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A GRPC Demo using the Go and Python examples, but running them in dockers. This also includes a demo with grpc-gateway in the gateway folder.

The slides for the presentation can be found here

Cross language Demo

$ make run-python-server
$ make run-go-client
$ make stop-python-server

The golang client code is available in golang/client to play with. The python client is the default one provided by grpc examples.

Backwards compatibility Demo

Edit the golang/client/helloworld/helloworld.proto or golang/server/helloworld/helloworld.proto file and then run:

$ make run-go-server
$ make run-go-client
$ make stop-go-server

I also encourage you to edit the golang/client/greeter_client/main.go and golang/server/greeter_server/main.go files. This will allow you to play even more with the backwards compatibility.

Gateway Demo

$ make run-gateway-server
$ make run-gateway-client
$ make stop-gateway-server

The client in this case is a simple curl

$ curl -X POST -k http://localhost:9123/v1/helloworld/sayhello -H "Content-Type: text/plain" -d '{"name": "old school"}'

You can see the output swagger in gateway/server/helloworld/helloworld.swagger.json

Streaming Demo

$ make run-streaming-server
$ make run-streaming-client
$ make stop-streaming-server

The client expects you to type in multiple names and separated by newline characters. The server will then send back three messages each with a 5 second delay.