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--- Release of Lynx v2.8 (March 10, 1998) ---
* omit platform-specifics about release (recommended by HN). - TD
* drop samples/lynx.cfg since it is redundant (recommended by HN). - TD
* modify so that "make install-cfg" does not edit lynx.cfg
to point at local helpfiles, while "make install-help" will now do
that (reported by LP). - TD
* move ifdef's for EXP_8BIT_TOUPPER inside UPPER8 function to allow
check for DOS/WINDOWS display charsets. - LP
* clarify relationship between the configure script and userdefs.h with
respect to the LYNX_CFG_FILE definition. - TD
* newer CF_FIND_LIBRARY autoconf macro, to allow ncurses library in /lib
only, needed for SUSE Linux. - TD
* add casts to UPPER8 function's comparison for equality of parameters, and
to TOUPPER macro to guard against sign-extension due to prototype. - AAC
* correct spelling of -lcur_colr library in aclocal.m4, change order of
tests to put -lHcurses second on HP-UX (patch by Jonathan Sergent).
* restore simple zmodem downloader script, displaced by recent undocumented
change (there are some concerns about security or permissions with the
alternate script). - DK
* DOSPATH localfile patch: corrected display of file://localhost/c:/,
which was displayed as file://localhost/c%3A/ (tweak LYConvertToUrl() in
LYUtils.c). Now we may start "lynx c:" or 'go' c: and not see these
strange letters. On the other hand, if % and # symbols found in local
path it will be escaped as before (note that #fragment is not supposed here
to be used from command line...) - LP
* workaround error in vendor's terminfo description of 'dtterm' by ensuring
we limit color pair-number accordingly. - TD
* strip -g compiler option if not otherwise specified, for debugging (note
that autoconf 2.12 does not try to use -O option due to concerns about
compiler optimization). - TD
* correct value of $host_os used in CF_CURSES_LIBS for special-case of
HP's -lHcurses (Jonathan Sergent <>).
* correct def7_uni.tbl for Greek letters, note about UPPER8 assumption
added to chrtrans/README.format. - LP
* few comments corrected. - LP
* create new PRCS revision (2.8pre) for pre-release testing of Lynx 2.8 -TD
* remove RELEASE_STATEMENT, merging it into README as per HN's
recommendation - TD
* comments/minor changes to HTDOS.c, HTDOS.h, LYUtils.c - LP
* document recent fix for RAW_DOS_KEY_HACK in lynx.cfg - DK
* rename to docs/CHANGES2.8 - TD
* undo last minor change to UPPER8 - LP
* modify slang configuration to add fake 'scrollok()' - JED
* modify LYmktime() so that 2-digit years must be greater/equal to 70 to be in
1900's (patch by Bela Lubkin). Also adjust parse_windows_nt_dir_entry() and
parse_cms_dir_entry() as noted by Bela - TD
* comment-out entries in cp1252_uni.tbl which correspond to nonprinting
control-characters - LP
* add logic in SGML.c to correspond with 2.7.2 logic for codes used by
Microsoft FrontPage. - LP
* remove unneeded code for nbsp, ensp, emsp, thinsp and shy from handle_entity()
in SGML.c - LP
* ifdef UPPER8 function with EXP_8BIT_TOUPPER,
add configure option --enable-8bit-toupper to allow testing. - TD
* case-insensitive search and 8bit letters: It was realized that
information about upper/lower mapping got from TOUPPER which depends on
locale in its 8bit and usually fails on non-UNIX systems. We introduce
UPPER8 and strcasecomp8 to implement 8-bit aware case-independent search
using one simple assumption: 8bit upper/lower case letters have their
"7bit approximation" images in def7_uni.tbl matched case-insensitively
(7bit). The cost of this assumption is that several differently accented
letters may be interpreted as equal but this is negligible if the search
string is more than one character long. (LYStrings.c, also HTString.c
and LYMainLoop.c). - LP, TD
* add SunOS 4.x-specific ifdef to quiet redefinition warnings for sys/ioctl.h
vs sys/termios.h - TD
* convert usage/options messages into arrays to simplify maintenance. - TD
* add "-useragent" command-line option to set "User-Agent" (request by Merlin
Mathesius <>). - LP
* tweak HTML in LYDownload.c, LYPrint.c to restore some double-spacing effects
altered in 'collapsible spaces' change 1998-01-25 (reported by James Elkinton
<>). - LP
* use strncasecomp/strcasecomp consistently throughout to avoid library
dependency on strncasecmp/strcasecmp. - TD
* correct lengths in several strncasecmp calls for command-line options
(though -w is still an abbreviation for -width). - TD
* test-build with BSD curses on OS/2 EMX (does not display properly), and
with ncurses -TD
* add configure check CF_FUNC_LSTAT -TD
* modify CF_CHECK_ERRNO so that configure script on OS/2 EMX finds
sys_errlist[] -TD
* reset styles[] and styleSheet list in DefaultStyle.c, HTML.c so that when
a user reloads a page with ^R, we undo changes to those data structures
(reported by Larry Virden). - TD
* remove extra copy of HTML.h from Implementation directory. - TD
* add CF_GCC_ATTRIBUTES to configure script, to use in flushing out unused
parameter warnings (and later, to support prototypes for logging). - TD
* rename 'extra_entities' to 'unicode_entities' (recommended by LP) - TD
* add configure option --use-default-colors, to allow background color to use
default value (request by SUNAGAWA Keiki <>) -TD
* change default for --disable-internal-links so it is normally-off - TD
* add configure test CF_FIONBIO, some ifdef's (e.g., S_IFLNK) to support
build on OS/2 EMX. - TD
* add configure option --disable-extended-dtd, for testing - TD
* split-out entities.h from HTMLDTD.c - TD
* remove obsolete mapping in "private" e000 area of mnem_suni.tbl,
mnem2_suni.tbl, rfc_suni.tbl - LP
* remove unused function HTMLGetLatinOneValue() - LP
* remove logic that would attempt lookup of Unicode entities by index into the
unicode_entities.put_entity method (e.g., of HTML_dtd), in HTML.c
(HTML_put_entity) and HTMLGen.c (HTMLGen_put_entity) - LP
* tweaks to HTPlain.c, LYCharUtils.c and SGML.c, remove extra checks for
Unicode mdash, ndash, trade, as well as "iso-8859-2", "koi8-r", since they
are done in the chartrans tables - LP
* add an alias 'H' for F1 when using RAWDOSKEYHACK (LYStrings.c) - DK
* restore -DRAWDOSKEYHACK to src/makefile.dos, reported by DK - TD
* correct a typo in CF_CURSES_LIBS configure macro, which caused the configure
script to not add termcap library to the list - TD
* correct --disable-internal-links, by adding DONT_TRACK_INTERNAL_LINKS to
config.hin - TD
* use size_t in SGML_dtd. - TD
* remove extra trademark symbol and quotes from chrtrans/*.tbl, since
they are in the default def7_uni.tbl - LP
* New item to lynx.cfg added: PREPEND_CHARSET_TO_SOURCE (similar to BASE), we
need it to resolve charset for downloaded/printed HTML sources which became
local. This is really useful because downloaded and printed texts may
happened to have different charsets so assume_local_charset fails. For
downloaded source meta charset added from HTTP charset header (if and only if
present). For printed source meta charset added from display_charset (real
charset after chrtrans). If the original source has its own meta charset
and we add the second on top - Lynx currently use those on top and ignore
others (old) value (that is correct, although non standard like BASE on top).
The compilation default is FALSE (compatibility). - LP
* modify ncurses mouse behavior to match slang (use button 3 rather than
button 2 for "previous document" (reported by Michael Ritzert) - TD
* use case-independent comparison for tail-only comparison in override_proxy
(patch by - TD
* remove unneeded definitions of ALT_CHAR_SET, NCURSES_VERSION in
src/makefile.dos - DK
* correct syntax for the RAW_DOS_KEY_HACK in lynx.cfg, add a little information
on how to compile this. Also patched makefile.dos to make compilation of the
raw dos key hack the default when compiling in DOS. - DK
* change back to boolean since the logic was unused: UCCanTranslateFromTo(),
UCCanTranslateUniTo(), and UCCanUniTranslateFrom(). - TD
* Mods of SGML.c and LYCharUtils.c to improve handling of entities,
obsolete stuff removed (not all yet). - LP
* -localhost mode: disable interpreting BASE HREF= if local_host_only
to resolve local html files with BASE (Lynx add base to downloaded
sources and this may affect links if looking them with -localhost).
(tweak in html.c). - LP
* Modify HTMLGetEntityUCValue in LYCharSets.c:
we begin to move from old style entities[] to unicode-based. - LP
* added a few comments. - LP
* Fixed a bug in HTTP.c which could cause trashing of authorization info
for an origin HTTP(s) server if the request is being proxied. - FM
* Tweak in HTTP.c so that the reloading variable is not reset until
after any resubmissions due to authorization challenges. - FM
* Tweaks of userdefs.h, lynx.cfg, LYMessages_en.h, LYMain.c, LYMainLoop.c,
LYClean.c, LYReadCFG.c, and LYGlobalDefs.h so that the QUIT_DEFAULT_YES
compilation symbol can be overridden in lynx.cfg, in keeping with
the principle that only strict security-related compilation symbols
cannot be overridden at run time. - FM
* adjust formatting, comments & some messages in WWW files to simplify
comparison with 2.7.2 version. (I have preserved some chunks of difference,
ifdef'd NOTUSED_FOTEMODS or NOTDEFINED for ease of comparison -- these may be
removed at a later time, when we are done absorbing changes from 2.7.2) - TD
* Update SGML entity to Unicode table in HTMLDTD.c from -
lots of new entities, iso-latin-1 now included there.
See also new files in test/ directory: sgml.html and unicode.html.
Tweak a few typos in test/*.html according to sgml.html.
Add a few new entries in def7_uni.tbl according to sgml.html - LP
* Cleanup iso01-iso09, cp866 tables against ones found at -LP
* Strip the fat from LYCharSets.c - unnecessary obsoleted tables removed
and redirected to SevenBitApproximation table (ones which have unicode tables
override it anyway, those for CJK had exactly the same tables as
SevenBit..). - LP
* Remove obsolete "Other ISO Latin" charset, which works _exactly_ the same
as "7 bit approximation" (See the note on 06-14-96 where it comes from) -LP
* Sort the list of charsets in Options according to 2.7.2 for 1997-10-15,
see the comments in UCinit at the bottom of UCDomap.c - LP
* add ifdef to HTFile.c to workaround conflicting S_IFIFO vs S_IFSOCK
(e.g., on Apollo, from a report by Dave Eaton <>) - TD
* updated INSTALLATION (patch by HN) - TD
* modify DOS handling of CTL-C and CTL-BREAK handling for DOS to allow
exiting via SIGINT when pressing CTL-C or CTL-BREAK regardless of the
BREAK setting in DOS. This leaves the BREAK setting unchanged unless
CTL-C or CTL-BREAK is actually pressed (in which case it leaves BREAK
ON) - DK
* add note about Lynx vs frames to User's Guide (from Al Gilman) - TD
* correct to reference section "1" (one), not "l", since it is
not installed in the latter (reported by Jason Castonguay
<>) - TD
* fix for VMS declarations of mainloop() and from_hex() (reported by FM) - TD
* add to include-paths in, (reported by FM, citing
Brian Tillman) - TD
* revert HTML.c to use LYHandleSELECT() - TD
* align cases for function keys in LYStrings.c with 2.7.2 - TD
* remove EXP_CHARTRANS ifdef's - TD
* remove symbol USE_SIZECHANGEHACK -TD
* adjust formatting, comments & some messages in most remaining ./src files to
simplify comparison with 2.7.2 version. - TD
* Changed the utf-8 Display Character Set string to "UNICODE UTF-8"
(i.e., added the hyphen between UTF and 8), and fixed typos in
the comments about iso-8859-5. -LP, FM
* Modified HTML.c to add collapsible spaces before and after IMG ALT
strings or pseudo-ALTs whether or not the IMG element is within
Anchor content. The occasional absence of such spaces due to poor
HTML was problematic for blind users. Note that markup which uses
an image for a fancy letter with the ASCII letter as an ALT will
have that letter separated from the rest of the word. Also note
that these spaces will not be collapsed in PRE blocks, but IMG is
invalid in PRE blocks. The spaces could be omitted when IMG is
used invalidly in PRE blocks, but that would revive the problem
for blind users that they might not be present at all, so it seems
better to suffer extra spaces in such cases. - FM
* Tweak in HTAccess.c to reset the title element in anchors on forced
reloads. - FM
* Tweaks in HTML.c to prevent collapsing of blank lines within TEXTAREA
default values. Note that we still strip any leading or trailing
blank lines (reported by Edward S. Marshall <>). - FM
* Tweaks of LYCurses.c, LYMain.c, LYOptions.c, LYReadCFG.c, LYUtils.c
and LYAuto.c to ensure properly setting, with internal buffering, and
avoid memory leaks for the display and homedir values (reported by - FM
* include userdefs.h in LYCurses.h to address redefinition warnings for
curses-related configuration. - TD
* adjust formatting, comments & some messages in recently-modified files to
simplify comparison with 2.7.2 version. - TD
* remove obsolete logic from UCCanTranslateFromTo, (recommended by LP). - TD
* make character set names (e.g., cp437, cp850, next) consistent in lynx.cfg,
userdefs.h (reported by LP). - TD
* change configure script to check for termcap library before curses, in case
it is dependent. - TD
* More corrections in the Russian Cyrillic area of def7_uni.tbl. - LP
* correct logic for no_color_video by ensuring that if not defined, it
doesn't disable underline with color. - TD
* remove NSL_CLONE - didn't build. - TD
* eliminate gcc "shadowed variable", "nested declaration", "no previous
prototype" warnings. - TD
* add --disable-internal-links configure option. - TD
* remove W3C gateway (patch by DK, based on email from Gerald Oskoboiny
<>). - TD
* documentation updates (patch by JS). - TD
* add CONTENT_TYPE to environment of lynxcgi POST documents (reported by
Ty Sarna <> & FM). - TD
* add NSL_CLONE ifdef that enables use of the Linux clone() call instead of
fork() for the gethostbyname() calls in HTTCP.c. (patch by Ryan Nielsen
<>). - TD
from the lynx code. I think the following patch does this.
* Tweak of the NSL_FORK code in HTTCP.c to prevent zombie processes from
being created when gethostbyname() is interrupted. - RN
* Corrected the Russian Cyrillic area of the def7_uni.tbl Unicode to
7-bit approximations conversion table. - LP
* Mods of UCAux.c, LYCharUtils.c, SGML.c and HTPlain.c to use 7-bit
approximations instead of 8th bit stripping when the document charset
is koi8-r and the Display Character Set does not have the corresponding
characters. - FM
* Tweaks in HTML.c to ignore a newline character immediately following
a PRE start tag more consistently. When PRE blocks are used to create
blank lines, you should get only as many as are actually included in
the PRE block, unless you include less than the number specified for
"before" the block to which you return, in which case you'll get the
latter number of blank lines. - FM
* Fixed a typo in the HTParse() code of HTParse.c for checking whether
a colon in the host field indeed delimits a port number. - FM
* Changed the internal MIME names for all Microsoft Windows codepages
from cp#### to windows-####, since the latter is used more commonly
as the charset value in META elements and/or Content-Type headers,
and most of them have been registered that way with IANA. Note,
however, that Microsoft uses cp instead of windows- prefixes in the
charset names for the Unicode conversion tables submitted to the
Unicode Consortium. Also note that we still treat cp, cp-, and ibm
prefixes as synonyms for the windows- prefix. - FM
* work around for 'keypad()' function w/o corresponding key defines
(reported by Francisco A. Tomei Torres for NeXTstep 4.0). - TD
* quote message in install rule, just in case (from HN). - TD
* correct expression to supply default value of .cfg file's pathname
(reported by LE & Ambrose Li <>). - TD
* correct dependency of .cfg files upon $(libdir) in - TD
* correct temporary filename for -traversal -crawl (patch by Doug Kaufman). - TD
* correct redefinition of SYSTEM_MAIL_FLAGS. (reported by Doug Kaufman). - TD
* uncache current document when character set may have changed (patch
by Andrey A. Chernov) - TD
* modify Linux setfont code to restore the original font on exit - TD
* correct missing backslash (again) in
(reported by Mark Mentovai - again) - TD
* workaround for sed expression when rerunning configure with config.cache
for slang libraries (reported by Hynek Med). - TD
* fix indicated by Laura Eaves (LE) for LYUCFullyTranslateString_1() - TD
* modify SPAWNING_MSG for DOSPATH configuration, avoid unnecessary use
of clear-screen in shell (patch by Doug Kaufman). - TD
* remove install-help from list for install rule, adding message to
indicate how to install it. - TD
* install lynx.lss only if color-style is configured. - TD
* correct filemode for DJGPP when processing config-file, patch by
Doug Kaufman). - TD
* add LYNX_LSS_FILE to config.hin, reported by Ambrose Li
<>. - TD
* new copy of INSTALLATION file from HN. - TD
* add COPY* to install rule. - TD
* simplify includes in UCdomap.c by using include-path in makefiles. - TD
* build configure script with patched autoconf to workaround limited
environment space on CLIX 3.1 - TD
* rename mnemonic_suni.tbl to mnem2_suni.tbl to accommodate 'make' on
older system with 14-character name-limit. - TD
* sorted some lists (e.g., character sets) which were unreadable. - TD
* incorporate most of FM's changes from 971124 to 971230 (see below). - TD
(Note: don't try to use fflush(stdin) -- it's an FAQ -- nonstandard,
dumps core on some platforms).
* Added Unicode translation support for "DosBaltRim (cp775)" and
"WinBaltRim (cp1257)". - FM
* Fixed bug in the order of re-initializations for the 1997-12-22
get_connection() mods. - FM
* Fixed typos in some LYCharUtils.c comment. - FM
* Fixed typo in LYrcFile.c comments concerning the NO_FROM_HEADER
symbol. - DK
* resolve conflict between autoconf $INSTALL and lynx's INSTALL_PATH
(reported by Scott McGee). - TD
* modify CF_CHECK_FUNCDECL to work with non-gcc compilers. - TD
* add <stdio.h> to prototype test for getgrgid getgrnam, needed on SVr3. - TD
* add install-lss to - TD
* modify order of includes in LYKeymap.c so that USE_EXTERNALS is defined
if it comes from userdefs.h (inferred from a report by Larry Virden). - TD
* correct spelling of USE_EXTERNALS which prevented --enable-externs from
working. - TD
* move assignment to stderr from VMSexit to cleanup function (reported
by Brian Tillman & FM). - TD
* modify UCChangeTerminalCodepage() to not use stderr, disentangling it
from stderr/logfile hack. - TD
* rename docs/CHANGES2-* files to docs/CHANGES2.* (reported by
Doug Kaufman). - TD
* add start_color() call to DOSPATH version of start_curses() to
fix problem reported by Doug Kaufman - TD
* correct typo in ColorCode() function (reported by Doug Kaufman) - TD
* modify comments in (patch by HN) - TD
macros. - TD
* add configure option --enable-nsl-fork to turn on code defined by
* add configure option --enable-links to turn on code defined by
* add configure option --enable-font-switch, to turn on code defined by
* modify configure CF_CURSES_LIBS test to look also for ncurses,
since some systems do not have a "curses" library (reported by
Michael Ritzert). - TD
* Reworked -width=NUMBER command line switch for specifying the screen
width for formatting of dumps (default is 80; forced wraps occur at one
column less than the screen width, i.e., at 79 by default). - FM
* Tweak of get_connection() in HTFTP.c to re-initialize the elements of
the connection structure when using a previously allocated connection
object. -DW, FM
* Mods of LYexit.c, LYClean.c, LYMain.c and LYMainLoop.c to fflush() all
standard file descriptors in conjunction with all fopen() and fclose()
operations on the TRACE log and redirections of stderr via equality
statements (see 1997-12-16, 1997-12-13 and 1997-07-18 mods). - FM
* forgotten last } UN-inserted (John Line) - WB
* few commented messages corrected according to RFC2068 (HTTP1.1)
(Leonid Pauzner) - WB
* Changed all %i tokens to %d or %ld in functions that always get decimal
values in their arguments. - FM
1997-12-17 (all patches by Leonid Pauzner)
* open text mode while writing lynx.rc and bookmarks files
LYrcFile.c and LYBookmark.c (forgotten last } inserted). - WB
* add a comment about binary mode in LYMain.c and pile them
in one ifdef - WB
* few misprinted characters (in comments) corrected in
\chrtrans\cp850_uni.tbl - WB
* Further mods in LYClean.c (see 1997-12-13 mods) do block the
*stderr = LYOrigStderr; statement in cleanup() for VMS with VAXC. - FM
* Added an ELGOTO keystroke command, mapped by default to upper case 'E'
(lower case 'e' still invokes the editor for the current document, if
it is a local file), for passing the URL (or ACTION) of the current
link to the line editor for editing as a goto URL. Works like the
ECGOTO ('G') keystroke command for editing the URL of the current
document as a goto URL, i.e., if the URL is not modified, is set to
a zero-length string, or ^G is entered, the command is cancelled. - FM
* Mods of LYMainLoop.c to disallow ECGOTO or ELGOTO commands for File
Management (DIRED_SUPPORT) menu URLs. - FM
* Added reporting of the Discard value (YES or NO), in the Cookie Jar Page
(note that until we have code for storing cookies beyond the current
session, Lynx behaves as if Discard were set, whether or not it was set
by the server, but we still report the server's instructions, as we do
for the Maximum Gobble Date). - FM
* added a lynx.cfg switch to turn on/off extended dos translations for keys.
