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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Test::More;
my @modules = qw(Acoustics);
push @modules, map {"Acoustics::$_"} qw(
Web::Auth Web::Auth::Kerberos Web::Auth::Simple
Queue Queue::RoundRobin Queue::TimeSlice
RPC::SSH_PrivateKey RPC::Local RPC::Remctl
plan tests => 1 + scalar @modules;
use_ok($_) for @modules;
# FIXME: put the delete/create code into the Acoustics object
my $acoustics = Acoustics->new;
isa_ok($acoustics, 'Acoustics');
# FIXME: support postgres/sqlite nicely by
# - renaming initdb_mysql to initdb
# - having MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite specific phrasebooks (layered-style)
# - using the phrasebook entries in the Acoustics object