Integration of prettier with pre-commit
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Prettier for pre-commit

Prettier package for pre-commit>=0.12.0.

For pre-commit: see

For Prettier: see

Using Prettier with pre-commit

Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yaml:

    -   repo:
        sha: ''  # Use the sha or tag you want to point at
        -   id: prettier
            args: [] #list of args like '--single-quote', '--jsx-bracket-same-line', '--print-width 120', '--no-bracket-spacing'
            additional_dependencies: ['prettier@1.1.0']


1. Why does pre-commit say failed everytime prettier changes the file.

A. This is how pre-commit works. You need to just add the files again and commit. This is done so that you can verify the changes.

2. Prettier has lot more args that you dont support.

A. Just add them as args in the above snippet. See comment in the snippet above for example.