* added minor DOS tweaks by Doug Kaufman and myself. - WB
* fixed windows binary mode piping. - WB
* Tweaks in LYList.c to make the link numbers correspond with those in
the current document when LINKS_AND_FORM_FIELDS_ARE_NUMBERED in on,
and to show the current document's URL in the display. - FM
* Mods in HTTP.c to show the body of a 305 return status instead of ever
acting on it. A number of security/privacy problems with this status
are being discussed in the HTTP-WG, and it's likely to be dropped or
deprecated in the next revision of the HTTP/1.1 specs. - FM
* Restored the v2.7.1 HTmmdecode() that's specific for iso-2022-jp in
HTMIME.c. We still only call it when HTCJK == JAPANESE, and the
generalized version reportedly has problems. - FM
* Removed the *stderr = LYOrigStderr; statement from VMSexit() in LYCurses.c
and added it to the if() claused section which closes the TRACE log file,
if opened, in cleanup() of LYClean.c. This is just a stab in the dark
for dealing with reported problems on exit with VAXC on VAXen. We may
need to use freopen() for redirecting TRACE messages to a file for VAXC
or VAXen (there's no apparent problem with the current code with DECC
on VMS/AXP). - FM
* Added more function key cases to the keypad() mode switch() in LYgetch()
of LYStrings.c. We don't need them with this code set, but they may as
well be there for completeness. - FM
* check for and use ncurses default-color extension, use to make the
color-style configuration usable on xterm with white background. - TD
* add cases in LYgetch() for remaining VT220-compatible codes, reported
by Michael Ritzert and FM. - TD
* add configure test to see if slang can be linked without curses or
termcap libraries, request by John Davis. - TD
* set umask in script to work around users who have set root's
umask to 077. - TD
* split up install rule to install-bin, install-cfg, install-man and
install-help. - TD
* suppress suffixes in top-level makefile so 'make' won't try to create
a file named "install" from - TD
* make $(CPPFLAGS) inherit consistently from top-level makefile. - TD
(reported by Mark Mentovai)
* add configure option --enable-externs, to turn on USE_EXTERNS. - TD
* use explicit comparison for enum values, fix compile problem with VAX C
for UCAux functions (reported by Brian Tillman). - TD
* Remove CHANGES.configure, since it is redundant. - TD
* Make -g3 option check for OSF/1 3.2 consistent with -Olimit check. - TD
* Use 'result' rather than 'time' in mktime.c to avoid shadowing. - TD
* Use wborder only if configure finds it, not ifdef FANCY_CURSES. - PHDM
* List of systems having strerror replaced by configure test. - PHDM
* Beautifying of mktime.c (`now' was misleading). - PHDM
* Mods in LYCookie.c to prompt whether to accept (or reject) cookies with
an invalid domain value which yields a hostname prefix with a dot (as
specified in section 4.3.2 of the IETF cookie drafts and RFC), rather
than rejecting it silently. Note that it is rejected in non-interactive
(-dump or -source) mode, because the user can't be prompted. - FM
* Added a PREPEND_BASE_TO_SOURCE configuration symbol in lynx.cfg which
can be set FALSE to suppress prepending of a Request URL comment and
BASE element to text/html sources retrieved for 'd'ownloading or passed
to 'p'rint functions. Note that this prepending is not done for -source
dumps unless the -base switch also was included on the command line, and
the latter switch overrides the setting of the PREPEND_BASE_TO_SOURCE
configuration variable. - FM
* Mods in LYMail.c and LYPrint.c to handle to=address(es), cc=address(es),
subject=string, keywords=word_list, and body=message fields in the
?searchpart of mailto URLs as specified in the 1997-11-16 draft:
The cc=address(es) values are now handled as a Cc: header, and a self
copy, if confirmed on prompt, is added to the Cc: header. Note that
the draft now allows mailto:?to=address(es)[&foo=blah] as a format,
i.e., without an address before the ?searchpart. The Netscape
?searchpart tack-on broke all pre-existing implementations of mailto,
and this breaks Lynx's support through v2.7.1. Though it's now
supported in this code set, don't use it. Complaints and formal
requests to provide this functionality via a new scheme (e.g.,
mail: or smtp:) without breaking existing implementation of mailto:,
including from TimBL (HimSelf :), thus far have fallen on deaf ears.
You can send email to those deaf ears via:
Don't allow the IETF backward compatibility principle to go down
the drain. - FM
* Mods to support use of the PMDF SEND command on VMS in conjunction with
a temporary header file, so that all headers specified in the ?searchpart
of mailto URLs can be included in the mailing, and made that the compilation
default in userdefs.h to go with the default MAIL_ADRS mask for PMDF (If
the "generic" VMS MAIL utility is used, not all of the headers can be
specified on the command line, as it requires). Look at the code in
LYMail.c and LYPrint.c that is used when isPMDF is TRUE as a model of how
to do this with other header-file-capable VMS mailers (but I don't have
any besides PMDF, and can't do it for you :). - FM
* Tweak of the 1997-11-17 URL parsing mods so that relative symbolic
elements immediately preceding a ?searchpart are handled identically
to when a ?searchpart is not present. - FM
* Added support for setting both SYSTEM_MAIL and SYSTEM_MAIL_FLAGS in
both userdefs.h and lynx.cfg. - FM
* integrate PHDM's patch. - TD
* Check for existence of sys/wait.h. - PHDM
* Do not include sys/stat.h twice. - PHDM
* New autoconf-macros to check if a function is declared after including a
specific set of files. - PHDM
* Declare strstr if it is not declared by string.h. - PHDM
* Declare getgrgid and getgrnam if not declared by grp.h. - PHDM
* Provide strstr and mktime implementations, and use them if needed. - PHDM
* Always include sys/types.h in HTUtils.h. - PHDM
* define NO_GROUPS if we do not have getgroups. - PHDM
* define NEED_REMOVE also if test yields unknown. - PHDM
* define mode_t if not done by system include files. - PHDM (
* change CF_UNION_WAIT to use compile+link rather than compile, to ensure
that we pick up the wait-macros rather than an implied function, which
should fix configure problems on NeXT for Francisco A. Tomei Torres
<>. - TD
* spelling nit from Larry Virden. - TD
* add osf3.0 to special case compiler options using -g3 in place of
-O -g, from Harsh Kumar <>. - TD
* remove redundant "-c" option from $(installbin) in, reported
by Michael Warner <>, for OSF/1 4.0. - TD
* if configure --srcdir is not used, comment-out rmdir's in "make distclean"
rule. - TD
* modify recent erase/clear change so that it applies only to FANCY_CURSES,
since BSD curses does not otherwise clear the screen when restoring after
popup. - TD
* modify change for boxes so this builds with BSD curses, which has no
wborder() function. - TD
* reverse ifdef for NO_SIZECHANGEHACK to USE_SIZECHANGEHACK, which is
normally off, since this code did not work with BSD 4.4 curses, SVr4
curses, or ncurses 4.1 with xterm. (Will make a configure test if anyone
can identify a configuration that works). - TD
* Changed LYE_LINKN to LYE_LKCMD (still mapped by default to Ctrl-V; may
need to be entered twice for some systems) for invoking a prompt to
enter any Lynx keystroke command when in form text fields. - FM
* Added an LYK_CLEAR_AUTH command, mapped to underscore ('_') by default,
which clears all authorization info for the current session. This is
recommended for the situation when one leaves one's terminal but doesn't
want to end the browser session, nor want others to be able to retrieve
protected documents with previously entered username and password info.
Note that we don't yet have a way to block access to any protected
documents which are still in cache. - FM
* Tweak of HTTP.c to ensure closing of the connection when interrupted
('z'apped) on the first socket read. - FM
* Mods to use the explicit label "Bad HTML:" in trace messages corresponding
to BAD_HTML_USE_TRACE messages. - FM, KW
* Tweak of the restored TABLE-in-PRE block handling to deal with the
case when it's encased in a CENTER or DIV with ALIGN="center". - FM
* Changed docs/README.defines to refer to INSTALLATION file - HN
* Changed the default ASCII BOXVERT and BOXHORI definitions from '*' to
to '|' and '-', and new function LYbox() for non-VMS (n)curses. - FM
* Use explicitly specified characters for drawing the corners of popup
boxes with non-VMS (n)curses if we have also specified characters for
vertical and horizontal lines. - KW
* Mods in HTTP.c to trim any "LYNXIMGMAP:" leader from Referer header
values and strip the #fragment when making http(s) requests via links
in the pseudo-documents constructed for MAP elements. - FM, KW
* Mods of SGML parsing to better handle SELECT blocks with invalid markup,
in effect for both TagSoup and SortaSGML parsing (for the latter just
in case it doesn't already prevent invalid markup from being passed on).
Only OPTION elements are accepted in SELECT blocks.
Otherwise, if the element is a form-related start tag, the
SELECT block is closed and the new form-related element is started.
All other elements are ignored. A FORM end or start tag ends any open
SELECT block and the current FORM (before starting another FORM if
it is a start tag). Note that we now support SELECT blocks outside
of FORM blocks, which some providers are using for "informational"
popups, but no Lynx user would do anything that awful, right? - FM
* Tweak in LYMainLoop.c to override an LYresubmit_posts flag if we are
reloading a popped document due to a NOT_FOUND or NULLFILE return
value from getfile(). - FM
(But if the document that would be loaded after such a failure has POST
data and is not in memory, still jump to the PREV_DOC code, see enttry
for 1997-11-03. - KW)
* Worked in a variant of AJL's suggestion of setting LINES and COLUMNS
artificially high before the initscr() call with Unix curses, then
using a dummy call to size_change() for setting LYlines and LYcols
to the actual screen dimensions, so that increases in the screen size
during the Lynx session, and not just decreases, can be handled.
Note that one still needs to do a RELOAD (^R) overtly to create a
new HText structure based on the current screen size. - FM
(The new code can be disabled by defining NO_SIZECHANGEHACK, in case
some curses version or terminal cannot deal with it. - KW)
* Tweaks of the chartrans code. - FM, KW
* Change in HTNews.c to ignore very long bogus newsgroup names when listing
available groups. - KW
* Tweaks in code for highlighting search text in anchors, to better deal with
terminals in UTF-8 mode. - KW
* Mods to ignore anything past a '?' character when simplifying URL paths,
as is now more clearly specified in the Fielding URL draft. Note that
we still assume a ';' is not in fact a parameter delimiter, or won't
have a value with characters that could be misinterpreted as relative
path specs. - FM
* Increased the redirection limit to the original Lynx's value of 10,
because the HTTP/1.1 draft no longer will restrict it to 5, but instead
will leave it to the discretion of the browser (and I like 10, as a
reminder of the "good old days" :). - FM
* Mods of parsing in HTML.c to restore support for the TABLE-in-PRE-block
HTML kludge described in,
which stopped working in conjunction with the 1997-05-21 mods (see below)
for treating TABLEs as DIVisions to support ALIGNment attributes in TABLE
markup. The PRE-in-TABLE-block HTML kludge was not affected by those mods
but works only with the TagSoup parsing mode. - FM, KW
* Made handling of the 'x' in hexadecimal character references (&#xH;)
case insensitive, as for the "alphabetic digits" (a-f, A-F). - FM
* Added a LINKN command key in the line editor, mapped to Ctrl-V, for
invoking the F_LINK_NUM prompt when in form text fields. Ctrl-V is
still a dead key under other circumstances in the line editor. - FM
* remove options --with-lss-file and --with-cfg-file, since the corresponding
files will always be installed under $(libdir), reported by Henry Eric
Nelson (HN). - TD
* modify configure script and makefile templates to permit builds with the
--srcdir option, noted by Philippe De Muyter. - TD
* Added Unicode support for "DosArabic (cp864)", "WinArabic (cp1256)",
"DosGreek (cp737)", "DosGreek2 (cp869)", "WinGreek (cp1253)",
"DosHebrew (cp862)", and "WinHebrew (cp1255)". Note that we still
have no code for taking DIR attributes, or directionality in general,
into account. - FM
* Mods to handle "cp-#" charset names as synonyms for "cp#", and some
cp# names as synonyms for "windows-#". -FM, KW
* Change of LY_SLrefresh() in LYCurses.c as suggested by JED - FM
* add logic to make install-directories as needed. - TD
* remove --disable-char-trans option (ifdef's still remain). - TD
* correct type used in first compile-test for union wait. - TD
* correct order of deletions in "make distclean" rule. - TD
* new versions of macros used to check for ncurses version. - TD
* don't suppress -I/usr/local/include when checking -I/usr/local/include/*,
to accommodate older versions of gcc. - TD
* Use erase() instead of clear() in some places, to avoid unnecessary full
screen repainting even for UNIX (and similar) curses. Renamed LY_SLclear
to LY_SLerase, but it is used for erase() and clear() now, so there should
be no change in behavior for slang introduced by this. - KW
* Added new format for lines in chartrans .tbl files: U+NNNN "a string" where
the string can have C backslash-escaped characters. This allows to write
replacement strings with 8-bit characters that won't be garbled when the
.tbl files are transferred in some non-binary way. Note there is no ':'
between the Unicode value and the beginning quote character. - KW
* Changes to HTMLDTD.c (for SortaSGML parsing) and HTML.c (second line of
defense) for dealing with invalid SELECT tags. Also tolerate SELECT
outside of forms. - KW
* Change in HTLocalName for DOSPATH so that it doesn't depend on whether
HTDOS_name returns a pointer to static memory or not. - KW
* Started new file docs/README.defines. Renamed CHANGES to CHANGES2-7,
removed duplicate 2-7-1 entries. Minor changes to INSTALLATION, other
files. CHANGES.chartrans is gone. - KW
* Tweaked color style stuff again. Statusline may behave better. - KW
* Don't use memmove for HEAD in HTNews.c. - KW
* For UNIX, use normal umask permissions, instead of the extra-cautious temp
file permissions, for files saved to disk by the default actions for PRINT
* Changes (untested) in the code dealing with reading of compressed files in
HTFile.c, in parallel to the code for other systems. - KW
* Mods to avoid va_start redefinition warnings when building with slang. - FM
* Change in LYForms.c to avoid full screen repaint after popup is retracted
for slang. - KW, FM
* Internal links code revised. Some details follow, but first a summary
of the basic premises. Links in a document given as href="#fragment" or
href="" (empty, but href attribute is present) mean something different
from href="url#fragment" or href="url" (where url is a non-empty absolute
or relative URL not including a fragment), they are internal links pointing
to an element or a location within the same copy of the document (or to the
document itself, for href=""). In contrast, a URL-Reference with a non-
empty URL refers to a (generally...) external resource. If the "url"
happens to coincide with (or, if it is relative, resolve to) the URL from
which the current document was retrieved, the current document is a
representation of the resource, but not the same thing. In most such cases
we can treat href="#fragment" and href="url#fragment" the same way, i.e.
activating such a link is interpreted as a request to reposition within
the current document; we are using the current document as a cache copy
of the resource (like we would other documents in the memory cache). But
if we have marked our copy as no-cache, it seems more consistent to treat
activation of a href="url#fragment" link as a request for retrieving a
new copy and _then_ locating #fragment in it, as we do for "any-other-url
#fragment" if we have cached a document which represents "any-other-url"
and which is marked no-cache. Following a href="" link should just result
in repositioning to the start of the document, not in a new retrieval for
no-cache documents.
If the current document is the result of a POST submission, there is in
general no way to refer to its underlying resource with a URL, since there
is no URL notation for "url+post_data". Internal links can be used within
the context of this document, but there is no way to hyperlink to it or
parts of it from "outside". A link to a href="url" or href="url#fragment"
target should always imply a GET retrieval, whether it occurs within a
document from a POST submission or not, for consistency.
This understanding also applies to other than <A href=..> uses of URL-
References in documents, for example the link implied between a USEMAP
attribute and a MAP element; but not to all uses, for example a FORM's
ACTION requires an external resource and not an internal reference, so
ACTION="" is resolved to an absolute URL (using a base URL if one is
The semantics for URL-less URL-References are given in Internet Draft
including that "Traversal of such a reference should not result in an
additional retrieval action." No comparable prescriptions are made for
references which have a URL, in particular it is not stated that they
should be treated as equivalent when the URL coincides with or resolves
to the current document's retrieval URL.
The changes to the Lynx code attempt to implement what is outlined above,
by keeping track of how a link destination was originally specified. href=
"#fragment" and href="" links are still "resolved" into a "url#fragment"
and "url" form, for use internally, and if an explicit NOCACHE action is
requested, and for generating lists of links etc., and in general for use
outside of the context of the current document.
To the best of my knowledge they do not lead to unwanted (or misdirected)
resubmission of POST content without prompting the user for confirmation
(although the prompt texts probably need improvement). - KW
* The notion of the context of the "current document" is extended, so that
auxiliary LYNXIMGMAP documents generated by Lynx are within the scope of
the underlying document, i.e., the document containing the MAP and AREA
elements. Although they are treated as separate documents for display
and internal handling, following links between the underlying document
and its LYNXIMGMAP documents will result in display from cached data
(if available) even for no-cache documents, if a fragment-only (or empty)
URL-Reference was used in the HTML. This includes the link generated for
pointing from the IMG to the LYNXIMGMAP if the USEMAP attribute value was
was fragment-only; the LYNXIMGMAP is normally regenerated from the list
of MAP and AREA elements kept internally when a link to it is activated.
(Note that a LYNXIMGMAP screen is still not reloaded from external sources
even when RELOAD or NOCACHE keys are used, if data for the MAP is found
in the internal list; but that reloading the underlying document will
refresh the internal lists.) - KW
* List Page screens are also in the context of the underlying document, so
that internal links in the underlying document can be listed and activated
from the List Page. When following an internal link from a List Page, it
is not pushed on the history stack (similar to the History List Page), to
reduce the chance of confusion when walking back through history. - KW
* LYNXIMGMAP and List Page auxiliary documents can now be associated with
POST data. This does not mean that the data is posted to a "LYNXIMGMAP:"
or "file:" URL, which is impossible; but that the underlying document is
associated with the POST data. This way these aux documents can still
have links regarded as "internal" pointing to the document of which they
are logically a part, keeping track of what POST data are applicable if
several form submissions have occurred. Normally the underlying document
should be in the document cache when such a link is activated, so that
resubmission of the POST can be overridden. If it is not found,
resubmission may happen after user confirmation. Although the POST data
content is not shown on such aux pages, it can be inspected with the INFO
('=') command. Note that the association of LYNXIMGMAPs and List Pages
with POST data automatically excludes them from various operations which
may otherwise be possible, such as bookmarking or inclusion in the
'V'isited Links Page. Note also that such aux pages are treated internally
as different documents from their POST-free counterparts with the same
address, which might be generated for example after typing the address
at a 'g'oto prompt while viewing a different text. It may be possible to
generate confusing situations, but regenerating the displayed data (by
invoking 'L'IST again, or by following a LYNXIMGMAP: link) will always
show the currently applicable information.
For image maps, the change implements link-following capabilities which
come naturally to graphical UAs, which can handle IMG USEMAP and the
corresponding MAP elements from the same data stream as objects within
the same document instance. - KW
* To implement the above, MAP and AREA information from a POST response is
not kept in the global list shared by all other documents, but in a separate
list specific to the underlying (containing) document and the POST data.
The specific lists are managed with the underlying document's anchor
structure so that they can automatically expire after the anchor is removed
from memory and will not stay around and accumulate until session end. - KW
* POST data is kept in mainloop when following an internal link, but is now
always dropped for links that were given with a URL. This removes the
limitation by which a link in a POST response to the URL of the POST
submission script would be inappropriately converted to a resubmission of
the POST data. (example: search form from <
calendar>) - KW
* Changes to the PREV_DOC handling in mainloop. When encountering documents
that may need to be reloaded while walking back in history, because they
have POST data associated and are not marked "safe" and are either not found
in the memory cache or -resubmit_posts has been set, the user is prompted
for confirmation as before; if the reply is 'n' the document will be skipped
but if the user cancels with ^G the walkback operation is cancelled and the
currently viewed document remains loaded. Some of the aux documents which
can new be associated with POST data may be automatically skipped if their
document structures are not any more in memory. - KW
* When following a link marked internal from a List Page and confirmation is
required, ^G may also have the different effect of cancelling the operation
while responding 'n' may attempt to follow the link as a GET request (i.e.
with POST data dropped). - KW
* In some situations, automatic popping from the history stack in mainloop
after getfile fails to load a new document could lead to resubmission of
a previous POST request without prompting. This is now avoided by jumping
to the code handling PREV_DOC. - KW
* Use new LYinternal_flag variable for propagating info to HTAccess, rather
than overloading LYoverride_no_cache. - KW
* Tweaks for bad form tag soup with crashes on unclosed SELECT. Changes in
HTML.c and GridText.c to prevent memory leaks resulting from insanely
placed or unclosed form field tags, hopefully not introducing other
problems... - KW
* Changes in HTParse's scan to leave additional '#' characters alone after
the first has been found when scanning (from left) for fragments, and
to apply the "don't treat '#' as start of a fragment for some kinds of
URLs" hack only when the '#' will become part of what has been scanned
as a path. NNTP articles with more than '#' in the message-id are now
accessible with the "news:" or "nntp:" schemes. We should actually always
escape when generating URLs and unescape when parsing them instead. - KW
* Changed HTUnEscape to leave '%' alone if not followed by two valid hex
digits. - KW
* Allow the HEAD key and -head and -mime_header flags for "lynxcgi:" URLs
and for "news:" and "nntp:" URLs that specify a single news article. - KW
* Change to writing of POST data in LYCgi.c, to close file descriptor after
done writing and before reading as suggested by (Mark
H. Wilkinson), and to check status from the write() call and retry if
needed. Note that the code is not appropriate for handling large
amounts of POST data, since it still first does all the writing and
then all the reading. - KW
* Added support for presentation of text/plain files in SOURCE ('\') mode,
homologously to text/html files, rather than treating the command as a
synonym for 'd'ownload when viewing a text/plain file. Note that if the
text/plain file has no long lines, the display of it will not change,
but otherwise, the long lines will not be wrapped in SOURCE mode, and
thus can be 'p'rinted without line wrapping. One still should use
'd'ownload for a faithful copy of the file, i.e., without charset
conversions and expansions of TABs. - FM
* Get numbering of links on List Page right, by faking hidden links for
form fields which get counted but are not selectable. - KW
* Allow LYNXHIST: links in List Page since the History Page may get
'L'isted... - KW
* Mods of HTML.c parsing to close any open Anchor or emphasis elements
at the starts of TABLE elements, as the Big Two's TABLE handlers appear
to do now. - FM
* Tweaks of charset handling via META elements and CHARSET attributes. - FM
* Tweak of SortaSGML DTD for insane HTML with FORM start before HEAD. - KW
* Prevent memory leaks from HTChunks for option and textarea with very
bad markup, added TRACE and BAD_HTML_USE_TRACE warnings for those. - KW
* Don't call tigetnum("ncv") for _WINDOWS - BD
* Added Unicode tables for the "DEC Multinational", "Macintosh (8 bit)",
and "NeXT character set" display character sets. - FM
* Disable setting of the `reloading' flag in HTLoadDocument which would
generate no-cache headers for request where this is not appropriate. - KW
* Memory leak for first OPTION in SELECT removed. - KW
* Changed HTDOS_name to not return pointer to static area. - Binh Do
* Changes to INSTALLATION file. - HN
* Fix in HTMIME.c to recognize Content-location. - KW
* Don't disable FORMs that have INPUTs with TYPE="file" or TYPE="range"
since those fields may be optional and the rest of the FORM may be
valid to submit. - FM
* Updated links to in help files. - KW
* Some changes for DOS compilation. - DK
* Changes to INSTALLATION file. - HN
* Tweaks of internal links stuff. - KW
* Allow HEAD on URLs starting with LYNXIMGMAP:http by stripping the
prefix. - KW
* Reverted LYCheckForCSI() to previous incarnation. - KW
* If compiled with -DDONT_TRACK_INTERNAL_LINKS, behavior with respect to
internal links as in FM's code. - KW
* Some chartrans tweaks. - KW
* Changes to INSTALLATION file. - HN
* Make temp file names conform to 8+3 naming convention for DOS, and
give LYNX_TEMP_SPACE priority over TEMP and TMP for DOS. - DK
* Create temp file names with '-' char as separator between pid and
sequential number for non-8+3 systems, to prevent (unlikely)
collision. - KW
* Change in HTML.c to use the base (rather than current document, if the
base differs) in all cases for form ACTIONs (i.e., if the ACTION is
empty, or has a lone fragment, or an ACTION attribute is not included)
as specified in the -07 to -09 Fielding URL drafts. - FM
* Fixed a few typos and glued together a few URLs to make it easier for
folk to cut and paste them, in the new INSTALLATION file. - LV
* Many locations of files changed, about_lynx/ directory and references to
aboutfilepath removed, userdefs.h reorganized, changed README, new
INSTALLATION file, doc changes, some doc files removed. - HN
(Removed paragraph in README which doesn't apply yet, some files still
not done - KW)
* Patch to WWW/Library/djgpp/makefile - WS
* Added entity names from HTML 4.0 draft to extra entities in HTMLDTD.c - KW
* Understand lists in ACCEPT-CHARSET attributes. Added a list of forms
to GridText structure (currently underused). - KW
* Don't try to use box drawing chars in UTF-8 display mode. - KW
* Changed chartrans mechanism (UCdomap.c, makeuctb.c) so that the "default"
translation table is now used as a fallback for other translation tables.
