Like the tax form, this is an easier interface for quick n dirty XMLM scripts
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ezxmlm -- combinators to use with xmlm for parsing and selection

An "easy" interface on top of the Xmlm [1] library. This version provides more convenient (but far less flexible) input and output functions that go to and from [string] values. This avoids the need to write signal code, which is useful for quick scripts that manipulate XML.

More advanced users should go straight to the Xmlm library and use it directly, rather than be saddled with the Ezxmlm interface. Since the types in this library are more specific than Xmlm, it should interoperate just fine with it if you decide to switch over.


In the toplevel, here's an example of how some XHTML can be selected out quickly using the Ezxmlm combinators. Note that this particular HTML has been post-processed into valid XML using xmllint --html --xmlout.

# #require "ezxmlm" ;;
# open Ezxmlm ;;
# let (_,xml) = from_channel (open_in "html/variants.html") ;;
# member "html" xml |> member "head" |> member_with_attr "meta" ;;
- : Xmlm.attribute list * nodes = ([(("", "name"), "generator"); (("", "content"), "DocBook XSL Stylesheets V1.78.1")], [])
# member "html" xml |> member "head" |> member "title" |> data_to_string;;
- : string = "Chapter 6. Variants"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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