
        doc = Document.parse(getGson().toJson(paises));
    } catch (Exception e) {
        System.out.println("toDocument() " + e.getLocalizedMessage());
    return doc;

public Paises toPojo(Document doc) {
    Paises paises = new Paises();
    try {
        paises = (Paises) fromJsontoPojo(doc.toJson(), new Paises().getClass());
    } catch (Exception e) {
        System.out.println("toPojo() " + e.getLocalizedMessage());
    return paises;


public String toString() {

    return "Paises{" + "siglas=" + siglas + ", pais=" + pais + '}';


A. For Java Standar Edition

Create Facade

public class PaisesFacade extends AbstractFacade{

public PaisesFacade( ){
    super(Paises.class, "mydatabase", "paises");

protected MongoClient getMongoClient() {
     MongoClient mongoClient = new MongoClient();
     return mongoClient;


** Example**

PaisesFacade paisesFacade =new PaisesFacade();

    Paises paises = new Paises();
    //save document;
    //list all document
    List<Paises> list = paisesFacade.findAll(); -> {

B. For Java Enterprise Edition

Create MongoClientProvider



public class MongoClientProvider {

private MongoClient mongoClient = null;
public MongoClient getMongoClient(){	
	return mongoClient;

public void init() {
        try {		
            mongoClient = new MongoClient();
        } catch (Exception e) {
            JSFUtil.addErrorMessage("init() "+e.getLocalizedMessage());


Create Facade


public class PaisesFacade extends AbstractFacade {


 MongoClientProvider mongoClientProvider;


protected MongoClient getMongoClient() {

     return mongoClientProvider.getMongoClient();


public PaisesFacade() {      

     super(Paises.class, "mydatabase", "paises");






public class PaisesController implements Serializable {


PaisesFacade paisesFacade;

public Boolean save(Paises paises){



public List getPaises(){

  return paisesFacade.findAll();