This also applies to display character sets which do not have a chartrans
table file but are listed in LYCharSets.c. Changed syntax of table files
(see src/chrtrans/README.format), added a keyword to disable using the
fallback. Currently def7_uni (corresponding to "7 bit approximations"
and the MIME charset "us-ascii") is used as default table, as before;
but previously the default table didn't have any real meaning.
Conceptually every translation table (unless it disables fallback) is
extended as if it included all the replacements from the default table.
Note that mappings for some characters in the default table file still
differ from the old mappings given in LYCharSets.c, and what is displayed
e.g., for umlaut characters may not be consistent, this still has to be
sorted out. It may just have become more visible now. - KW
* Tweaks to some replacement strings in def7_uni.tbl; contributions of
more useful strings would be welcome... - KW
* Removed mappings for invalid chars from some chartrans files, removed
Ethiopic chars from iso01_uni.tbl. - KW
* Some other corrections and tweaks for chartrans mechanisms. - KW
* Fixed handling of Control-D (delete character under the cursor) in the
line editor when the cursor is at the end of the line instead of on a
character in the string being edited. - FM
* revised tests for wait/waitpid/union-wait. - TD
* correct/update handling of default prefix in CF_WITH_PATH macro, used for
parsing --with-cfg-file and --with-lss-file options. - TD
* add uninstall target to top-level makefile. - TD
* remove redundant install options from $(INSTALL_DATA). - TD
* add configure --with-lss-file option - TD
* minor cleanup of gcc warnings, ifdefs. - TD
* Mods in the CSO/PH gateway to set the anchor's safe flag to TRUE so the
user need not be bothered with confirmation prompts on resubmissions of
the search form. - FM
* Tweaked the break point setting code in GridText.c for CJK di-bytes
so that one is set after a recognized "ESC(" ISO 2022 escape sequence
has been found. - FM
* Tweaks to recognition of Japanese (better recognize x-euc-*), and to
the mechanism in GridText.c keeping track of which encoding is used for
Japanese. The state for this is now reset on explicit '\n' and '\r'
received by the HText object in addition to space chars. - KW
* Tweaks in HTTP.c to avoid access to uninitialized memory and pacify
paranoid dbx. - KW
* Try to more consistently remember the charset in effect for a document
when going to SOURCE view, using new LYUC{Push,Pop}Assumed functions.
Note that this is only in effect immediately when switching to SOURCE
view; any later reloading while within SOURCE view (including those
caused by RELOAD, RAW_TOGGLE and other keys, or by Options Screen changes)
may still revert to the usual assumption about charset, which means a
charset specified in a META tag may be forgotten at that point; this may
be considered a feature... - KW
* Refer to TagSoup and SortaSGML parsing (coined by FM), rather than "old"
and "new" DTD. - KW
* Made some of the changes concerning and removal and location changes of
files proposed by HN. - KW
* Restored LYCheckForCSI example function to its previous form, with a check
added and comments added. - KW
* Changed the order of display character set entries for the options menu
popup. "ISO Latin 1" and its "DosLatin1 (cp850)" and "WinLatin1 (cp1252)"
equivalents come first, then the system-based charsets (note that I
changed "IBM PC character set" to "DosLatinUS (cp437)"), then the CJK
and Vietnamese charsets, then "Other ISO Latin" (probably don't need
that one any more), then the known ISO 8859-# charsets with their
homologs (e.g, Dos and Win Cyrillic and KOI8-R) in groups, then
"UNICODE UTF 8" and the Unicode mnemonic charsets. - FM
* Various fixes for color style code, should prevent memory corruption. - KW
* Some LYCharUtils.c cleanup. - KW
* Added some of the changes from fotemods to SGML.c, especially handling of
&zwnj; as allowing a line break, and conversion to UNICODE UTF-8. - KW
* Mods in code handling mailcap lines, to avoid access to invalid memory. - KW
* Added LYLeakSACopy and LYLeakSACat to LYLeaks.c. Running Lynx compiled
with LY_FIND_LEAKS defined will now give the source locations where
StrAllocCopy and StrAllocCat are used, if those create leaks. Added
missing include of LYLeaks.h in LYCookie.c. - KW
* More heavy tweaks in LYCharUtils.c. Associated changes in HTChunk.c
(new functions), small change for -raw (in connection with attribute
values) in SGML_character. LYCharUtils.c is still a work in
progress... - KW
* Tweaks to allow some chars as data input (0x97, 0x9b, 0xa0) if the
current display character set seems to have those values as printable
characters (by testing LYlowest_eightbit[]). - KW
* Mods in HTFTP.c to recognize NetPresenz server (variation of AppleShare
claiming to be Peter Lewis server?, try current,
and to show server's identification from initial greeting on info
screen for FTP URLs. Other cosmetic changes in HTFTP.c. - KW
* Fixed various memory leaks. - KW
* Some more minor cleanup tweaks for color style code. - KW
* Avoid unnecessary pauses if TRACE is on and a Trace Log file is in use. - KW
* Renamed lynx_help/keystroke_commands/ directory to lynx_help/keystrokes/
for the benefit of DOS, and changed references accordingly. - KW
* Changed parsing of command line options for -lss file, it should now
be used and override the default from userdefs.h or environment variables
as advertised. - KW
* More tweaks and cleanup in HText_SubmitForm. - KW
* Code to recover from memory exhaustion, sometimes. The requests for
dynamic memory which heuristically most often fail for lack of memory
when rendering large documents are the calloc() calls in split_line.
They are replaced by LY_check_calloc() which has the same calling
conventions as calloc() but additionally checks if "enough" memory is
available for the requested amount plus some margin and tries some
remedial action if this is not the case. The additional safety margins
are required to make it likely that other allocation requests in other
places of the program won't fail before the next check. The actions
which may be taken in order to avoid exiting if low memory is detected:
(1) Try to unload cached documents (other than the one currently being
loaded), until we seem to have enough memory. (2) If that fails (or
there are no other documents cached in memory), try to fake a 'Z' key
interruption; this will have the same effect as if the user had pressed
'Z' so it will only detected if some other part of the program tests
HTCheckForInterrupt() and acts on it. (3) If this seems not to be
sufficient to stop loading, halt appending of normal text data to the
document structure (A warning *** MEMORY EXHAUSTED *** is appended
instead). - KW
* A tweak of color style memory allocation. - KW
* Some more tweaks from FM for VMS build - KW
* For DJGPP compilation, src/chrtrans/makefile.dos - WS (Bill Schiavo
* Some cleanup in Hext_SubmitForm (needs more). Start using ACCEPT-CHARSET
(doesn't recognize list yet, only recognized if on the INPUT field that
causes submission). - KW
* Added two test files for iso-8859-2 charset. - KW
* Tweaks in LYMainLoop.c for various keys that page up, to better preserve
keep the current link selected if possible and to correct a glitch with
* Reorder text/html and text/plain to the beginning of HTPresentations list,
so they will be found more quickly and will appear at the beginning of
Accept request header fields. - KW
* add logic to implement mouse button 2 "previous document" for
ncurses configuration. - TD
* add dependencies on 'lynx' to top-level 'all' and 'install' rules
in - TD
* add osf4.0 to special case compiler options using -g3 in place of
-O -g, for Heikki Kantola <>. - TD
* correct some of the uninitialized-variable warnings. - TD
* Removed the compilation of the old libwww-FM HTAlert.c module for VMS,
as previously removed for Unix. - FM
* Added comments and tweaks of, and,
(and a complementary tweak of tcp.h) to make more clear how compiler
definitions and compiler and linker options can be added. - FM
* Changed PROBLEMS file for ^Z and for "forgetting emphasis of link text"
problem (which shouldn't occur any more). - KW
* Changed SGML.c parsing of unrecognized and invalid start tags. If the
'<' character in HTML is followed by a 7-bit letter character, we now
do tag parsing even if the element name is not recognized, instead of
going to 'S_junk_tag' mode, so that a '>' embedded in an attribute value
(which may also be part of a CJK character's encoding) will not
prematurely end the tag. (But "soft double-quotes parsing" mode is
recognized.) Treat a '<' followed by most other 7-bit chars as data,
i.e., recover it and the following char. - KW
* Corrected check for empty string at beginning of LYUnEscapeEntities. - KW
* Squeezed option for "Assume charset if unknown:" into Options screen.
It is selected with a control char (^A), is only available in Advanced User
mode, and the value is currently not saved into .lynxrc with '>', i.e.
for a persistent change lynx.cfg has to be modified (or use an alias or,
for DOS, a batch file to call lynx with -assume_charset=...). The
interaction with the Raw M(O)de setting may be confusing (or confused :) ),
and it is possible to set nonsensical values that have no effect. - KW
* Changed order and criteria of transformation attempts in HTPlain.c to
be more like SGML.c. For plain text KOI8-R would use 8-bit stripping
to early. HTPlain_write still is too different from SGML_character... - KW
* Reinstate the slash after special interpretation of /~ at beginning of
file URL path for DOSPATH - DK
* Changed SGML_character to not try to convert attribute values to UTF-8
if HTCJK is in effect (arrggh!) - KW
* Changed effect of -raw / '@' for CJK display character sets: it now toggles
the effective charset assumption between that specified with ASSUME_CHARSET
or -assume_charset (or iso-8859-1 if none given) and the charset that
corresponds to the selected display character set, as for non-CJK. An
exception is made if both charsets are CJK charsets, so that the toggle
will still have the function of toggling CJK mode on and off. Explicitly
specifying a CJK charset as assumed is currently not very useful, since we
cannot translate from that to other character sets. - KW
* Oh, by the way: compilation without defining EXP_CHARTRANS won't work any
more. Regard #ifdef EXP_CHARTRANS as some strange kind of comment for
now, until it goes away. - KW
* Write comment at top of .lynxrc file to make clear that it is different
from lynx.cfg, suggested by LV. - KW
* Changed order of display character sets on options screen a bit, and
corrected charset listings in lynx.cfg and userdefs.h files - KW
* Added comment on lynx.lss in userdefs.h, moved it. - KW
* Made TRACE messages which correspond to BAD_HTML_USE_TRACE warnings stand
out more by decorating them with ***** characters, so that users who
follow the BAD_HTML_USE_TRACE advice can more easily find the relevant
messages. - KW
* Reworked LYUnEscapeEntities() while loop into a (hopefully) more
understandable and consistent state-based switch, and integrated
LYUnEscapeToLatinOne functionality. - KW
* Non-ASCII characters in URLs and similar strings encountered in the HTML.c
processing (previously handled by LYUnEscapeToLatinOne) are now generally
URL-encoded, instead of doing this just for 8-bit characters which are
the result of entity expansion. There is no clear standard definition what
non-ASCII characters in URLs in HTML attributes (HREF etc.) actually mean,
especially if the transmission character encoding is something else than
iso-8859-1. Leaving them as the raw byte values as received runs against
the HTML i18n view that the transmission encoding is distinct from the
document character set and has to be (conceptually at least) decoded before
SGML parsing. It also won't work in general for entities that expand to
to Unicode characters which cannot be expressed at all in the currently
effective (or assumed) charset, and would lead to problems with displaying
URLs on the statusline or representing them in auxiliary screens or bookmark
files. So now we try to first transform to the document charset "as usual"
(undo the transmission encoding), then translate the Unicode value into a
sequence of (one or more) byte values which are then URL-encoded. Since
character values > 255 cannot be expressed in a byte, always use UTF-8
for them. It may not be what the author intended, but should be at least
consistent between internal (fragment) HREFs and NAME (or ID) attributes
in the same document or set of documents. Since this is dealing with
bytes currently disallowed in URLs, it falls under error recovery. But
the handling should be roughly in line with current Internet Drafts
(draft-masinter-url-i18n-00.txt, draft-duerst-query-i18n-00.txt,
For character values < 256 (but > 127) this isn't currently consistently
done, we may still be URL-escaping the byte value without UTF-8 encoding -KW
* Integrated the attribute and form field translation stuff from separate
code line. This is still a rough attempt. Needs testing and refinement,
for various character set situations, expect glitches and bugs. - KW
* Removed the compilations of the old libwww-FM HTInit.c and HTFWriter.c
modules for VMS, as previously removed for Unix. - FM
* Added other changes from FM's feedback for VMS. - KW
* Fixed a bug in the SGML unescaping of OPTION values. - FM
* Fixed a bug in the SGML unescaping of TEXTAREA text. - KW
* Fixed file 'E'dit command from dired directory listing, which I had
broken in 2.7.1ac-0.69. - KW
* Added -width=NUMBER option to specify line width for non-interactive
formatting (-dump output). Also used by -preparsed source mode. - KW
* Changed suffix mapping mechanism to deal with "real" content-encoding
parameters (gzip, compress) in addition to 7bit, 8bit, and binary. Added
a new field for brief descriptive text, so that the MIME type doesn't have
to be abused for this purpose, but left most settings in HTInit.c unchanged
for now. - KW
* Changes in HTFWriter.c and HTFile.c so that we don't forget the file type
and encoding information we already have for a compressed file when passing
control to HTLoadFile (possibly after uncompression). - KW
* Introduced FNAMES_8_3 symbol (for DOS 8+3 file system), and HTML_SUFFIX
which should be defined as ".htm" for DOS and ".html" otherwise. Various
tweaks to deal with systems with 8+3 restricted filenames, in general and
in connection with uncompression. - KW
* Applied diffs from FM for VMS, compared with recent fotemods. - KW
* Use 0.01 rather than 0.001 as the q value for inserted iso-8859-1 and
us-ascii charset parameters in Accept-Charset headers. - FM
* Added internal buffering of I.value elements in HTML_start_element()
of HTML.c. - FM
* Show HTTP header for all 2xx status codes (including 204-206) if requested
with HEAD or -head. - KW
* Modified the Unix "strange character" filter in exec_ok() of LYGetFile.c
to allow '+', '&' and '=' characters. - FM
* minor ifdef/declaration fixes required to build on IRIX 6.2,
SunOS (K&R) and VAX C. - TD
* Try again after interrupted waitpid() in LYLoadCGI(), as in LYExecv() - KW
* Tweak in LYKeymap.c to bypass the isalpha() test for non-ASCII values,
including values > 255 mapped to arrow keys, etc., when generating the
'k'eymap display. - KW
* Changes to prevent many (but not all) compiler warnings about `const'.
Not that this is different from TD's recent changes. Also some other minor
tweaks relating to (gcc) compiler warnings. - KW
* Mods in GridText.c to use HTEscapeSP() for space-to-plus conversions of
name fields, and not just value fields, in submitted form content. Note
that some CGI scripts may still be doing plus-to-space restorations only
for value fields, and only hex unescaping for name fields, while others
may not be hex unescaping the name fields, so we may as well follow the
specs fully (and cross our fingers :). - KW, FM
* merge symbols 'has_color' and 'lynx_has_color' to simplify ifdef's,
and correct a problem building color-style configuration. - TD
* add configure symbol for ifdef'ing presence of waitpid, which
was stopping build on HP-UX. - TD
* correct the symbol that is defined by CF_SIZECHANGE test, noted
by failure to build SCO version after making an include for
<sys/ioctl.h> ifdef'd according to configure test. - TD
* corrected check for broken (pre-1.9.9g) ncurses versions so that
they can build with color support. - TD
* cache state of CF_NETLIBS so that rerunning configure will yield
the same results for network libraries. - TD
* Add configure test for HP-UX -lHcurses library. - TD
* Minor adjustments to names of configure-script variables, to make
them the same as other programs (e.g., tin-unoff). - TD
* Added code to JKT's and KW's mods in LYPrint.c to also handle VMS, i.e.,
set the document's title as a logical on VMS (can be accessed via
f$trnlnm("LYNX_PRINT_TITLE") in scripts). - FM
* Smaller cleanups here and there - FM, KW
* Recover from bad sequence "<=" in SGML.c by outputting those characters
literally. - KW
* Try again after interrupted waitpid() in LYExecv(). - JED
* Some tweaks in new DTD, some doc typo corrections. - KW
* Changes in LYConvertToURL() for better handling of the case when the
pathname of the current directory (when Lynx is invoked) contains
unusual, URL-reserved characters (especially '#') and we test for
a relative but URL-encoded path. (no change for VMS) - KW
* Changes in LYStrings.c to enable keypad() processing for non-NCURSES
if HAVE_KEYPAD is defined. - KW
* Correct mismatch/omission of HAVE_TYPE_UNIONWAIT symbol from
change for wait vs waitpid. - TD
* Tweaks in HTMLGen.c for display of special characters and line breaking
with -preparsed. - KW
* Got rid of use of underlining together with reverse for non-current
links for (n)curses if color is not used. - KW
* Small HTMLDTD.c changes for new parsing. - KW
* Change in SGML.c to always recognize SOFT HYPHEN when given as &#173. - KW
* Modify CF_WITH_PATH to allow substitution of --libdir and other
configure options pathnames, e.g., for --with-cfg-file. - TD
* Include lynx_cfg.h in userdefs.h to resolve redefinition reported by
* Remove Ultrix/sony_news -specific ifdef's for curses headers,
replace with configure-tests. - TD
* Remove AIX/NeXT/sony_news -specific ifdef's for wait vs waitpid,
replace with configure-tests. - TD
* Add/use CF_HELP_MESSAGE macro to visually break down the very long
help message into sections. - TD
* Move the development options to the beginning of the configure script,
to facilitate adjustment of compiler options (especially for Ultrix)
to reduce the number of spurious warnings from miscombining -g/-O
options. - TD
* Correct misplaced assignment to cf_cv_ncurses_header in,
which caused misconfigure against vendor curses, reported by Hynek Med
(Ultrix) and Roger Hill (HP-UX 10.x). - TD
* Added arguments to the multinet_htons() and multinet_ntohs() declarations
in tcp.h. - FM
* Tweak of the this_MIMEcharset[] and this_LYNXcharset[] checks in
makeuctb.c. - FM
* Replaced the index() and bcopy() with strchr() and memcpy() in the
putenv() for NeXT in LYUtils.c. - FM
* Added a -preparsed flag, to be used with -source or with SOURCE view.
When invoked with this flag, show HTML text as it is output from the SGML
parsing stage, regenerated via HTMLGen.c functions, rather than the usual
more raw rendering (in SOURCE view) or the original byte stream (as with
the -source flag, possibly with BASE information prepended). Lynx will
attempt to wrap the text to screen width (or 80 cols for the -source flag),
but will not always succeed. Unrecognized tags and attributes as well as
comments are dropped, attributes reordered, missing end tags supplied,
abd other changes made, showing how Lynx internally treats the document's
structure. This is probably most useful for debugging (of either Lynx's
parsing or of HTML documents, although a real validator should be used for
the latter!). It can also be instructive to switch the DTD parsing mode
(with the ^V key) while viewing preparsed source.
