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This is a simple template project for kick-starting a web project using the Nanoc static site generator by Denis Defreyne.

Occasionally, I extract code and conventions from real-world projects and pull it back into this template. I also try to keep an eye on the HTML5 boilerplate project by Paul Irish, as it is a good source of front-end best practices.


  • Support for Google Analytics, Feedburner and Google Webmaster Tools. Read more »
  • Some extra Rake tasks Read more »
  • Javascript and CSS concatenation and minification Read more »
  • Some nice boilerplate HTML and CSS Read more »
  • Caching of static assets Read more »
  • Improved typography using typogruby
  • Comes with sitemap, htaccess, robots.txt and 404 page Read more »
  • Configure htaccess redirects using the configuration file Read more »
  • Comes with vendored jquery and modernizr

There is a Wishlist with stuff I may or may not add in the future. Also see the full list of Configuration options.