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Automatically build node.js debian packages

This repository will allow you to build your own .deb package of node.js.

Obviously, you need to run this on a debian server.

Tested on:

  • Debian 7.7
  • Debian 6.0.9


  • May 5, 2015 - We've added support for v0.12.x builds, but we'll continue with v0.10.x as needed.

  • June 7, 2014 - We're now building node.js using shared libs instead of relying on Node's included libs.


Current version: 0.12.7

Directory structure

  • bin/ - contains the tool to create the .deb package
  • debian/ - contains some files for building a .deb package "The Debian Way™"
  • node.git/ - an empty directory, which is actually a git submodule that you pull

How it works

When you run the script to build the .deb package, it will pull down the official node.git repository from GitHub. It will then create a tarball of the node.js version you want to build, extract the files, and run the debuild tool to compile node.js.

If all worked well, you'll end up with a shiny .deb file that you can reprepro to your APT repository, or simply rsync to your node.js servers. Build once, install plenty.

Once the build is complete, feel-free to remove all the junk files debuild left behind. Some of those files have interesting information though, such as the *.dsc file.


Install the debian package building prerequesites:

apt-get install build-essential git-core libssl-dev pkg-config libc-ares-dev zlib1g-dev devscripts


bin/ 0.10.17

Installing the package

dpkg -i nodejs_0.10.17-1_amd64.deb


git pull
bin/ 0.10.18
dpkg -i nodejs_0.10.18-1_amd64.deb


I'll try to help as much as I can, but this is just a little hack to save time, and i'm just offering this tool to help. Try to understand what's going on before asking questions. You can likely figure it out yourself.

If not, feel free to file an issue if this doesn't work for you. Ideally, attach the output of the .build file so I can see what's the error message.


  • Run builds in a temporary work dir
  • Add verifications for files/dirs that already exist
  • Verify the OS (linux, debian)


This repository does NOT contain node.js. It simply contains some tools and a custom debian/ directory structure for generating a nice little deployable debian package containing a compiled node.js based on the version you want.

I do not distribute node.js or any copyrighted code.

Using the tools in this repository are at your own risk.


Licensed under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file.


Automatically build node.js debian packages




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