Note that this doesn't work so well now with character translations and
entity expansion don't work well now, showing some of the same problems
which appear for rendered documents and dropping some characters. Making
those problems of parsing more directly visible was one of the motivations
for this flag. Also note that META tags which may contain charset info
are never interpreted when using -source (with or without the -preparsed
flag), but when interactively switching to SOURCE view, Lynx MAY remember
that charset info from the previous non-SOURCE full parsing (again this
applies with or without -preparsed); the INFO screen should always show
the assumption currently in effect. - KW
* Updated some HTMLGenerator functions to use line wrapping logic found in
newer libwww versions, and further mods in HTMLGen.c. - KW
* Tweaks to use of chartrans stages, should now better preserve charset
info from META tags even in compressed HTML files. - KW
* Fixed a problem with LYCheckForCSI which could lead to crashes. - KW
* Modifications to allow the Lynx lynxcgi feature to process
may be set by the user in lynx.cfg and is then passed as well.
If DOCUMENT_ROOT is set, then PATH_TRANSLATED is calculated and
passed as well. - JKT (J Kevin Ternes <>)
* Changes to LYPrint.c to put the variable LYNX_PRINT_TITLE
into the system()'ed environment for use by post-Lynx, pre-lp
formatting scripts. LYNX_PRINT_TITLE is simply generated by
calling HText_GetTitle(). - JKT
* Corrections to JKT's mods (to avoid memory leaks etc.). Avoid
unnecessary stat() calls. Other fixes in LYCgi.c. Make
setting of HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET actually work. Now URL-unescape
the path in lynxcgi URLs before doing anything with it.
Better logic for when to check for restrictions, the previous checking
for !reloading could be easily circumvented. Also check whether
the full path including a possible PATH_INFO passes the restrictions
test by exec_ok(), to catch "../" segments. Don't try to handle
a non-executable lynxcgi URL as a file URL if there was a PATH_INFO
part, it gets too confusing. Strip '#' fragments from the lynxcgi
path, but leave the interpretation of '#' characters after a '?' as
before so that they are still regarded as part of the query or search
string. If PATHINFO is present, unescaped '#' characters in it will
still be rejected by exec_ok(). - KW
* added a bit of text about running ./configure to INSTALLATION
file - David Combs (<>), KW
* Added a translation table for Vietnamese (VISCII), and associated code
changes. See the file viscii_uni.tbl. - KW
* Mods in LYGetFile.c to retain a fragment on redirection if the redirection
URL does not include a fragment. - FM
* Correct ifdef'ing for getbkgd function calls. - TD
* Correct ifdef'ing for remaining inline chmod calls. - TD
* Consolidate various logic for opening secure files into utility
functions, correcting portability problems as well. - TD
* Add configure option --with-cfg-file to override default location of
Lynx configuration file (requested by Laura Eaves). - TD
* Strip -g option from CFLAGS for the non-debug version of Ultrix
configuration (requested by Hynek Med). - TD
* Add configure test for HP "color" curses (noting that this cannot
possibly comply with XPG4 due to naming conventions, we'll expect
other problems with it). - TD
* Add checks to configure test for COLOR_CURSES to work around bug
report for HP-UX. - TD
* Don't cache configure options except where essential (e.g., the
setting of 'screen'). - TD
* Change some configure options to disable/enable for consistency. - TD
* Tweaks in HTML_put_string() and LYUnEscapeEntities() to deal with line-
breaks within attributes more consistently, and more independently of
which convention is used (CRLF, CR, or LF). - KW
* Tweaks to prevent a few compiler warnings. - KW
* Tweaks of the iso06_uni.tbl and iso08_uni.tbl files now compiled in.
Note that a replacement character or string to replace invalid or
unrecognized characters can be defined by mapping the Unicode value
U+FFFD, which is done here (for testing, and because these two charsets
have a lot of undefined code points). Also some mods in default 7-bit
table for some Hebrew characters and points. - KW
* Mods to include "ISO 8859-6 Arabic" and "ISO 8859-8 Hebrew" in the display
character set options (Note, though, that Lynx presently has no code to
deal overtly with non-Latin directionalities.). - DK, FM
* Mod of HTMIME.c to ignore any Content-Encoding header with a value of
"identity" (case insensitive). Shouldn't happen, but better safe than
sorry. - FM
* Correct a quoting error in CF_RECHECK_FUNC macro. - TD
* Further refine/correct configure macros for finding network and curses
libraries, adding CF_RECHECK_FUNC to simplify CF_NETLIBS. - TD
* Rename #define for NCURSESHEADER to HAVE_NCURSES_H, for consistency. - TD
* Add-back test for -lm to support slang shared libraries. - TD
* Modify test for disentangling ncurses library from mytinfo on FreeBSD
to workaround linker limitation. - AAC
* Fixed typo in LYReadCFG.c when checking for a NOVICE mode default. - JN
(Note that this and other lynx.cfg defaults which have 'o'ptions settings
are overridden when the 'o'ptions are saved to the RC file. - FM)
* Tweak to LYHistory.c to better remember last position on page. - KW
* Eliminated two more MIME types (application/html and text/x-sgml) from
the Accept header generated by default by setting the q-value to 2.0,
since there are more standard alternatives for these names. - KW
* Lower maximum length for generated Accept header lines from 1000 to 252,
to accommodate an incompetent Windows HTTP server. - KW
* Changed order of some functions in LYCharUtils.c (no other change there
yet). - KW
* Modify top-level install rule to depend on 'all'. - TD
* Suppress check for ANSI compiler when we are using gcc. - TD
* Use -g3 option in place of -O -g for Ultrix compiler --debug configuration
(request by Hynek Med). - TD
* Drop "-lm" library from slang configuration, since it does not seem to
be used. - TD
* Add configure --includedir and --oldincludedir values to header search
path for ncurses and slang. - TD
* Modify configure checks for ncurses and slang libraries to generate
-L options as required, using new macros CF_FIND_LIBRARY and
* Add substitution for CPP in src/ so that .c.i rule works. - TD
* Add configure test for lint program. - TD
* Add "make depend" target to generated makefiles. This is intended only
for use in editing/developing, since many of the header dependencies in
chrtrans are generated during the build process and cannot be determined
by makedepend in advance. - TD
* Add configure option --with-zlib. - TD
* Tweak of highlight() in LYUtils.c to ensure that split link names with a
soft hyphen are handled identically for slang, VMS curses and Unix curses
when such links are made current. - FM
* Use 0.01 rather than 0.001 as the q value for the global wildcard in
Accept headers. - FM
* Put up correct makefile for dos port (oops) - WB
* Mini tweaks for the win-dos ports. One fix for the pull down boxes
and the rest mostly maintenance. - WB
* Fixed a bug in LYNews.c which caused overwriting of the first three
characters in the Subject for a followup. - FM
* Hack in highlight() to preserve a '-' character at the end of line
within anchor text, which can result from splitting at the position
of a &shy; or <SHY> or SOFT HYPHEN character. - KW
* Tweaks in print_wwwfile_to_fd print_crawl_to_fd to output a soft hyphen
character if it is present at the end of a line. For -dump, a raw
ISO 8859 SOFT HYPHEN character may be written if the Display Character
Set (default from lynx.cfg or saved value in .lynxrc) is an ISO 8859
character set, but this may be overridden with the -raw toggle.
Otherwise represent soft hyphen with '-' as usual. - KW
* Modified the news gateway to try XGTITLE for wildcarded lists of
available newsgroups (e.g., news:bionet.* for the bionet hierarchy,
or news:* for all of its served newsgroups). If that fails, Lynx
retries with the old behavior of using LIST NEWSGROUPS and parsing
the reply itself for the desired groups. Note that LIST NEWSGROUPS
can take a wildcarded argument for some nntp servers, but not all,
so we don't risk it. - FM
* Fixed a bug in HTHandleAuthInfo() of yesterday's HTNews.c which could
yield an infinite while() loop. - FM
* Various tweaks in HTNews.c to HTHandleAuthInfo() and elsewhere, to
keep connections open more often in some common cases of non-fatal
errors, and also avoid trying to use the network socket after some
recognized case of closing by the server. Only based on some testing
with INN's nnrpd, not on any written specs. - KW
* Added nntp authorization (AUTHINFO) handling to the news gateway. - FM
* Added a "Loading cfg file '%s'." trace message in LYMain.c to indicate
the absolute path of the configuration (lynx.cfg) file which was used
at startup (if Lynx is invoked with the -trace command line switch). - FM
* Added code in HTFWriter.c to avoid calling HTLoadFile() on the temporary
file which results from decompression of a temporary file created by
HTCompressed(), if this would just result in making a copy of the file
and then invoking an external viewer. Instead the viewer command is
now invoked directly from the HTFWriter_free of the HTCompressed()
stream after decompression. - KW
* Added code in HTFWriter.c, HTFile.c, and HTFormat.c to support reading
of gzipped local files directly, using functions from the zlib library.
Note that gzipped files from remote servers are still first copied to
a temporary file before lynx can process them further, and an external
GZIP_PATH command is still needed at least for passing such files to an
external viewer, as well as for various DIRED_SUPPORT File menu functions.
To activate this code, the symbol USE_ZLIB has to be defined, it is
currently not set by the auto-config script. The zlib library may be
already installed on your system (probably called libz.a or
or similar, the required header files are zlib.h and zconf.h), otherwise
it is available through <>, it
appears to support all platforms for which lynx is available (including
VMS, DOS, MS Win32). Note that this library would probably also be
needed if in the future support for the HTTP/1.1 "deflate" content-coding
is added. - KW
* Don't send MIME types in Accept headers whose q values are outside of the
allowed range 0.0 <= q <= 1.0 - KW
* Tweaks in HTInit.c to use the official names for image/png and image/tiff,
but still support the image/x-* forms. - KW
* Tweaks of LYConvertToURL() in LYUtils.c and HTParseInet() in HTTCP.c
to deal more coherently with 'z'ap attempts during gethostbyname()
calls. - FM
* Tweaks of split_line() and HText_endAppend() in GridText.c to handle
trimming of spaces from the tails of link names more effectively. - FM
* Expanded the OL nesting depth and type counters to track up to 12 list
depths before punting to the lowest negative number. Note that the
indentations still are limited to 6 nested depths, so use the TYPE
attribute to distinguish OLs with deeper nestings. - FM
* Mods of LYMainLoop.c to maintain treatment of a local startfile as
text/html source when it does not have a suffix mapped to that MIME
type and the -force_html switch was used. - FM
* Added .phtml to the default suffix mappings for text/html. - FM
* Mods of LYCurses.c to avoid using /dev/tty arbitrarily for stdin on
Unix when compiling with slang versions greater than 0.99-35, based
on JED's suggestion to lynx-dev. - FM
* Tweaks of HTCheckFnameForCompression() in GridText.c to avoid warnings
from some compilers. - FM
* Changed the code of 1997-08-06 which modifies suggested filenames for a
'D'ownload to be more cautious: don't remove a '.gz', '.Z' etc. suffix
if there is no header indication that we have a compressed file. Not
all servers and gateways (including the internal FTP gateway) detect
and label compressed content reliably. - KW
* Mods of HTTP.c so that download requests are converted to presentation
requests for interactive users, and traversal requests are converted to
cancels, when servers return non-success statuses with bodies which
should be displayed to interactive users. - FM
* Added the "DosCyrillic (cp866)" display character set to the chartrans
support, and tweaked the other Cyrillic charset tables. - AAC, KW
* Tweaked MULTI_SUFFIX support in HTFile.c, so that it now somewhat
works. Dunno whether it's useful for anybody. - KW
* Tweaks of yesterdays mods in GridText.c. - FM
* Correct storage class of variables in UCMap.h, from -warn-common linker
option. - TD
* Refine configure tests for acs_map, ttytype to accommodate broken linker
on FreeBSD 2.1.5 - TD
* Modify README.configure to indicate the associated definitions for
each configure option, as suggested by Klaus Weide. - TD
* Correct duplicate declaration of Current_Attr, which Linux linker ignores
(reported by Hynek Med). - TD
* Add -G7 option to Ultrix compiler options (request by Hynek Med
<>). - TD
* Add include for <sys/types.h> to utmp configure test (reported by Andrey
A. Chernov). - TD
* Add check for FreeBSD library mytinfo (reported by Andrey A. Chernov
<>). - TD
* Modify ./ so that 'all', the default target, will build the
Lynx executable. The old 'all' target is retained as "make help". - TD
* Modify src/ to allow development compiles within the src
directory. - TD
* Mask spaces in the bkgd (background attribute) calls for color curses to
make the color-style code work better with SVr4 curses. - TD
* Change workaround for 8-bit acs characters by adding to the initialization
a loop forcing the entries of acs_map[] to 8-bits. - TD
* Many minor tweaks for the DJGPP version by DK - WB
* A rename of about_lynx_dev.html to lynx_dev.html for 8.3 systems - WB
* Modified HTMIME.c and LYCharUtils.c so that setting of suggested filenames
via a filename=value pair in Content-Disposition headers and META elements
is not restricted to the file disposition type. - FM
* Mods in GridText.c, LYGetFile.c and HTAnchor.c so that suggested filenames
will have appropriate suffixes when 'd'ownloading, based on whether or not
the file is gzipped or Unix compressed. - FM
* Mods of the lead relative symbolic element stripping for http/https
URLs in cases for which they would persist when resolved to an
absolute URL. The latest URL draft is ambiguous about whether this
should be considered an error, and leaves the handling of it up to the
UA. So we now get rid of all lead relative symbolic elements from the
resolved http/https URLs, but no others, and still issue a Bad Partial
Reference statusline message. - FM
* Tweaks of title handling in LYMainLoop.c and LYShowInfo.c so that the
known title, or link name associated with ACTIVATE-ion, form submission,
or a HEAD request, will be used in the INFO ('=') display. - FM, KW
* Fixed header parsing in HTMIME.c so that "Safe:" is recognized. - KW
* Changed confirmation prompts for HEAD (']') commands acting on a POST
document, to reflect the fact that the POST request body will not
actually be submitted in a HEAD request. - KW
* Reset LYCancelDownload to FALSE at top of getfile(), to prevent delayed
effect which can otherwise occur. - KW
* Block URLs with port numbers outside the range of valid numbers in
getfile(). - KW
* Changed the NSL_FORK code in HTTCP.c so that the gethostbyname() call
is retried without forking if the child process exits without returning
enough data. Also added trace output, to show whether something
unusual has happened to the child process. - KW
* The IETF has indicated intent to adopt KW's "status 307" proposal for
dealing with the status 302 problems, so HTTP.c and HTAlert.c implement
that now. The 302 status is "General (temporary) Redirection" which
can be handled as 303 at the UA's discretion, so we do that in all cases,
rather than prompting the user whether to do that when the 302 is for
a POST submission. The 307 (and 305) for POST submissions invokes a
prompt whether to P)roceed or C)ancel, without the Use G)ET option.
The 301 is treated as permanent, normally, but for POST submissions
still is treated as temporary and invokes a prompt which includes the
Use G)ET option, because scripts written to empirical behavior may
still be expecting that (it's virtually never encountered in redirections
of POSTs, though, because the document containing the form typically
is redirected, so the user only sees the form if a local copy has been
made, and it would be best to C)ancel and get a new local copy of the
document from the correct http/https URL, to serve as a BASE for the
form's ACTION). - FM
* Changed the typedef for HTCoord in HTStyle.h from float to int, for
significant speedup of rendering on machines without floating-point
hardware based on DW's, KW's, BL's analyses. Note that this should
be taken into account when/if external style sheet support is added
for page formatting (e.g., for optimum handling by speech synthesizers
and braille interfaces), beyond the current emphasis on colorizing. - FM
* The cookie pre-draft has been adopted as an IETF ID, see
so the code for combining Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2 headers has been
eliminated in LYCookie.c (see mods for 1997-07-31). - FM
* Fixed typos in LYCookie.c. - FM
* Mods of the cookie handling based on the latest pre-draft. Add a
Cookie2: $Version="1" header in any requests that use historical
cookies in the Cookie: request header, so that modern servers will
use Set-Cookie2 headers with modern cookies in their subsequent
replies. Limit the scheme for commentURLs to http or https, not
just to network servers (e.g., gopher is now barred too). Include
a $Port attribute in modern Cookie request headers if it was set
via a server's reply header. The pre-draft indicates intention
to drop the requirement to combine Set-Cookie2 and Set-Cookie
headers if both types were received. We're still combining them,
but based on bona fide one-to-one correspondence checks (which were
not specified in the earlier draft), so that's OK, and we'll get
rid of that needless overhead if the current pre-draft holds up
and becomes an official IETF draft. - FM
* Added a -nocc command line switch for disabling the Cc: prompt
for self copies of mailings. Note that this does not disable
any CCs that have been incorporated within a mailto URL or form
* Added a NO_FORCED_CORE_DUMP compilation (userdefs.h) and configuration
(lynx.cfg) symbol, normally set FALSE, which if changed to TRUE will
block forced core dumps on Unix via abort() calls on fatal errors or
assert() calls on potentially fatal error checks. Also added a -core
command line switch for toggling the default. - FM
* Updated the documentation and 'h'elp concerning the new symbol and
switches. - FM
* Added workaround for curses with broken handling of 8-bit acs characters
(which may be used for drawing of popup boxes) to LYCurses.h. This fixes
box characters and attributes/colors for solaris curses used with linux
console as terminal. Currently it is not automatically enabled or
configured, but can be enabled by -DBROKEN_CURSES_8BIT_ACS. - KW
* Mod in HTFWriter.c to change the statusline appropriately when an
uncompression has completed. - FM
* Fixed code in LYOptions.c for the case when NEVER_ALLOW_REMOTE_EXEC was
not defined and ALLOW_USERS_TO_CHANGE_EXEC_WITHIN_OPTIONS was defined. - KW
* Avoid traversing the full list of anchors each time when HText_endAnchor()
is called with a non-zero anchor number, if that number corresponds to
the last anchor added to the HText structure. It is is the most common case
that HText_endAnchor() refers to the last anchor, and the only case that
could be handled correctly before FM's changes of 1997-05-13. Avoiding
the loop over the list of anchor can improve loading time significantly,
especially for large files with thousands of anchors. - KW
* Add progress display and 'z'appability for loading of local files.
They are activated only after a few hundred k bytes have been read.
Added define for HT_PARTIAL_CONTENT to HTUtils.h, used in above.
(The WWW Library 5.x uses HTTP-ish status codes like this throughout.
I find it much less confusing than -29998 and so on, and there's no
conflict in this case. - KW
* Minor LYUtils.c tweaks. - KW
* Changed code for checks in LYGetFile.c for URL schemes which should
be rejected when received as redirections, added checks for more
schemes. - FM
* Rename top-level Makefile to Makefile.old (it's obsolete) - TD
* Reduce top-level targets to one, 'lynx' - TD
* Move comments describing DirEd to README.configure from,
leaving only the definitions that haven't been integrated yet. - TD
* Add configure options to enable/disable DirEd and its associated modes. - TD
* Add configure option to enable/disable char-trans support. - TD
* Correct sense of autoconf'd symbol for size-change. - TD
* Accommodate systems with obsolete ncurses.h in configure tests. - TD
* Changed the variable hline in LYUtils.c to hLine, so as not to conflict
with a curses function or macro. - FM
* Fixed an esoteric glitch in highlight() of LYUtils.c which could cause
the last character of a current link to receive WHEREIS search target
emphasis if it happened to be the first character of the target (though
perfection is unattainable, we should strive to achieve it :). - FM
* Changed the default value for STRIP_DOTDOT_URLS (lynx.cfg) to TRUE. - KW
* Made some of the additional checks introduced yesterday in LYMainLoop.c
for invalid links to internal dired URLs more strict, as they probably
were intended. - KW
* Added checks for some internal URL types, which should be rejected
if received in a server redirection, to LYGetFile.c. Maybe more types
should be added to the list. - KW
* Map charsets of the form "ibmNNN<...>" to "cpNNN<...>" in UCdomap.c
if not already recognized. Also recognize "windows-1252". - KW
* Compared the handling of 4-way "show color (&)" in the 'o'ptions menu
against FM's implementation, and made some changes (mostly in formatting,
variable and constant names and usage, ordering of statements) to aid
further comparison. The logic is still messy and needs further cleanup
and simplification, but seems to do what it should. Note that this
also handles color-curses, in a (hopefully) reasonable way. Command
line flags -nocolor and (if using slang) -color override a preference
found in the RC file. See updated "Lynx Users Guide" file and the
comments written to the RC file.
Documentation changes adapted from FM's changes. - KW
* Mods of the DIRED_SUPPORT to check the actual URLs of temporary files
rather than just their titles when filtering for spoofing attempts via
external files with internal URLs. Also recast the PRIVATE my_spawn()
to a PUBLIC LYExecv(), so that it can be used by any module (though
presently it's still used only by LYLocal.c functions). - FM
* Tweaks of LYCharUtils.c to handle Set-Cookie HTTP-EQUIVs in META elements
without risking crashes in LYCookie.c or HTParse.c. - FM
* Made "show color" option a 4-way choice, if compiled with color support
and if saving of options to a .lynxrc file is allowed. - KW
* Made changing file permissions with DIRED_SUPPORT work again; one of
the recently added checks in LYMainLoop.c was too restrictive.
Added protection to permit_location in LYLocal.c, similar to the changes
of 1997-06-24 to LYDownload.c. - KW
* Generate CANCELLED message when editing of a string value on the Options
Screen has been cancelled (typically with ^G), instead of an
inappropriate VALUE_ACCEPTED statusline. - KW
* Tweaks of the strtok() calls for textarea values in HTML.c, so that they
will never be repeated after NULL has been returned, and thus won't cause
linux-alpha to crash. - FM
* Make -nocolor command line flag work if compiled with slang. Note that
-nocolor is strong, it overrides all other reasons that might otherwise
turn color on. - KW
* Tweaks in LYCurses.c to ensure that slang library and Lynx flags for
whether color support is on stay in register. - FM
* Change the default in userdefs.h for SHOW_COLOR to FALSE for USE_SLANG.
Because of the different logic used for LYShowColor in the curses code
vs. slang code, setting SHOW_COLOR to TRUE makes it difficult to invoke
a binary compiled with slang so that color is not used on startup
(except by using -nocolor).
