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Automated Reasoning for the Working Mathematician
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Automated Reasoning for the Working Mathematician

I set up this repository to help me prepare a talk for FroCoS / Tableaux in September 2019. The current draft of the talk is here:

Some preliminary notes are here:

(Warning: they are wordy.)

After preparing the notes, I asked friends and colleagues to respond to the questions below. You can find some of their responses on Issue #1 in this repository. Some additional feedback is summarized in

The directory isabelle_experiments provides some experiments using automation with Isabelle, with notes.

I intend to keep this repository publicly available, in case it is useful to anyone.


If you have done any substantial formalization of mathematics, I would like to know:

  • What kinds of automation have you found helpful?
  • What kinds of automation do you think would be helpful?

Even a quick, short response will be appreciated, and if you don't think automation is useful or necessary, you can say so. If you can point to particular examples where automated tools proved useful, or particular examples of inferences that were painful to justify by hand, that would be especially helpful.

You can post an answer as a comment to Issue #1 in this repository. (The public meant to encourage discussion, so that is welcome, too.) You can also write me privately at

Feel free to share this request with anyone who may be interested.

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