Note that reading show_color from .lynxrc is still commented out. - KW
* There is now a "trailing comment" handler in LYReadCFG.c. It treats '#'
as a comment token only if it is somewhere after the last colon for the
lynx.cfg entry and is preceded by a space or tab. - FM
* Added TT to the Utterly Tag and Attribute Soup group of HTML elements. - FM
(applies only to "old" DTD in this code set, as usual - KW)
* Modify curses popups in LYForms.c and LYOptions.c to use background color
from main window - TD
* Ifdef'd out the logic that saves "show color" to .lynxrc, since it is
deemed to be confusing to users - TD
* Merged FM's changes to the "show color (&)" toggle to save to .lynxrc,
support slang, update online documentation - TD
* Add error message to show actual context in error-checking for color
parsing suggested by Filip M Gieszczykiewicz - TD
* Check for/suppress duplicate -lsocket in network library configure - TD
* Remove HP-UX snake2/snake3 targets from - TD
* Add configure script case for 'sequent', drop ptx, ptx2 targets from - TD
* Add logic to configure script handling of slang to suppress spurious
-Ipredefined when header location is given in $CFLAGS - TD
* Check for lynx_uses_color and LYShowColor in lynx_start_status_color()
and lynx_stop_status_color() of LYCurses.c so that the statusline
will appear reverse (or otherwise highlighted if the terminal doesn't
support reverse), if color support is compiled in but not currently
used. - KW
* Added comments on color usage to lynx.cfg. - KW
* Added command-line option "-nocolor" to disable color on terminals that
would otherwise support it. Added options toggle for colors, tested
with ncurses. - TD
* Remove option value from configure option "--with-color-styles". - TD
* Correct background of popups in LYOptions.c - TD
* Add configure check for compiler options to enable prototypes - TD
* Remove IRIX "-cckr" compiler flags. - TD
* Correct whitespace as per LPS: LYCurses.c, LYOptions.c - TD
* Tweaks of LYMainLoop.c in the code controlling how the document is reloaded
due to any changes in the 'o'ption menu which require a new rendering of
the document (but still without forcing a proxy cache refresh when that is
inappropriate; see the 1997-05-26 mods). - FM
* Mods in LYexit.c and LYCurses.c to ensure restoration of stderr (if it
was changed for output to the trace log) on all exits. - BL, FM
* Include an unsigned char typecast in the HASH_FUNCTION definition for
HTAtom.c - CK
* Modified change to is_url() of 1997-07-13 to check for the slash after
stripping any lead space characters. - FM
* Added the Windows Cyrillic display character set. - AAC
(Andrey A. Chernov <>)
* Added support for a commentURL attribute in cookies. This attribute is
under discussion in the HTTP-WG and not presently in the draft (see the
1997-07-09 mods for the draft's URL), but would be extremely advantageous
for multi-lingual and non-English-speaking sites because the comment
attribute can have only ASCII characters in its value, whereas a request
for the comment via a URL in turn allows use of charset and language
negotiation for what the server returns. The value of the commentURL is
resolved and retained only if it's scheme points to a server (i.e., file
and special lynx URLs are rejected), and if it is retained, is included
as a link in the Cookie Jar Page. If commentURL is not ultimately
included in the revised State Management RFC, sites which wish to use
it could do a User-Agent check for Lynx (and any other browsers which
implement it). - FM
* Fixed a typo in HTCompressed() of HTFWriter.c so that the last dot in a
tentative temporary filename is sought via strrchr(), as is done for
HTSaveAndExecute() and HTSaveToFile(). - KW
* Yet more tweaks of the cookie support. We include $PATH and/or $DOMAIN
attribute/value pairs in Cookie request headers only when their values
were set explicitly via a server's Set-Cookie and/or Set-Cookie2 reply
headers (and the cookies are $VERSION="1" or greater). - FM
* Added support for IFRAME homologous (but not identical) to that for FRAME.
It is handled as a block with a blank line before and after style, and
with margins and default alignment inherited from the containing block,
division, or span. The IFRAME rendition always begins with an emphasized
"IFRAME: " label followed by the NAME attribute's value, if present, or
the URL for the SRC attribute, serving as a link for the SRC, followed
on a new line by any rendered IFRAME content. - FM
* Added handling of LEGEND elements. The content is rendered in place,
as for CAPTION elements, since we don't have multiple pass inlining
capabilities. Hopefully, if the LEGEND is intended to be ALIGN-ed at
the "top" or "bottom" of the associated insert, the author will place
the LEGEND element above or below it, respectively. Note that LABEL
elements similarly are rendered in place, and will be displayed
interpretably only if the INPUT to which the LABEL's "for" attribute
refers, immediately follows the LABEL element. - FM
* Added recognition of BUTTON elements, and handling of them (sorta :)
when they are TYPE="submit" or TYPE="reset" in forms. The default
"submit" or "reset" string, or the value of a VALUE attribute, if
present, is embedded in parentheses and used for the link, and the
content is simply rendered and displayed in place. Until we see what
kind of markup the real world puts in such elements, it's too risky
to try to use that rendition as the link. Also, the W3C's HTML 4.0
draft presently is very fuzzy about whether, and if so, when, an IMG
element in the BUTTON content should be treated as an image map, so
the present code doesn't try to cast any submitted BUTTON name/value
pairs into the format for INPUTs with TYPE="image". When the BUTTON
is a script control rather than submit or reset button, a "[BUTTON]"
pseudo-ALT is inserted to warn users of its presence, but the form
is not disabled. The W3C's HTML 4.0 draft makes scripting intrinsic,
with no SGML-based fallbacks if it is not available or is disabled by
security-conscious sites. Dave Raggett of the W3C replied to criticisms
of this in by saying that he wished it have been
otherwise, but "market forces" prevailed (Sigh...) - FM
* Changed is_url() to return immediately if the string to check starts with
a slash character. This prevents some false positives if the string
contains ':' characters. - KW
* Added support for "MACOS AppleShare IP FTP Server" to HTFTP.c.
Only based on and tested with (the current incarnation of)
<>. - KW
* Correct some build issues with the merge (ifdefs for the curses modules)
as well as minor fix for makefile distclean rule. - TD
* More refinements of the cookie support in relation to recent discussions
in the HTTP-WG, and for more fully effective protection against denial
of service attacks. If the same attribute appears more than once for
the same cookie, ensure that the first instance will be used. Limit
the total number of cookies across Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2 headers
to 50 per server reply, and each cookie to a maximum of 4096 bytes. - FM
* Added support for hexadecimal character references (&#xH;) as proposed
in the W3C HTML 4.0 draft. - FM
* Synchronized the development code against the fotemods patches up to
1997-07-06 (relevant changes listed below, as usual). Note that FM
has now included the chartrans code, but has eliminated conditional
compilation of it; however, in this code set setting "-DEXP_CHARTRANS"
at compile time is still necessary (but compilation without it has not
been tested). - KW
* Fixed character counting logic in display_line() for lines where
soft hyphens (&shy; or <SHY> or a soft-hyphen character) are used
for their intended purpose. - KW
NOTE: The W3C HTML 4.0 draft explicitly specifies handling of &shy;,
&#173; (and now also &#xAD;) in the manner long implemented by Lynx
(i.e., as a truly soft hyphen), and not in the brain-dead manner
implemented by Netscape and MSIE. - FM
* Various tweaks of the cookie support to handle likely (based on past
experience in the real world :) abuses of Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2
headers from servers. Most importantly, apply sanity checks to the
values of port attributes so that any unquoted port list will not be
misinterpreted as the start of a new cookie within the port list.
Also added code to fold (CR LF TAB) Cookie request headers if they
contain a long sequence of cookies which would exceed 1024 bytes on
one line, since some servers suffer buffer overruns and crash in such
cases. - FM
* Modified HTNews.c to use HTmmdecode() and HTrjis() for the Subject and
Author strings in listings of news articles when using a Japanese display
character set. - HN
* Massive updating and revamping of the cookie support in accordance with
which is scheduled to replace RFC 2109 on July 15, 1997. Noteworthy
changes are that (1) the blanket port restriction is now lifted, and
sharing of cookies among servers with matching domains but different
ports is blocked only if a port attribute was included in the
Set-Cookie2 header (or Set-Cookie header, though it's not expected
there), with a value which defaults to the request's port, but can
be a comma separated list of ports, and (2) the blanket restriction
on sharing of SSL-encrypted (https) cookies with http servers is
lifted, and normally depends on the Set-Cookie or Set-Cookie2 header
having included a secure attribute. However, a configuration option
(see lynx.cfg) to FORCE_SSL_COOKIES_SECURE is now available, and the
compilation or configuration default can be toggled via a -force_secure
command line switch. - FM
* Make NOCACHE ('x' key) work as expected from history list for internal
links. - KW
* Removed bogus checking for a config file in home directory which had
been introduced into the development code. - KW
* Synchronized the development code against the fotemods patches up to
1997-06-24 - TD, KW
* Implemented popup windows for the 'o'ptions menu, homologous to those
for SELECT blocks in forms. They are implemented when select_popups
is on, and include WHEREIS search and 123[g,p] features (very useful
for navigating the choice list of 28 display character sets :). Use
the F_LINK_NUM command ('0') to invoke the prompt for a choice list
number when in NUMBERS_AS_ARROWS mode. The popups are not invoked for
the simple, binary choice options. Also modified the options menu so
that the cursor is positioned to the left of choices when show_curser
is on (but it is still positioned initially at the endings of strings
when the line editor is invoked for options that have user-entered
values). - FM
1997-07-04 (KaBoom! :)
* Mods of HTMIME.c and HTFile.c to ignore Content-Type parameters other
than charset when charset is not present, as we do when it is present
and we know we can handle it. - FM
* Fixed bug in LYNews.c which could cause Lynx to crash when posting or
sending followups to news groups and the Organization header was
obtained from the /etc/organization file. - FM
* Fixed bug in LYEdit.c which could cause Lynx to crash when an editor
to which a line number is passed as an argument is used and there are
no links on the current page of the document to be edited. - FM
* Added information about the new $USER feature to the comments about
TEMP_SPACE in userdefs.h. - FM
* Tweaks of change_sug_filename() in LYUtils.c to make protections against
buffer overruns explicit within the function. - FM
* Tweaks of the #ifdef'ing in HTTCP.c. - FM
* Mods in LYDownload.c and LYPrint.c to treat a suggested output file
entry of "/dev/null" on Unix, and "nl:" or "/nl/" paths on VMS (case
insensitive), as a cancel (^G). - FM
* Mods in LYGetFile.c to include URLs with content from a form submission
with method GET in the group for which Referer headers are never sent,
because the content might include private (e.g., password or credit
card) information which should not be visible in Referer logs. - FM
* Added -G 7 to the LYFLAGS and MCFLAGS for the ultrix and ultrix-slang
Makefile targets when using the native ultrix compiler. - HM
* Added -DNSL_FORK to the LYFLAGS for all of the solaris2 and Linux
targets in Makefile. - FM
* The above two changes don't affect the makefile used by auto-config - KW
* Removed a redundant declaration in UCdomap.c which was causing some
compilers to balk. - FM
* Fixed typos in SGML.c which could cause echoing of numeric character
references for some of the display character sets. - FM
* Updated lynx.hlp, and the online 'h'elp concerning the chartrans
support. - FM
* Tweak of the "tag and attribute soup" parsing mods in HTML.c so that the
PLAIN attribute works for UL blocks again. - FM
* More tweaks of LYMainLoop.c to issue informative statusline messages
about attempts to ACTIVATE, DOWNLOAD, or submit URLs or ACTIONs which
are disallowed in the current context and destined to fail, rather than
acting on them and generating actual failures. - FM
* Mods of LYmktime() in LYUtils.c to support dd-mm-yyyy format for expires
headers and cookie attributes. - FM
* Oops, hadn't included checks for whether there are links on the page
in this morning's LYMainLoop.c mods to ensure appropriate statusline
messages for attempts to bookmark special URLs that can't be bookmarked,
which could yield a crash it there aren't any. The checks are in there
now. - FM
* Added ability to bookmark links from the Lynx List Page, as from the
Visited Links Page, but not for those pages, themselves, since they
are temporary files. Note that Lynx List Page links will not have
the documents' titles, as do those in the Visited Links Page, unless
you've visited them before invoking the Lynx List Page. - FM
* Added explicit protections against buffer overruns in the LYDownload.c
handling of suggested filenames. - FM
* Changes in LYCurses.c, GridText.c, HTML.c, and LYUtils.c, and smaller
changes to some other files, to fix problems with RP's style code.
Color leaking should now be at least much reduced, and some possible
crashes avoided. - KW
* Mods in LYDownload.c to check whether the File= field in a LYNXDOWNLOAD
URL has the value that was inserted into the URL via the most recent
download options menu. This prevents spoofing with arbitrary LYNXDOWNLOAD
URLs entered via the 'g'oto or ECGOTO commands, or ACTIVATE-ed in a file
other than the most recent download options menu which was created by
Lynx internally. - FM
* Mods in LYMainLoop.c to ignore LYNXCOOKIE, LYNXDIRED, LYNXDOWNLOAD, and
LYNXPRINT URLs if entered via a 'g'oto or ECGOTO command, and to issue
a statusline message explaining that the special URL is not allowed as a
goto. This is just for informational purposes, and the above anti-spoof
mod is not dependent on it. - FM
* remove "Styles" identifier from Lynx version string in userdefs.h
since it causes "patch-o-matic" to choke. - JES
* Now that we add or subtract attributes for Unix FANCY_CURSES, as for VMS
curses and slang, the 1997-05-30 mods based on LE's patch for keeping track
of whether links occur in an underlining context, and if so, restoring it
when a current link is made non-current, should be extended to FANCY_CURSES
as well. So they are extended, now, in highlight() of LYUtils.c. - FM
* Added code in LYNewsPost() of LYNews.c for converting any EUC or SJIS to
JIS (ISO-2022-JP) in posts or followups to Usenet news groups if the
display character set is "Japanese (EUC)" or "Japanese (SJIS)". The mods
need testing by Japanese users, because the TO_JIS() function I added
long ago in SGML.c has not actually been used before. - FM
* Modified the hack in LYPrint.c for mailing HTML source so that it never
appends a charset parameter to the "text/html" value of the Content-Type
header if compiled without chartrans enabled. - FM, KW
* Added a check for nonsense LINES and COLS values in setup() of LYCurses.c,
homologous to the check in size_change() of LYUtils.c, and set LYlines and
LYcols to the 80x24 default if they're nonsense. The slang library and
most curses implementations do the equivalent themselves, but we may as
well make sure it's done. - FM
* Tweaks of the anti-spoof mods in HTFWriter.c for additional protection
against extra %s entries in viewer command mappings. - FM
* Came up with a low overhead way to restore the emphasis for WHEREIS
search targets when links are made current or non-current and the
target string starts before and/or extends past the end of the link
name (hightext or hightext2) string (see 1997-06-14 mods), so the
restoration works in that case as well, now. - FM
* Fixed a longstanding bug in highlight() of LYUtils.c which caused seeking
of a column position less than 0 and strange behavior when a link is made
current, if show_cursor is on and the link begins at column 0 (as can
happen in PRE blocks). We now position the cursor on the first character
of such links, so the current link will remain clear for those with speech
or braille interfaces. - FM
* Added functions in LYCurses.c, along the lines of those in the development
code, so that the [w]start_foo() and [w]stop_foo() functions no longer
just replace character attributes for Unix FANCY_CURSES, but now add or
subtract them as for VMS curses and slang. - FM
* More mods in GridText.c and LYUtils.c so that the handling of WHEREIS
search target emphasis when links are made current and non-current is the
full equivalent for Unix FANCY_CURSES of that for VMS curses and slang.
Note that the restoration of search target emphasis does not succeed if
the hit started before or extends beyond the link name (hightext or
hightext2 string). What it would take to succeed in that case as well
doesn't seem worth the overhead, but I'm still thinking about it. Also
note that we still do not emphasize search target hits, but only do link
or page re-positioning, for Unix curses when only standout() and standin()
are supported. In that case, standout() is being used for all links,
including the current (with the latter indicated via cursor position by
turning show_cursor on), so we don't want to create a totally confusing
situation by using standout() for search target hits as well. The code
is still designed to degrade gracefully when the terminal does not have
the capabilities of the curses or slang with which Lynx was built. - FM
* Tweak of yesterday's LYGetFile.c mods. Lost a lynx_edit_mode = FALSE
statement that is still needed when DIRED_SUPPORT is defined. - FM
* Mods in LYForms.c so that the cursor is positioned at the left of the
current option in select popup windows when show_cursor is on, as when
the cursor is used to indicate the current link in the main document.
This is important when Lynx is used with a speech or braille interface,
or a terminal which does not respond to the highlighting/color for the
current option. When show_cursor is off, the cursor is still positioned
to the right of the current option for curses, and is fully "hidden" in
the lower right corner for slang, so that the highlighting or color of
the current option can be used without the distraction of a blinking
cursor in the left-to-right reading field. - FM
* Added ability to change the show_cursor setting via the 'o'ptions menu
and to save that as the default in the RC file (otherwise, the default
is still that set in userdefs.h or lynx.cfg). The -show_cursor command
line switch toggles the default, however obtained, homologously to the
-popup toggle. Updated the online 'h'elp accordingly (option_help.html
and Lynx_users_guide.html). - FM
* Tweaks of the 1997-06-04 mods for restoring emphasis of WHEREIS search
targets in link names when they are changed to the current link or again
made non-current. When the link is made current, the first and last
characters of the link name never are emphasized, so they'll retain the
attributes/color for the current link, and the user can see (if sighted)
that the link was made current. With this change, the restoration of
emphasis also is interpretable with Unix FANCY_CURSES, so the block for
that is lifted. Note that I figured out why the bold+reverse+underline
combination doesn't work for that. The vanilla and this Lynx code are
not adding or subtracting attributes for their start_foo() and stop_foo()
functions (as is done for slang and VMS curses), but are replacing them,
so you always end up with the last attribute in a series of start_foo()
calls (underlining for the search target emphasis). I don't know if
ability to sum attributes applies to all Unix curses flavors for which
FANCY_CURSES is defined in the Makefile, so I left the Unix, non-slang
start_foo() and stop_foo() functions the way they are, for now. - FM
* Mods in LYGetFile.c so that any '~' in file URLs is handled as when in
startfile, home page, or 'g'oto commands. Only the first '~' is converted
to Home_Dir(), and only for the first symbolic element in the URL, and if
it is followed by a username, that username is stripped (so that the
"~username" becomes a reference to the home of the account running Lynx,
as if only '~' had been used, and can't be used as a reference for an
arbitrary home). Note that we don't do this stripping for ftp URLs,
because the ftp server should decide, itself, whether to grant access to
arbitrary homes, based on the username and password that were used to
log in. Note, also, that if the account running Lynx is allowed access
to the root of the file system for its home, then access to any arbitrary
home in that file system can be gained from there. Access to the root
never is allowed for file URLs in the for-VMS code, but depends on the
root's protection in the for-Unix code. Also, any arbitrary path in file
URLs will be attempted if it is specified as an absolute path. The
stripping of the username from "~username" in most cases on Unix only
protects against probing for homes in other file systems, without the
user knowing the corresponding absolute path. - FM
* Mods in HTAABrow.c, HTTP.c and HTAlert.c so that auth_proxy is no
longer a module wide global, and the structures which handle/create
authentication/authorization headers maintain separate setup trees
for proxy authentication/authorization versus for protected limbs of
http/https data trees (realms) on the same server. This ensures that
each proxy's template, which is the global '*' for all paths (that are
in fact full URLs) in its proxying requests, are kept distinct from
the templates for true paths of the protected limbs on the same saver,
even if the user fails to include that proxy in the no_proxy list, or
the server's WebMaster fails to do the equivalent configuration for
the server, and the realm names overlap. Also modified the prompt
strings for the username and password to be encrypted for protected
document requests versus for proxy access so that they indicate
explicitly whether the user's entries will be used for one or the
other. - FM
* Added a -pauth=id:pw switch for proxy servers, homologous to the
-auth=id:pw switch for protected documents, along the lines of AJL's
patch. Note that the -pauth value is used only for authorization
headers to the first protected proxy server encountered, and the -auth
value is used only for the authorization headers in document requests
for the first protected limb encountered. Now that we have an explicit
switch for proxy authentication, it should be used explicitly for that,
instead of still allowing use of the -auth=id:pw switch for either
(IMHO). Also, there's no serious need to make inclusion of the code
for handling these switches a compilation option, because they are only
available to users with shell access. Updated the help files concerning
these switches, and included advice to make sure any script files which
use these switches have restricted access. - FM
* More refinements of the code in GridText.c, HTML.c and LYCharUtils.c
for handling visible versus hidden links, blank lines, stripping of
the numbered brackets for links, and the interactions of these things
with soft hyphens. - FM
* Fixed typos in LYrcFile.c which caused failure to start two comments
on new lines when writing to the RC file. - FM
* Fixed a typo in the lead dot pair stripping code in LYLegitimizeHREF()
of LYCharUtils.c. - FM
* Tweak of code in GridText.c for handling soft hyphens so that we don't
display a hyphen if it's the first character in the line, or is preceded
by a space, even if it is followed by a newline. - FM
* Mods of the hidden link handling and numbered bracket stripping code in
GridText.c so that it succeeds no matter how many blank lines are in
the anchor content. - FM
* Mods in LYLegitimizeHREF() of LYCharUtils.c for dealing more effectively
with fragments which have illegal characters, as is becoming common due
to authoring tools such as Microsoft's Frontpage and Netscape's HTML
editor. The actual URL-reference is still handled so as to yield a
fully legitimate absolute URL, without any unescaped spaces, but the
fragment is checked only for problem characters such as tab or newline,
and otherwise is unmodified. (Try the vanilla versus modified code with
the atrocity, brought to you
discourtesy of Frontpage. :) - FM
* Worked into the fotemods code use of bold+reverse+underline highlighting
of WHEREIS search hits for VMS curses, and slang on both VMS and Unix (with
or without the color mode on), and added code in highlight() of LYUtils.c
for restoring that highlighting when links are made current or non-current
if the string for the hit was contained within the string for the link (won't
be restored if the hit's string starts before or extends past the link's
string). Couldn't get any of this to work with curses and the solaris2
target, so for Unix curses the hit string still is just underlined and
not restored when links are made current or non-current. - FM
* Fixed typo in the 1997-06-01 LYOptions.c mods. - FM
* Mods in LYList.c to skip setting up a list block for visible links if
the document has only hidden links, and in HTML.c to include a notice
about this with a suggestion to use the 'l'ist command. Try it with
the atrocity. - FM
* Tweak in LYMainLoop.c to fix a longstanding bug which would cause the
curdoc.line and numbers to be mishandled, and thus cause
the wrong page and current link to be restored on return to the document
via PREV_DOC or the History Page, if the document was fetched originally
with a fragment and a link on its first page had been activated. - FM
* Tweaks in GridText.c so that returns from image map menus to parent
documents are not treated as if a different document is being sought,
and thus any no-cache directives associated with the parent will be
ignored unless another fetch is initiated within the parent or via
another, externally existing document. - FM
* Added SEEK_FRAG_MAP_IN_CUR and SEEK_FRAG_AREA_IN_CUR configuration
(lynx.cfg) options for how to resolve USEMAP attribute values in
IMG or OBJECT tags and HREF attribute values in AREA tags when they
consist solely of a fragment (USEMAP="#frag" or HREF="#frag"). The
compilation default is TRUE, i.e., they are resolved with respect
to the current document's URL, even if the base is different, as is
being done for the HREF attribute values of Anchors and LINKs. The
compilation default seems to be working out, even though most of the
currently deployed browsers still use the base. - FM
* Mods in LYMain.c so as not to require that a lone "-" argument for
invoking input of command line arguments from stdin be the only
argument on the actual command line. That requirement preluded use
of this feature when the command for invoking Lynx was aliased so
as to include arguments, because the lone "-" then could not be the
only argument. Also tweaked the code so that any stdin-derived
arguments which need to be processed early in main() are so processed.
The vanilla code had severely flawed logic in this respect. The
security considerations associated with switch handling have gotten
hairy beyond reasonable bounds, but I think I've thought it all through
(we'll see :), and have plugged some holes in the vanilla code for
this feature. Redirection of stdout and/or stderr to a file now also
works reliably in conjunction with this feature. - FM
* Added an explanation in the PROBLEMS file of the bad getsockname() and
getpeername() functions within SOCKETSHR 0.9D which affect the ftp
gateway, and the URLs for Andy Harper's ( fixes of
the SOCKETSHR 0.9D sources. - FM
* Cast LYLocal.c into the Lynx programming style. - FM
* Added support for numbered form fields, and options in SELECT popups,
based on LE's patch. The LINKS_AND_FORM_FIELDS_ARE_NUMBERED keypad
mode can be defined in userdefs.h and via the 'o'ptions menu. When
in SELECT popups, the F_LINK_NUM ('0') command can be used in any mode
to invoke a "Select option (or page) number:" prompt, which can take
'g' or 'p' suffixes, homologously to the
"Follow link (or goto link or page) number:"
prompt in the main document with popups retracted. Note that when in
the main document, the F_LINK_NUM command has an implied 'g' suffix
for form links (i.e., will position you on the form link, not, for
example, ACTIVATE a submit button), but *not* in popup windows (i.e.,
without a 'g' suffix, the option corresponding to the number will be
selected, and the popup will be retracted, as if you had pressed
ACTIVATE when positioned on that option). The 123p feature is quite
useful in popups with a very large number of options, and supplements
the HOME, END and WHEREIS functions for seeking positions in the list
(again, regardless of keypad mode, if F_LINK_NUM is used to invoke
the prompt). A "page" is defined as the number of lines within the
vertical dimension of the popup box. - FM
* Mods in LYEdit.c to seek the current page and line when the editor
is sedt on VMS. - FM
* Updated the online 'h'elp concerning the "Follow link (or page) number:"
and "Select option (or page) number:" features (Lynx_users_guide.html,
follow_help.html, keystroke_help.html and other_help.html). - FM
* changes to help files to reflect the different prompt string. - KW
* Worked in LE's patch for keeping track of whether links occur in an
underlining context, and if so, restore it when slang color is on and
a current link is made non-current, thereby actually dealing with the
longstanding bug discussed in the 1997-05-27 mods (This is just a hobby,
and I always reserve the right to change my mind! :). - FM
* Mods of LYForms.c and LYStrings.c to deal with form field values too
long to fit in the line editor's buffer (such as long TEXTAREA values
which have no newlines in them). As much of the tail as fits in the
buffer is offered for editing, with statusline messages explaining the
situation. If the tail is modified, it is combined with the unmodified
head when the form field is made non-current. The result can be edited
further by making the form field current again. If the form has a
Reset button, it can be used to restore the original value. The
vanilla code would crash on buffer overflow (Ugh! A potential
security hole.). - FM
* Restored underlining in conjunction with reversing for the current link
with slang when colors are being used, but not otherwise. - FM
* The 1997-05-26 mods to bypass screen redraws on retractions of SELECT
popups when the selected OPTION was not changed worked properly only
for VMS curses. Tweaked the for-slang code so that it now works like
VMS curses (though not as efficiently). However, with Unix curses,
the delwin() - refresh() sequence does not restore what was there
before the popup was invoked, and none of the tweaks I tried got that
to work, so the poor Unix folks using Unix curses are now stuck again
with screen redraws for every popup retraction. - FM
* Eliminated in the fotemods code underlining in conjunction with reversing
for the current link with slang, to avoid the longstanding bug of
underlining being lost (and distracting color changes occurring) when that
link ceases to be current and it was embedded in an underlined region of
text. The attributes of the current link can be better handled in the
development code based on configurable style sheets, so there's no
point letting this bug ride, nor trying to deal with it through
temporary internal mods, in the fotemods code set. - FM
* Mods of display_title() in GridText.c to eliminate the "format"
mask as in KW's 1997-05-14 development code mods, and to make the
memory management more efficient. - FM
* Mods of change_form_link() in LYForms.c to bypass the screen redraw
on retraction of a SELECT popup if the SELECT block is DISABLE-ed
or the selected OPTION was not changed. Note that the complete
elimination of the screen redraw in the 1997-05-20 development code
mods, i.e., even when the selected OPTION was changed, results in
the change not being made evident to the user in the retracted popup
unless the screen is redrawn fortuitously (e.g., due to subsequent
paging). - FM
* Modified the caching-related changes of 1997-05-15 to LYMainLoop.c,
handling automatic reloading after a change of the User-Agent string
like after comparable other option changes.
We force a reload if "preferred document lan(G)uage"
or "preferred document c(H)arset" are changed via the 'o'ptions menu,
and to set the "reloading" flag for forcing a proxy cache refresh if
those or "user (A)gent" are changed and the current document has an
http, https or lynxcgi scheme, but not force a proxy cache refresh if
we're reloading due to an INLINE_TOGGLE, IMAGE_TOGGLE, or RAW_TOGGLE
command. - KW, FM
* Mods in LYMain.c to convert $USER if present in the TEMP_SPACE
definition or LYNX_TEMP_SPACE environment variable to the string
returned by getenv("USER"). - FM
* Fixed two typos for me->inFONT settings in HTML.c - TD
* Added chmod(file, 0600) calls for most files created by Lynx. - FM
* integrate patch JED's mods which support mouse for slang as well as add
new functions to encapsulate differences between slang/curses. - TD
* Mods in HTML.c and LYCharUtils.c so that TABLE blocks are treated
as divisions in the DIV nest, with a default alignment of HT_LEFT
if the TABLE start tag lacks an ALIGN attribute, and otherwise,
that attribute's value. Nested TABLEs extend the DIV nest. This
avoids the problem in the vanilla code of TABLE content inheriting
the alignment of a containing CENTER or DIV which is intended for
alignment of the TABLE as a whole. Also added support for ALIGN
attributes in TR elements. If the TR has no ALIGN attribute, it
inherits that of the current division, which should be that of the
current TABLE. This, of course, still does not yield true TABLEs
for truly tabular content, but makes TABLEs used for formatting
more readable. - FM
* correct 2 occurrences of "me->inFONT == TRUE;" in HTML.c - TD
* add configure --with-color-style option to merge RP's alpha changes for
color styles (this works only with ncurses, since it does not initialize
the window background, leaving it null, thereby exploiting a bug in
ncurses which sets null backgrounds to a space). Also some whitespace
(and renamed CS to make this build w/o ncurses) - TD
* test-built with ncurses 1.8.7, 1.9.4, 1.9.9e and 4.0, as well as bsd 4.4
curses and slang - TD
* Tweak of HTFWriter.c so that it does the anti-spoof tests normally
done by tempname() (see the 1997-05-19 mods) in all cases for which
it changes the temporary file suffix from any of those checked by
tempname() itself. At this point, every way I've thought of for
trying to spoof Lynx via links for temporary files is blocked, but
people should beat on today's code to see if there's any spoofing
strategy I haven't yet blocked. - FM
* Modified the Lynx Trace Log handling so that it doesn't use actual
redirection of stderr via freopen() calls, and restores the original
value of stderr during any escape to shell. This avoids the problem
on Unix that sh and ksh send their prompt strings to stderr, and that
bash sends both its prompt and command line echo to stderr, so they
end up in the log instead of being visible. I had tested the initial
design on VMS and with csh on Unix, and thus didn't notice this
foolishness for the other Unix shells. Anyway, it's OK for all of
them now. - FM
* Tweaked SIGTSTP interrupt handler in the USE_SLANG for-unix code, so
that it gets set to SIG_DFL when stop_curses() is called, to prevent
strange interferences experienced when ^Z is used while a helper
process is in the foreground. - KW
* Change in LYForms.c to prevent forced screen refresh after selection
from a popup box. - KW
* Recognize Linux console F1 key in LYgetch() (applies if "-DNO_KEYPAD"
is in effect, as for all binaries built with slang). - KW
* Protect LYgetch() against returning raw values of keypad() symbols
which are invalid when used later as an index into keymap[],
override[], etc. - KW
* in the USE_SLANG for-unix start_curses(), honor the no_suspend flag
if set. This implements -restrictions=suspend handling for slang
(although it was intended for curses implementations which have
problems with ^Z within Lynx; see the PROBLEMS file).
Note that the no_suspend flag cannot be suspected to have
the desired effect if lynx is executed from a shell script, unless
the shell process forked for the script also ignores the SIGTSTP
signal generated (usually) by the ^Z key. Also if the user is
allowed to execute any helper process (VIEWER, PRINTER, etc.) which
does allow suspending while no_suspend is in effect for the Lynx
parent process (by overriding the SIG_IGN setting done by Lynx or by
other means), then suspending may still be possible, in addition to
strange effects either immediately or when the process or process group
is continued (wrong tty and screen state, zombie processes, total
hang of the session without any way to interrupt - you get the idea...).
Trying to use the suspend restriction in order to prevent users from
getting a shell prompt doesn't make much sense anyway when they are
allowed access to execute commands which may be interrupted or allow
escaping to a shell... - KW
* Tweak of HTFile.c so that we no longer lose an LYforce_HTML_mode
directive if the file is gzipped or compressed and the uncompressed
suffix is not mapped to text/html. - FM
* Modified tempname() in LYUtils.c so that it checks whether files
with the current PID and target count already exist, and if so,
increments the count until a name for a non-existing file has been
created. - FM
* Mods in LYMainLoop.c and LYClean.c so that Control-G is treated as
a synonym for 'n'o in quit confirmation prompts. - FM
* Mods in LYPrint.c to strip any gzip or compress suffix from the
suggested filename, on the assumption that we're deal with a text/html
or text/plain file that had a corresponding Content-Encoding and no
Content-Disposition: file; filename=name.suffix header indicating
the appropriate filename after uncompression. This assumption does
apply for our current ftp gateway, and for most present-day http
servers. This mod in turn ensures that text/html files which are
not being printed as source will have their uncompressed suffixes
converted to .txt, indicated that they are rendered. - FM
* Fixed long-standing bug in display_page() of GridText.c. When it
was updating the links structures, it wasn't re-initializing the
form element if the links structure is not for a form field. - FM
* Mods in HTML.c to deal more effectively with H# headers used instead
of LH in lists. We now, in effect, treat them fully as if they were
LH, so that their left indentations are in register with the current
list nesting depth, and we apply better error recovery in cases where
the author is mis-using H# for a FONT change rather than as an actual
header. - FM
* Changed the line where a WHEREIS search target should preferably be
displayed to the 4th line (not counting the title line). This can
be changed by redefining SEARCH_GOAL_LINE in userdefs.h.
SEARCH_GOAL_LINE can also be a simple expression in terms of the
variable display_lines, e.g., `#define SEARCH_GOAL_LINE (display_lines/3)',
this should then automatically adapt to screen size changes (provided the
display system can deal with that...)
Note that this this goal line will normally not be used if the next
target, according to the algorithm Lynx uses, is already on the displayed
screen. Also, when the displayed page changes to show a search result,
there is no guarantee that it will end up on the line set by
SEARCH_GOAL_LINE. It should rather be regarded as a maximum.
For example the presence of anchors on the line with the target or on
the preceding lines will change the positioning. - KW
* The SEARCH_GOAL_LINE line will also be used for "going to" a link with
'g' suffix at the "Follow link ..." prompt, although the algorithm is
quite different. As for a search target, this only applies when Lynx
has to position to a different page of the document, and then is only
a maximum. - KW
* Enabled the no-cache setting for the pseudo document Lynx creates for
a client-side image map in LYMap.c, for now. - KW
* Minor typo fix for the proxy authentication mods. - FM
* Tweak of PRE block handling in HTML.c to ensure an implied paragraph
after the block if it is in a list and not followed by an LI. - FM
* Tweaks of SGML.c and LYCharUtils.c to allow any non-digit to terminate
a numeric character reference once at least one digit has been found in
the reference. - FM
* Change in LYUnEscapeToLatinOne() to use isdigit() instead of isalnum()
for recognizing numeric character references like LYUnEscapeEntities()
does. - KW
* Worked in JED's mods for taking a suspend into account during select()
calls. - FM
* Mods in LYMainLoop.c to not force a cache refresh on a proxy any more
when INLINE_TOGGLE, IMAGE_TOGGLE, RAW_TOGGLE are used. On the other
hand, do force a proxy cache refresh after one of the variables relevant
for content negotiation `language' or `pref_charset' has been changed
from the Options screen, if the current document is from a http, https, or
lynxcgi resource. - KW
* Set HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET environment variable for the child process in
LYCgi.c if pref_charset is not NULL. - KW
* (chartrans) Write a META tag with the current display character sets to
the files generated for Bookmarks, List, Info, History, and Visited Links
pages, so title strings contained in those files will (hopefully) not
get erroneously translated again. Use new function LYaddMETAcharsetToFD()
in LUCharUtils for this purpose. - KW
* (chartrans) makeuctb now sets RawUni to UCT_ENC_8BIT if not otherwise set
and if there are char values above 127. - KW
* (chartrans) Change in HTuncache_current_document() to prevent caching of
UCStages info which should be discarded. Still allow caching for this
in the node_anchor for source display, so that a META tag in the parsed
HTML can influence the display after using the SOURCE '\' key. - KW
* Don't use title in showlist() if it is empty, to prevent "hidden links"
on the List Page itself caused by documents with <TITLE></TITLE>. - KW
* Changed display_title() in GridText.c to not rely on sprintf() to get
the number of blanks right. - KW
* (chartrans) Added new lynx.cfg symbols ASSUME_CHARSET,
recognized if compiled with -DEXP_CHARTRANS. They correspond to the
command line options -assume_charset, -assume_local_charset, and
The default for ASSUME_CHARSET is iso-8859-1 (corresponding to display
character set "ISO Latin 1"). If no ASSUME_LOCAL_CHARSET is set,
the explicit or default value for ASSUME_CHARSET will also be used for
local files. ASSUME_UNREC_CHARSET has no default. See added text
in lynx.cfg. - KW
* (chartrans) Changes in LYCharSets.c to HTMLSetCharacterHandling() and
HTMLSetUseDefaultRawMode() to support (hopefully) more consistent
and user-friendly handling of raw mode and its default.
Note that the following description does not apply if the display
character set is one of the CJK settings. In that case, -raw and
the corresponding Options setting is used as a CJK toggle as before.
Note that the -raw flag is a toggle. It changes the "raw mode"
setting from the default. The current setting of "raw mode" can be
seen on the Options screen, and is also shown in a statusline message
when the RAW_TOGGLE key (normally '@') is used.
The default depends on the display character set (as previously)
but now also on the ASSUME_CHARSET setting (as determined by a setting
in lynx.cfg, possibly overridden by -assume_charset on the command
line, or the default iso-8859-1). When the display character set
corresponds to the ASSUME_CHARSET, the default for "raw mode" is ON,
otherwise it is OFF.
The effect of "raw mode" on the interpretation of documents which have
no explicit charset label (from HTTP headers, a META tag, or otherwise)
is as follows. There is an internal "assume charset" which may differ
from the user-specified ASSUME_CHARSET value. When "raw mode" is set
ON, the internal variable is set to correspond to the display character
set. When "raw mode" is set OFF, the internal variable changes to
the user-specified ASSUME_CHARSET or, if that also corresponds to the
display character set (so that otherwise there would be no change),
reverts back to the iso-8859-1 Web default.
Raw mode doesn't imply total rawness. HTML character entities may
be expanded and translated with either setting, 8-bit characters which
are inappropriate for the display character set will not be sent to
the terminal. For a "more raw" setting, try the "Transparent" pseudo
display character set. - KW
* Changed the compilation default in userdefs.h for USE_TRACE_LOG
to FALSE, for now. - KW
* Code for "fixing" of relative http and https URLs which start with a
../ segment from FM added, but it has to be enabled with the new
lynx.cfg symbol STRIP_DOTDOT_URLS (default currently set to FALSE).
See FM's description under 1997-04-23. - KW
* Changed the test for dot segment fixing in LYLegitimizeHREF() so
that now (if enabled) it also applies when the http or https base URL
in effect does have a non-empty path but without any slashes in it
(beyond the initial one between host and path). The test was too narrow
before and did not recognize this case, so that an unmodified URL with
../ in it would still be sent to the server and without generating a
statusline message. - KW
* Tweak of case LYK_REFRESH: in LYMainLoop.c so that the REFRESH command
still invokes an obligatory, complete refresh of the screen for slang
on Unix with the new LY_SLclear() function (see 1997-05-09 mods),
by using scrollok() if USE_SLANG is defined. - FM
* Changed the local variable name, lines, in follow_link_number() of
LYGetFile.c to nlines, to deal with the AIX 4.2 bug of treating lines
as a macro. Also changed the variable name, pages, to npages for
logical complementarity (they both refer to the total number). - FM
* Mods in HTML.c, LYCharUtils.c and GridText.c to deal with links for
positioning, specified via NAME or ID attributes, when they are embedded
in Anchors which have an HREF, so that they now don't force premature
closing of those Anchors. Also tweaked the code for creating links for
the sources of images or other for-GUI embedded objects when clickable
images ('*') is toggled on, so they use those mods as well, when
possible. Note, however, that the clickable images feature is creating
Anchors with HREFs which aren't actually there, and still can create
technically invalid markup, on occasion, when the non-doctored markup
actually is valid. The latter mods still need some improvements in the
formatting, but are OK to use for now, and my brain hurts from trying
to think through all the possible markup we might encounter. - FM
* Tweaks of the Lynx Trace Log handling to deal with reloads when the
HText structure for the log has been dumped. Made the first letter
of the filename uppercase (Lynx.trace), complementary to Lynx.leaks.
Eliminated the log from the Visited Links Page so it can't be sought
there as a forward link. Use the History Page if you want to 'd'ownload
the log, or use the 'p'rint option while viewing the log. Note that
suffix maps do tail matching, and thus the so-called suffixes need not
begin with a dot. If you want to use an external viewer for the log,
you can put:
VIEWER:application/x-LynxTrace:most +s %s
in your lynx.cfg, or their equivalents in your mime.types and mailcap
files. - FM
* Tweaks in LYMainLoop.c to set newdoc.title for various special pages
generated by Lynx (History Page, Info Page, etc.) and when following
a link. - FM
* Small change to the heuristics for New_DTD in start_element()
in SGML.c (try a bit more to close containing element if it's the
same tag) - KW
* Added support for proxy authentication. - AJL, FM
* Updated follow_help.html to indicate that 0 is the universal
F_LINK_NUM mapping for invoking the "Follow link (or ...) number:"
prompt. - FM
* Tweaks in LYMainLoop.c to ensure that the LYforce_HTML_mode flag is
reset reliably, so it doesn't carry over to requests for text/plain
documents, as it was doing under some circumstances in the vanilla
code, e.g., when a bookmark file was used as the startfile via a
file://localhost/path URL rather than via the -book switch. - FM
* Very minor change in Lynx_users_guide.html, added two words - KW
* Fixed a typo in statusline() of LYUtils.c. The check for whether
the string is zero length before bothering to convert CJK multi-bytes
was checking a holding buffer instead of the string. - FM
* Fixed a bug in LYHandleMETA() of LYCharUtils.c. The check for a
URL following the SECONDS value in REFRESH directives was not
taking into account that an EOL might follow the digits for the
SECONDS value. - FM
* Changed the behavior of boolean_choice() in LYOptions.c so that the
cursor is positioned immediately at the option display line instead
of staying at the statusline instructions until an initial entry is
made, and modified the statusline instructions accordingly. - LE, FM
* Added a check for a NULL pointer in the LYCookie.c code for blocking
sharing of SSL encrypted cookies with http servers, based on a patch
from RT, and added a comment on why code for a block based on the
scheme is there, despite its being redundant with the current blanket
restriction based of the ports. - FM
* Mapped 0 to F_LINK_NUM (as suggested by KW), so that 0 invokes the
"Follow link (or goto link or page) number:" prompt under all
circumstances (but with the 0 not treated as the first digit of
the number entry). That's a better way
to do it, because then the F_LINK_NUM command and explanation always
appears in the "Current Key Map" display, and only the mappings of
numbers to functions drop out when going from NUMBERS_AS_ARROWS to
LINKS_ARE_NUMBERS mode (as they should, 'cuz the numbers no longer
are mapped to functions; though maybe they should stay mapped to
functions now that we have an explicit command key for invoking the
prompt; something to think about...). - FM
* Updated the PROBLEMS file to indicate that you should try changing
-lresolve to -lbind if you have upgraded to the bind-8.1 or later
library on a Sun system and keep getting the message "Alert!: Unable
to connect to remote host". - FM
* Typo fix in follow_help.html. - FM
* Added an LY_SLclear() function in LYCurses.c as a more efficient
substitute for slang of the curses clear(), based on a patch from
* Added a USE_TRACE_LOG compilation (userdefs.h) symbol and -tlog command
line toggle of the compilation default (normally TRUE), for directing
syserr messages to a lynx.trace file in the user's home directory when
TRACE mode has been turned on (either via the -trace command line switch,
or the TOGGLE_TRACE (Control-T) command. Also added a TRACE_LOG command
(normally ';') for viewing the "Lynx Trace Log" (lynx.trace) at any time,
if one has been initiated during the current session. The trace log
feature is disabled automatically in anonymous or validation accounts,
and should not be used in any account which could have different users
simultaneously. The mods work well to the extent I've exercised them
thus far on VMS and for the solaris2 target, but possibly need more
refinements, depending on the behavior for other Unix flavors of
freopen(), which is used for redirecting stderr to the log. Updated, lynx.hlp, and the online 'h'elp to describe these new
features. - FM
* Made the handling of hidden links dependent on a new command line
option. With -hiddenlinks=listonly hidden links are only shown on
'l'ist screens and listings generated by -dump or from the 'p'rint
menu, but appear separately at the end of those lists.
With -hiddenlinks=ignore they don't appear even in listings.
With -hiddenlinks=merge hidden links are treated as before,
i.e., they show up as bracketed numbers if LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED is on,
and are numbered together with other links in the sequence of their
occurrence in the document. The default is -hiddenlinks=listonly.
Changed the new follow_help.html file accordingly.
This may help obviate an apparent need to call something a bug which
others regard as a feature... - KW
* Function HText_AreDifferent() updated as in FM's code, but still
unused. - KW
* Added another argument in follow_link_number() of LYGetFile.c for
returning the number entered at the "Follow link (or page) number:"
prompt to the mainloop(), and modified the statusline error messages
that may be issued from the mainloop() in conjunction the with 'g' or
'p' suffixes so that they report that number when appropriate. - FM
* Changed the prompt to "Follow link (or goto link or page) number:" - KW
* Tweaked case HTML_DD: in HTML.c so that it checks whether a wrap
has just occurred naturally before imposing a newline for DD start
tags. Without that check, seemingly random, extra newlines could
occur in the DL/DT/DD blocks. - FM
* Created a follow_help.html for the keystroke_commands subdirectory
of the online 'h'elp, describing the "Follow link (or page) number:"
features, and added links to it in Lynx_users_guide.html and
keystroke_help.html. - FM
* Changed the help description according to what is implemented here - KW
* Further tweaked KW's mainloop() tweak (see yesterday's entry), so that is reinitialized properly when we're going to, but not
ACTIVATE-ing, a link in the current page due to a 'g' suffix for a
"Follow link (or page) number:" entry. Otherwise, if the number with
a 'g' suffix was used to make the last link on the current page the
current link, and then a NEXT_LINK command was used, one could end
up on a link beyond the first one in the next page. Also added a
statusline message if the 'g' suffix is used with a number which
corresponds to a link that already is current. - FM
* Tweaked yesterday's LYList.c mods so that an OL with the CONTINUE
attribute is used when a "Hidden links:" list is appended to a
"Visible links:" list and NUMBERS_AS_ARROWS mode is on. This allows
you to see the number to enter at "Follow link (or page) number:"
prompts, as when LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED mode is on. - FM
* Mods in HTML.c for LI and LH handling so that a pointless wrap will not
occur at the spacer following the bullet in UL blocks or the Arabic
number, Roman numeral, or upper- or lowercase letter in OL blocks if
the subsequent text has no spaces, itself, up to the right margin.
In such cases, that text now stays on the initial LI or LH line, and
wraps at the right margin to the left indentation for a second or
greater line in the LI or LH. - FM
* Changes to avoid memory leaks in LYCookie.c - KW
* Escape '<' and '>' characters (using the LYEntify functions) in URL
strings written to the temporary files for LIST and INFO screens, to
avoid invalid HTML and corrupted display as a result of URLs which
contain these characters (although they shouldn't) and have not been
escaped earlier. - KW
* Changed the label for the currently selected link from "Filename:"
to "URL:", and fixed an alignment glitch for the 9th item on the
History and Visited Links pages. - KW
* Changed an "8-bit" occurring in HtInit.c to "8bit", tweaked LYKeymap.c
comments. - KW
* Added HText_AddHiddenLink(), HText_HiddenLinkCount(), and
HText_HiddenLinkAt() functions in GridText.c for keeping track of the
addresses (URL, plus fragment if present) for links that were converted
to hidden by HText_endAnchor() due to their having no visible link name,
and modified showlist() and printlist() in LYList.c so that if any hidden
links were create during the rendition, the "References in this document:"
menu for the 'l'ist command or appendix on dumps segregates and clearly
labels the visible versus hidden links. - FM
* Plugged a memory leak in LYEntify() of LYCharUtils.c. - FM
* Modified experimental DTD info to not close anchors when an invalid
P, H1-H6, or ADDRESS start tag is encountered, and to change error
recovery for P and MAP. - KW
* Modified experimental DTD info and HTML.c to not close PRE when
an invalid FORM start tag is encountered, and to use the appropriate
handling for preformatted text if PRE is in effect but is not the top
element on HTML.c's stack. The HTStyle structure's freeFormat (which
wasn't used anywhere before) is now used as one test whether we are
within preformatted text, also corrected the style setting of freeFormat
for PRE in DefaultStyle.c. - KW
* Changed internal gateways (in HTNews.c, HTFile.c, HTWAIS.c, HTWSRC.c)
to end LI, DT, and DD elements if they are not declared SGML_EMPTY,
so that HTML.c's stack won't get overloaded in this case. - KW
* Tweaks in mainloop() handling of DO_GOTOLINK_STUFF and DO_GOTOPAGE_STUFF.
Going to a link with the 'g' suffix and then immediately ACTIVATing that
link could previously show the wrong page of the new document, since
newdoc.line was not being reset. - KW
* (chartrans) Now always check for LYlowest_eightbit[current_char_set]
near the top of HText_appendCharacter(), to prevent writing C1 control
chars to the terminal if they are not valid as displayable characters
according to the selected "display character set" Option.
All this should be handled earlier in processing, and this check may
disappear again for testing, but somebody asked for it... - KW
* (chartrans) Small changes to README files. - KW
* In the section of HTUtils.h for non-autoconf builds, don't set
* Modified HText_LinksInLines() to not count hidden form fields. - KW
* Added support for setting an anchor's no_cache element based on a
comparison between Expires and Date headers if both were received
and we didn't set it based on a Cache-Control directive. Also
added equivalent support for a comparison between an Expires value
from a META tag and a Date header. We still compare Expires header
or META values versus the system time if no Date header was received,
and still do not accept Date values from META tags because they are
unlikely to be reliable. - FM
* Fixed a bug in LYAddImageMap() of LYMap.c which could cause multiple
insertions of the same MAP into the LynxMaps structure, and crashes
on some systems due to the consequent multiple FREE()'s at exit. - FM
* More mods in HTML.c, LYCharUtils.c and GridText.c for rational handling
of potentially wrapped form fields in PRE blocks. We now artificially
wrap the line if the form field would start within 6 columns from the
right margin. This makes sure that editing windows and the highlighted
segments of submit or reset buttons will not ever be ridiculously short,
and is homologous to our use of a collapsible space before input fields
and buttons when not in PRE blocks to promote a wrap there instead of
within the fields or buttons. - FM
* Expanded the WHEREIS query support so that it also locates the values
of form fields within the current document and repositions or pages
accordingly, as for normal (Anchor) links and for text strings. Note
that if the hit was for an OPTION value in a retracted SELECT popup,
you are positioned on the retracted window, and must pop it up and
search again to be positioned on the OPTION value with the hit, unless
it already is the selected OPTION. The mods are hairy enough without
trying to do the latter automatically, at least for now. - FM
* Quote the URL for external command (not for VMS or DOS or Windows)
to avoid dangerous chars and shell spoofing. - KW
* Escape characters properly when constructing URLs from filenames
in LYConvertToURL. If a string given for startfile, home page, or
a goto command which does not already have the form of an absolute
URL starting with an URL scheme and which does not start with '~'
(but may start with '/') specifies an existing file or directory in
valid Unix-like format for the native filesystem, i.e., without using
escaping, it gets URL-escaped, otherwise it is assumed to already
be URL-escaped. - KW
* Updated RP Styles 0.2 code, don't allow comma as separator between
fg and bg colors after all, fix the LYNX_VERSION string generation
in userdefs.h to have `-Styles' appended *within* the quoted string. - KW
* Added support for a 'p' suffix, like the 'g' suffix for making a link
number the current link rather than ACTIVATE-ing it,
but for displaying the page indicated by the number preceding the
'p' suffix entered at the "follow link (or goto link or page) number:"
prompt. [...] If the number
entered at the prompt is '1' or less followed by the 'p' suffix, or only
'p' is entered, you get the same behavior as for the HOME command. If
the number is equal to or greater than the number of pages, you get the
last page displayed as you would if you had used successive PAGE_DOWN
commands from the HOME position to reach it. This differs from the END
command, which fills the screen with lines from the end of the document
if you are not already displaying the end of the document. Note that if
you enter a number without a suffix (to ACTIVATE the link with that number)
or with the 'g' suffix (to make the link with that number the current link)
it must correspond to a valid link number or an error statusline message
will be issued, in contrast to the 'p' suffix for which an out of range
number is treated as a request to display the first or last actual page in
the current document. - FM
* Fixed some typos in - LV
* More modifications of the anchor counting code for HTGetLinkInfo() in
GridText.c so that it properly skips hidden form fields and anchors
without selectable text. - KW
* More modifications in GridText.c and HTML.c so that it deals rationally
with submit or reset button values, and the underscore placeholders for
other form fields, when in versus not in PRE blocks. The entire submit
or reset button values are now always displayed, whether or not a portion
of it was wrapped, but we still can only highlight the portion before the
wrap to indicate a link for submission of the form or for resetting the
form field values. - FM
* Undid some mysterious changes in SIGHUP setting (SIG_IGN vs. SIG_DFL)
which had sneaked in in connection with adding the NOSIGHUP
conditional. - KW
* Tweaks to New DTD's extra info for CENTER and H1..H6 - KW
* New function HText_AreDifferent() from FM added to GridText.c, but
not used yet. - KW
* Tweaks to WB's additions for external command: use strncasecomp, add
LYExtern.o to src/, changed test for empty command. - KW
* Changed LYKeymap.h and LYKeymap.c so they agree about the symbols
assigned to the new keys (SWITCH_DTD, EXTERN). - KW
* correct minor syntax err that caused SCO 3.x to fail make-include
autoconf test. also, eliminate whitespace before '#' that causes
compile-fail on K&R compilers. - TD
* Updated lynx_url_support.html so as to make clear that the offer to
include the currently displayed document with right-angle-bracket
prefixing for mailto, newsreply, and snewsreply URLs is made only if
the user has defined an external editor via the Options Menu, and that
the user is expected to edit this inclusion so that it retains only
those passages relevant to the email or followup message which the
user will add. - FM
* Tweak of INPUT handling in HTML.c so that we use nbsp instead of any
spaces when loading a submit or reset button's actual value instead
of a series of underscores into the HText structure, so that we
still promote a wrap, if needed, at the space we ensured would be
present before each INPUT. - FM
* Made first_option a structure member rather than a static variable
in HTML.c - KW
* Tweak of Control-C and Control-G handling for popup_options() in
LYForms.c. They were being sought improperly as command keys rather
than as raw keyboard entries. Note that only Control-G should be
used as "cancel" within popup windows on Unix, because Control-C
is not being trapped to a handler as on VMS. - LE, FM
* Tweak of the anchor counting code for HTGetLinkInfo() in GridText.c
so that it takes form fields into account when making a link current
based on a "Follow link number" entry with the 'g' suffix.
Also added comments to that code. - KW
* Added information in the "Lynx bookmarks" section of the Users Guide
about appropriate versus unsupported modifications when editing the
bookmark files. - FM
* RP Styles 0.2 fixed a bit and brought up to current experimental code
level (no autoconfig or simple-curses, only older version of Wayne's
mods, maybe something else is missing, too). No documentation, no
detailed checking, no real cleanup. Makefile slightly adapted,
but still needs changing for new systems - see comments there. - KW
* Tweaks for enhanced mouse support in Win32 and hooks for 386 which
doesn't have mouse support yet. - WB
* External command added. See LYExtern.* in src and lynx.cfg.
You need to define USE_EXTERNALS to compile this in. - WB
* Modified LYCharUtils.c, HTML.c and LYMessages_en.h so that if a
partial reference (HREF or SRC value) would be resolved to an http
or https URL which has only two dots as the first symbolic element in
the path (e.g., http://host/../foo.html), such that the server would
reject the request, that element is excluded from the resultant URL,
but a statusline message is issued (once per document) about a bad
partial reference, as immediate feedback which might lead to the
document provider correcting the bad partial reference(s). We still
retain that first symbolic element, in compliance with the IETF RFCs
and IDs for resolving URLs, with other URL schemes (e.g., ftp). - FM
* Added a skip_stack int to the HTML.h struct _HTStructured, to use
for flagging that the next call to HTML_start_element or
HTML_end_element is an internal shortcut and should skip pushing
or popping the HTML.c paragraph style stack even for elements
that are not declared SGML_EMPTY. Added a SET_SKIP_STACK macro
to HTML.c to set the flag, use it. - KW
* Changes to HTML.c to better deal with a number of elements which may
or may not have been declared SGML_EMPTY in HTMLDTD.c:
if the last stacked element is HTML_OPTION, treat text as for
HTML_SELECT in HTML_put_character and HTML_put_character and
HTML_put_string. Added handling code for </P> to HTML_end_element
(similar but not identical to that for P in HTML_start_element).
Added check whether a SELECT is still open to FORM handling in
HTML_end_element. Added check whether a FORM is open to SELECT
handling in HTML_end_element. Added cases for end tags of
and of DT, DD, LH, LI, FONT, OVERLAY to the switch in
HTML_end_element, currently just break from the switch. - KW
* Some tweaks and corrections to the additional element info and
to the content types used with New_DTD, in HTMLDTD.c. Made
OPTION non-empty. - KW
* Now changed the tags_old[] in HTMLDTD.c, which is used with the
switchable "old" SGML parsing, to follow the changes for A, B,
BLINK, CITE, EM, FONT, I, STRONG, and U mentioned in the entry
of 1997-04-15. These, together with FORM and P, are all declared
as SGML_EMPTY now when the "old" SGML parsing is in effect, but
not with new parsing. - KW
* Changes to LYMail.c and LYPrint.c to send Content-Transfer-Encoding
headers and/or a charset parameter when mailing, based on idea from
Hynek Med. Don't use charset if we only have 7-bit characters
anyway. If compiled with EXP_CHARTRANS, use MIME name corresponding
to display character set if it looks valid (not "x-"), otherwise
only an explicitly given document charset. In the chartrans case,
don't send charset parameter for CJK since it may be wrong... - KW
* Added TRACE output to UCAuto.c - HM
* refined check for slang libraries/headers by checking if $CFLAGS has been
set so that slang.h is in the search path - TD
* add check to allow use of broken ncurses 1.9.9e's color - TD
* add check for NGROUPS, TRUE, FALSE macro definitions - TD
* remove top-level targets that can be combined with the generic
target (more work required on the remaining ones) - TD
* Plugged memory leak in deleteLinks() of HTAnchor.c. - KW
* When dumping or outputting a rendered document via the 'p'rint menu,
Lynx would use the underscore placeholders for submit/image/reset
buttons as for other INPUT fields. We now load the values of
submit/image/reset buttons instead of placeholders into the HText
structure, so the values will be seen when dumping or outputting
via the 'p'rint menu. See the comments under case HTML_INPUT: in
HTML.c for the still less than optimal things that happen if a
wrap occurs within the INPUT value or placeholder strings, as might
happen in PRE blocks, or for strings wider than the screen. - LE, FM
* SGML_abort() did not free memory used by the SGML.c parser stack.
Now it does, but still doesn't call HTML_end_element() for the
stacked elements (it's an abort after all...) - KW
* Tweaks of the 1997-04-11 and 1997-04-09 mods in HText_endAnchor() of
GridText.c so as to take possible wrapping of Anchor content into
account when deciding whether or not to implement the Anchor as an
ACTIVATE-able link. - FM
* New SGML.c parser, and new HTMLDTD.c with additional element info.
Extra content information for each tag is now included in the
HTTag structure, and given in an extended tags_new[] table in
HTMLDTD.c. Modified start_element() and end_element() in SGML.c
to perform some heuristic wind-downs of the parsing stack, based
on the extra element info. - KW
* Revert treatment of some tags which were treated as SGML_EMPTY
before to their "natural" content model. No changes made to
HTML.c to accommodate this change, so results may differ where
HTML.c relies on previous hacks or has now handling code for
end tags of elements which were previously SGML_EMPTY. - KW
* Made SGML parsing switchable between old and new HTMLDTD info
and SGML.c code, controlled by a New_DTD global variable and
LYK_SWITCH_DTD toggle key. Use (temporarily?) ^V for the toggle key.
This is not yet changeable via command line, lynx.cfg, etc., and the
default is New_DTD==YES (so that it gets tested :-) ). - KW
* Made some of the error messages before exit in LYMainLoop.c and
LYMain.c go to stderr instead of stdout, but only for UNIX and,
in the case of the LYMainLoop.c messages, only if
dump_output_immediately was in effect. - KW
* Tweaks in LYCharUtils.c to bind META CONTENT to a header value only
via an HTTP-EQUIV attribute (i.e., not via a NAME attribute). - FM
* Mod in HTAccess.c to ignore the anchor's no_cache element if we're
seeking a position in the currently loaded document. - FM
* Commented out the above change in HTAccess.c. There's a more complete
mechanism for it already in this code... - KW
* Fixed a typo in the bookmark file lead text. - DK (Doug Kaufman
* Changed the inappropriate StrAllocCat() to StrAllocCopy() for
loading the XLOADIMAGE_COMMAND in LYReadCFG.c. - PC
* Based on recent discussions in, added HY and SHY
to the DTD (treated as synonyms; one or the other is most likely
to be used in future HTML specs, so for now, we support both), as
markup equivalent to the named entity &shy; and numeric character
reference &#173; (soft hyphen). Note that Lynx implements soft
hyphens as specified in IETF RFC 2070 (link "HTML i18n" in the
Users Guide). Use of a tag instead of entity is preferable for
a soft hyphen because browsers which do not support soft hyphen
will ignore it as an "unknown tag" instead of inappropriately
inserting a hyphen or displaying the raw entity. Also added WBR,
which is handled like soft hyphen (indicating a permissible wrap
point), but does not insert a hyphen at the wrap. - FM
* Mods in HTML.c, HTML.h, and LYMessages_en.h to issue an HTML stack
overrun message only once per document, and as a statusline message
if not in TRACE mode, and to check in HTML_end_element() for
correspondence between the SGML and HTML stacks if an overrun should
occur. - FM
* Corrections in HTML.c for the bounds checks associated with DIV and
CENTER nesting levels, and for an HTML stack underrun. - KW
* Plugged a memory leak under case HTML_IMG: of HTML_start_element() in
HTML.c, and removed an inappropriate if(){} in HText_endAnchor() of
GridText.c. - FM, KW
* Modified the lead text created for bookmark files in LYBookmark.c so
that it indicates that an editor can be used to delete or reorder
the links, but that the format within lines should not be changed,
nor other HTML markup added. Note that the new lead text will be
used only when new bookmark files are created via the 'a'dd bookmark
link command. A new bookmark file is not created if the one being
sought already exists, so existing ones will still have the old
lead text. - FM
* Extensive changes to try to keep track of whether a document (or
a location within it) was reached by an internal (fragment-only)
URL reference or not. The basic idea is to be serious about I-D
(currently) draft-fielding-url-syntax-04.txt.
URL references starting with '#' are always to the current
document (from which the reference is made). This leads to a
lot of hackery in HTML.c, LYMainLoop.c, LYHistory.c, etc. etc...
to distinguish a doc that was reached by an "internal" reference
from others. But it seems necessary to keep track of how the
reference to a fragment was specified, whether with a non-empty
"real" URL (possibly relative) preceding the '#' or without it,
all the way way from the HTML parsing to the mainloop. Only then
can the mainloop decide to not start a new retrieval for an internal
reference without skipping a new retrieval if a full URL reference
with fragment is made to a location in the same document (which
may be non-cachable or the result of a POST)...
This code prevents unnecessary/inappropriate POST form resubmissions
on following an internal link in a POST response, as they are
present for example in WebTechs validation results. - KW
* A "Goto numbered link" feature. The user interface could be improved...
Start typing the link number, then add 'g' before hitting enter - KW
* Some improvements to WHEREIS search. Will not always position
found string on first line (details depend on whether anchors are
present, usually will position in top third of screen), and avoid
some unnecessary screen updates. - KW
* Miscellaneous additional tweaks in HTML.c for more robust error recovery
from bad HTML involving emphasis or style elements (B, BLINK, CITE, EM,
FONT, I, STRONG, and U), or HREF-less NAME-ed Anchors without matching
end tags. - FM
* Modified the declarations in HTMLDTD.c and code in SGML.C, HTML.c, and
GridText.c to handle A, B, BLINK, CITE, EM, FONT, I, STRONG, and U
container elements homologously to the modified handling of FORM (see
1997-04-05 mods) so that if they are invalidly interdigitated or have
spurious end tags in the markup, substitutions of the "expected" end
tags by the SGML.c stack-based parser will not be made, and without
messing up the HTML.c stack-based parser. Appears to work reliably
for all of the elements, and to be reasonably crash safe (hopefully
as safe as the vanilla v2.7.1), but there are no guarantees. - FM
* Only *some* (most?) of the changes described in the above two
entries are used, as far as they change HTML.c. Not yet using the
changes to HTMLDTD.c and SGML.c. - KW
* refined logic of SVr4 curses color support to test the no_color_video
attribute - TD
* ifdef'd NCURSES_MOUSE_VERSION logic to allow build with ncurses 1.9.4 - TD
* ifdef'd wgetbkgd misspelling to allow build with ncurses prior to 1.9.9g - TD
* document USE_MOUSE configuration-option - TD
* modify configure script and templates to make BSDI_Makefile
obsolete - TD
* rename config.h to lynx_cfg.h to minimize conflict when configuring against
ncurses or slang in nonstandard locations - TD
* new autoconf macro CF_HEADER_PATH is used to make header-search for slang
the same as ncurses - TD
* modify CF_CURSES_LIBS, CF_NCURSES_LIBS and CF_SLANG_LIBS to accommodate
predefinition of $LIBS variable - TD
* corrected autoconf'd compiler flags for Ultrix - TD
* add config.guess & config.sub to allow specialized host-type checks - TD
* guard against redefinition of NO_FILIO_H - TD
* use new autoconf macro CF_SYSTEM_MAIL_FLAGS -JES
* Tweaked LYAddImageMap() in LYMap.c so that it removes all pre-existing
AREA element entries when updating MAP element content, and set the
no_cache anchor element in LYLoadIMGmap() so that the updated MAPs
always will be used when rendering. - FM
* Not using the no_cache change from last entry, until further
investigation. - KW
* Removed two spurious lines under case LYK_PRINT: in LYMainLoop.c
(from an old cut and paste from case LYK_HISTORY: done too late
at night 8-). - FM
* Modified the handling of BASE for resolving HREFs in relation to MAP
and AREA elements, and USEMAPs in IMG and OBJECT elements. The
formally released code was treating such links equivalently to the
handling of fragments for positioning the display to ID-ed elements
or NAME-ed Anchors, and assuming they're in the same document if the
associated HREF value begins with a '#', rather than resolving versus
the BASE, and was always resolving versus the BASE for MAP ID or NAME
attributes, and for the AREA HREFs in MAP content. We now always
resolve the MAP ID or NAME attributes versus the current stream's
address (since the MAP must be in it or we wouldn't be handling it)
[...] According to the
original draft and the current HTML 3.2 Proposed Standard,
MAPs need not be in the same document as the IMG or OBJECT elements
which specify links to the MAPs. Because MAPs are "deferred objects",
they logically should be placed above any IMG or OBJECT elements which
reference them in the same document (as is done for SCRIPTs), but this
isn't stated in the specs, nor always done in practice. [...]
([A]uthors who place the MAPs further down in the same document should be
informed about "deferred objects" and encouraged to move them up 8-). - FM
* Use logical extension of the rules for HREF references also for
USEMAP references to MAPs: relative URL references are resolved with
respect to a BASE element if one is present in the document where they
occur, unless they are URL references without a URL, i.e., only a
fragment starting with '#'. In the latter case they are taken as
internal references referring to a MAP in the same document where
the USEMAP occurs, whether the MAP occurs before the USEMAP (as it
should, according to previous entry) or after the USEMAP.
HREF's in AREA elements follow the same rules. - KW
* Fixed bug in HTML_free() for the case when LYMapsOnly is set. We
didn't create an HText structure for the stream (just scanned it for
MAPs and processed them into LYMap.c's LynxMaps structure), nor do
we want to create a blank one (as was being done) since we didn't
render the stream, nor would we have a me->target set. So we just
free any me elements that might still be allocated (though they
should have been freed already), and return rather than continuing
through the rest of the HTML_free() code. - FM
* Fixed bugs in Gridtext.c and HTML.c which could cause mishandling
of anchors in LINKS_ARE_NUMBERS mode if a line wrap occurred in
the numbered bracket or the anchor content following the bracket,
and failures to suppress the numbered bracket if the anchor content
was empty due to ALT="" in an IMG tag, or if Lynx was configured or
toggled to suppress the link for the server-side image map if both
ISMAP and USEMAP attibutes were present in the IMG tag. - FM
* Only using the number-removing code under additional conditions:
ISMAPs which appear together with USEMAPs and which are suppressed
* Extended the disk_save restriction to the print menu as well as
the download menu, and accordingly updated lynx.hlp,, and
Lynx_users_guide.html. - HN, FM
* Many changes to further the Win32 and 386 ports. An emulation of
the HTVMS_ calls was used to try and cover all the DOS'izms.
A specialized ifdef for pdcurses color mapping added. Some keypad
tweaks. More generalized process spawning. .lynxrc is lynx.rc for 386 - WB
* Tweak to ensure that a newline isn't inserted by virtue of a
FORM start tag if it's in the first line of a list element and
no text precedes it other than a UL's bullet or OL's number
on that line. - FM
* Added pauses for the "Bad HTML" statusline messages under cases
HTML_HTML and HTML_BODY in HTML_end_element(), and eliminated
their checks for an unclosed FORM because we no longer expect
that to cause a serious problem. - LE, FM
* Added a NO_ISMAP_IF_USEMAP configuration symbol and -ismap
command line toggle for suppressing inclusion of a link for the
server-side-image-map if an IMG or OBJECT element has both ISMAP
and USEMAP attributes such that a client-side-image-map link is
created. Updated, lynx.hlp and Lynx_users_guide.html
accordingly. - FM
* Fixed a glitch in HText_endAnchor() of Gridtext.c which could
cause dangling Anchors in LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED mode if the Anchor's
content was handled in a manner which caused it to become zero
length. - FM
* Moved handling for NEWS_POSTING in LYReadCFG.c to the right place,
so that it can actually have an effect. - LV
* Typo fixes for the comment concerning NO_ANONYMOUS_EMAIL in
userdefs.h - HN, FM
* New translation table koi8r_uni for KOI8-R charset. Lynx can now
translate between iso-8859-5 and KOI8-R, at least for the Cyrillic
characters present in both. - KW
* New translation table def7_uni with default 7-bit mappings
(replacement representation). Based on RFC1345 and mnemonic,ds
from and previous Lynx replacements
in LYCharSets.c and IPA FAQ convention and stuff for Ethiopic and
KOI8-R. It maps many of the accented Latin characters present in
Unicode to their unaccented counterparts. This table is now
used for the "7 bit approximations" display "character set". - KW
* Entities for Latin2 characters added to HTMLDTD.c These also
include many entity names for ASCII characters, and characters
which are in both iso-8859-1 and iso-8859-2. - Hynek Med
* Changes to the non-chartrans translation tables in LYCharSets.c
for &Dstrok;, &ETH;, and &eth;. Treat &Dstrok; more like
an entity for the (Latin-2) Unicode character U+0110, since
that seems to be SGML standard usage. - KW
* Added mappings for some "smart quote" characters to several
translation tables. - KW
* Make makeuctb slightly more flexible (accept unicode range for
mapping to single code point). - KW
* Took out special-case handling in the curses-color code for underlining
when lynx is running under Linux using the linux console with color.
The code was introduced on 1997-03-12 and would ignore "smul" capability
info from terminfo or termcap under those circumstances, always using
bold instead of underline. - KW
* Slightly modified the FORM handling patch of 1997-04-05, as follows:
Use a generic test for a non-SGML_EMPTY element for bypassing the
stack pop in HTML_end_element() of HTML.c instead of an explicit
test for HTML_FORM. - KW
* Patch for IMG elements which have both ISMAP and USEMAP in effect.
In HTML_start_element() don't generate the "[ISMAP]-" string for
output in this case, unless clickable_images is set TRUE. - KW
* Patch for Lynx v2.7.1 to handle invalidly interdigitated container
elements or spurious container end tags without substitutions of
"expected" FORM end tags by the SGML.c stack-based parser, and
without messing up the HTML.c stack-based parser. Reliably succeeds
in not closing FORMs before all of the FORM elements, including
submit buttons, have been processed. Should be reasonably crash
safe (hopefully as safe as the vanilla v2.7.1), but there are no
guarantees. - FM
--- Release of Lynx2-7 + BUGFIXES as Lynx v2.7.1 (April 4, 1997) by FM ---
* Note that 2.7.1 was not a release from this code set, but all 2.7 -> 2.7.1
bugfixes and other changes are also included in this code set, in either
identical or equivalent form. Therefore the entries below this point
comprise the 2.7 -> 2.7.1 changes, and additionally other changes made to
the development code set during that time. - KW
* add Andrew Kuchling's patch to support mouse-clicks with ncurses. - TD
* refine tests that address porting problems to SCO (detecting struct winsize,
workaround for misdefinition of 'remove') - TD
* refine CF_COLOR_CURSES test to avoid ncurses 1.9.9e bugs. - TD
* refine CF_PATH_PROG to allow for machines that haven't the given programs,
by using only the program name and added configure option
--disable-full-paths to enforce this behavior. - TD
* fixes for some gcc compiler warnings (missing prototypes, unused variables,
uninitialized variables, shadowed variables). - TD
* Fixed typos in LYHistory.c, LYMail.c and LYMain.c which caused
failures of flag setting in the distributed code. - TD
* correct cast in HTFWriter.c that may break if atoi() is not prototyped. - TD
* add top-level makefile target 'maintainer-clean', use this to remove
Lynx.prj - TD
* Added a missing check for whether the fragment token is NULL in
LYConvertToURL() of LYUtils.c. Without the check, the for-Unix code
could crash if a local file spec was entered as a startfile or goto
with escaped characters. - KW
* Mod in HTML.c to retain "[INLINE]" as the default ALT string if an
IMG element has an ISMAP attribute but is not in Anchor content such
that it could not in fact function as a server-side image map. - FM
* In mainloop(), after the call to HText_pageDisplay() following a change
of the document view, ensure that does not remain set to -1
if there are any links on the screen. This would otherwise happen if
a document is pushed to the history stack while there are no links, and
later popped (and refreshed) after one or more links have been created.
This change prevents segmentation faults which occurred after creation
of a new file in a previously empty directory via the DIRED menu. The
access to invalid memory only occurred if the screen showing the empty
directory did not have a parent dir reference link (which is always the
case if NO_PARENT_DIR_REFERENCE was specified at compilation time). - KW
* In LYLocal.c, modified the code handling DIRED_MENU to do more careful
checking of the selected file. In addition to "TAG", "FILE", and "DIR",
DIRED_MENU definitions in lynx.cfg now also recognize LINK as a type.
DIRED_MENU definitions with a type field of "LINK" are only used if the
current selection is a symbolic link ("FILE" and "DIR" definitions are
not used in that case). The default menu definitions have been updated
to reflect this change, and to avoid the showing of menu items whose
action would always fail - KW
* Some cleanup to eliminate compiler warnings, remove some unused
variables - KW
* Fixed a typo and added comments for the code in LYMainLoop.c which
decides whether to load the URLs for homepage and/or startfile into
the goto buffer at startup. The typo in the distributed code caused
the startfile URL always to be added to the goto buffer, even if
it had POST content such that it could be resent inappropriately
as a GET request via the goto buffer. - FM
* Added a bsdi-slang target to the Makefile. - Laura Eaves
* Changed highlighting of strings found by a WHEREIS ('/') search.
Now uses Christmas tree attribute combination ("all bits are on"),
which with color support translates to COLOR:7. - KW
* Modified the HTStream structure and associated code in src/HTFWriter.c
so that we save and use the relevant content of the associated
HTPresentation structure as two HTFormat elements rather than via a
pointer to the HTPresentation structure itself, because the latter
structure might not be valid under some circumstances when
HTFWriter_free() is called. The distributed code might indirectly
result in segmentation faults during downloading on Linux and some
other flavors of Unix (though they don't occur for most flavors, or
on VMS). - KW
* Further reduction of top-level by moving definitions out of
WWW/Implementation/*/Makefile, so only one is needed for autoconfigured
build (i.e., WWW/Implementation/unix/Makefile). This highlights the
remaining differences between the top-level targets - TD
* Make configure script generate Unix makefiles in subdirectories, a step
toward being able to run make from any directory, for development - TD
* Add autoconf tests for paths of programs, including sendmail vs mmdf - TD
* Add configure script options for development (--disable-echo, --enable-debug,
--enable-find-leaks, --enable-warnings) - TD
* Allow user to override search path for ncurses header by setting $CFLAGS or
* Correct array limit in LYCurses.c for SVr4 color support - TD
* Use addstr rather than printw in popup-forms to address concern about 8-bit
characters - TD
* Changes in auto config handling of ncurses header location, function
used for reading terminal input, some other system dependent tweaks
(including SCO broken remove, time.h) - TD
* Fix for popup handling with late ncurses versions (uses wprintw
instead of waddstr in LYForms.c) - TD
* Mods in LYPrint.c to use ".txt" as the output file extension for
all rendered text/html files regardless of their original extension.
The distributed code was doing this only for ones with an extension
of ".html". The original extension still is retained if the file
is being output as source. - FM
* Added protection against passing a NULL pointer for path_url to
render_item() from dired_options() in LYLocal.c. - GN
* Tweaked the protection against URLs directed to port 19 or port 25 so
that it can't be circumvented via lead zeros in the port numbers. - FM
* Changed the compilation default so as not to send From MIME headers to
http or https servers. The default can still be changed via lynx.cfg.
Replaced the -nofrom disabling switch to a -from switch for toggling
the compilation or configuration default. Sending the From header
has become widely regarded as an invasion of privacy risk, particularly
in conjunction with cookie support. - FM
* Corrected a typo in the lynx.cfg comments concerning TRUSTED_LYNXCGI
rules. - KW
* Mods of LYNews.c and LYMail.c to prepend a "-- " separator before
appending the LYNX_SIG_FILE signature file to news and email
messages. - FM
* Made the installation mode 755 in the top-level Makefile. The
distributed code used 555, and some install commands were unable
to do the strip. - LV
* Corrected typos and expanded the comments concerning lynxcgi symbols
in userdefs.h and lynx.cfg. - FM
* Modified SGML.c to handle the numeric character reference &#8482; as
the named entity &trade; also in the non-chartrans case. The
trademark character (given by &#8482; or &trade;) will be shown as
"(TM)" as the ASCII substitution unless the current display character
has a code point for the trademark character or unless overridden by a
chartrans translation table. The code of 1997-02-25 prevented showing
the trademark sign as "(R)" but did not work in all non-chartrans
cases. - KW
* Include time.h via tcp.h for SVR4 systems. The tcp.h header does include
sys/time.h for Unix systems, but this apparently doesn't get struct tm
and extern char * ctime() declared for SVR4. - FM
* Added protection in LYGetFile.c against connections to the port 25
ESMTP service. - FM
* (chartrans) Make compilation in src/chrtrans less verbose, no more
generating automatic *.h_old backup copies. - KW
* Refinement to the SVr4 (ncurses) color support, allowing it
to more closely model the slang support. - TD
* Tweak for command line parsing of files with no URL in LYUtils.c.
Also added ability to pass partial domain names in the DJGPP version. - WB
* Added the closing function for Win32 TCP in LYExit.c (did anyone see a
difference?!). - WB
* Altered LYCurses.c so that the DJGPP version could spawn other programs
without certain death. - WB
* Ignoring the whole ~/lynx.cfg problem (expanding '~') entirely for the
Win32 version for now. - WB
* Some other tweaks for Win32 and DJGPP - WB
* Added protection in LYGetFile.c against denial of service attacks via
the port 19 CHARGEN service. The distributed code left Lynx or proxies
vulnerable to such attacks via direct or redirection URLs. - FM
* Fixed error in the handling of numeric character references with values
greater than 255 in SGML.c. The distributed code was breaking after
substitutions instead of falling through to reset the string chunk and
recycle the terminator if not a semi-colon. - FM
* Integrated (simple) color, auto-configure patches with 2.7 following
chrtrans patch - TD (T.Dickey), JES (J.Spath)
* Fixed error in the switch positioning of checks for XLOADIMAGE_COMMAND
and wais_proxy in LYReadCFG.c. The distributed code had them reversed
under case 'W' versus case 'X'. - PDS
* Expanded the copyright and licensing statements in the -version
output. - FM
* Corrected the offset computation in textsearch() of LYSearch.c so that
WHEREIS searches repeated on a page with no links seek the target
starting at the line immediately following the last displayed. The
distributed code was setting a greater offset. - JES
* Don't entify post content for the showinfo display, now that we are
making it an XMP block in that display to handle all of the supported
enctypes. - FM
* Patches to fix mail and FTP for Win32 (LYMail.c, HTFile.c). - WB
* Makefiles to compile chartrans code for Win32. - WB
* (chartrans) Minor cleanups (makeuctb.c, chrtrans/Makefile, HTPlain.c)
to enable successful compilation on Win32. - KW
* Changed all references to "image/*" to just "image" in the userdefs.h
and lynx.cfg comments about XLOADIMAGE_COMMAND. The "/*" within the
userdefs.h comments was generating warnings from some compilers. - FM
* Added a snake-slang target to the Makefile, and added -DUNIX to the
LYFLAGS for the snake3 and snake3-slang targets (HP-UX apparently does
not define "unix" itself with the -Ae switch, and thus needs to have
that definition forced via -DUNIX). - HL
* Merged with patches and makefiles from Wayne Buttles
( to enable compilation in two new environments:
Win32 (95/NT) with Borland C++ 4.52 compiler, and 386 DOS with DJGPP
compiler. To add ports for Win32 (95/NT) and 386 DOS computers with a
packet driver, four new defines were created: _WINDOWS (Defined for Win32
specific code - Mostly TCP related), DJGPP (Defined for 386 specific code -
Mostly TCP related), DOSPATH (Defined for any DOS'ish computer), and
NOSIGHUP (Defined for computers not supporting sighup signal calls).
Separate utility programs needed for compiling and running Lynx on those
platforms are available from Wayne at
<>. - WB, KW
* Fixed Telnet for Win32 - WB
* (chartrans) Small correction in SGML.c (set_chartrans_handling) - KW
* Close both descriptors of the pipe() for the NSL_FORK enabled code
in HTTCP.c. The distributed code was closing only one of them on
completed gethostbyname() calls, and neither on 'z'aps. - FM
* Changed the HREF for the "Lynx FAQ" link in the online 'h'elp to
its new URL ( - FM
* More reverse engineering to cope with Netscape's bogus cookie header
parsing. The parser must not require an '=' between the expires
attribute name and value, because Set-Cookie headers are being
transmitted without it (e.g., by So Lynx
now treats that as another special case. - FM
* Cope with invalid use of expires attributes in Version 1 cookies.
An -06 State Management draft recommends that for "backward
compatibility", and has been severely criticized in the HTTP-WG,
but it would be foolish not to assume Netscape will do that. See the
expanded comments in LYSetCookie() of LYCookie.c for more information.
Note that "expires" thus cannot be used as a Version 1 cookie name, but
a provider would be foolish to use that, anyway. Note also that the
possibility of using different header names for Version 1 versus
Version 0 (a.k.a., "Netscape") cookies is being discussed in the
HTTP-WG, which might have been better to do in the first place, but
the -05 draft has been approved as RFC 2109:
so it would be a while before that were done, if ever. - FM
* chartrans code for translation of character sets, handling of Unicode,
and i18n updated for Lynx 2.7. Support for CHARSET attribute on A
tags. New directory src/chrtrans with table files. Compilation flags
-DSLANG_MBCS_HACK (for raw unicode console).
New command line options when compiled with -DEXP_CHARTRANS, i.e.,
"-assume_charset", "-assume_local_charset", "-assume_unrec_charset".
See README.chartrans and README files in src/chrtrans for more info.
INFO screen shows of effective charset even if not given explicitly.
Translation routines in LYCharUtils.c not chartrans-ified at this point - KW
* No showing of &trade; or &#8482; as (R) any more, use (TM) instead. - KW
* Prefer HTTP-EQUIV over NAME in META tags. - KW
* Fixed a memory management glitch which could cause a crash if the
MIME type of a reply to a FORM submission with METHOD=POST caused a
download offer to be invoked. - FM
* Don't simplify ftp URLs by trimming trailing slashes if the URL is
being proxied. The Netscape proxy server for some unknown reason
can return redirection for ftp URLs with the slash appended, and
trimming it can result in a redirection loop. Based on a posted
patch from KW. - FM
* Fixed two typos in the checks for HTPassHighCtrlRaw in LYExpandString()
of LYCharUtils.c. - KW
* Fixed typo in the equality check on line 1553 in HTGopher.c. - FM
* Reset the host string after an '@', if present, when trimming default
":port" fields in the new code aimed at compliance with the Masinter
and Fielding URL drafts, expected to replace RFCs 1738 and 1808. The
distributed code neglected to do that, and was ending up on a ":password"
field, if present, instead of on the ":port" field, causing the username
to be treated as the host name. - FM
* Expand the default port trimming so as to include all of the registered
URL schemes which support a port field in the v2.7 release. - FM
* Correctly uncache the current directory listing when invoking an 'u'pload,
so that it will be updated to include the uploaded file if placed in the
current directory. The released code attempted to do this in a manner
which prevented a pop, so that the directory listing couldn't be restored
on return from the uploader menu. - FM
* Recognize a bookmark file used as the startfile, whether it resides in the
home directory or in a subdirectory off home. The released code failed if
the file was in home, and not in a subdirectory, unless the -book switch
was used instead of a startfile entry or WWW_HOME variable. - FM