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Document how to make relative work with partials #60

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This partial trick is used by, and maybe others.

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@@ -28,3 +28,19 @@ And for `/one/two/three.html` this will result in:
Of course, it works on all kinds of URL usages:
%link{:rel => "shortcut icon", :href => relative("/favicon.ico")}
+To make it work properly in partials, you need to pass along the outputPage to every partial and to the relative function:
+The outputPage `blogAggregation.html.haml` passes itself:
+ = partial('blogPostBody.html.haml', :outputPage => page, ...)
+to the partial `blogPostBody.html.haml`, which passes that outputPage:
+ = partial('userBadge.html.haml', :outputPage => page.outputPage, ...)
+to the partial `userBadge.html.haml`, which passes it to the relative call:
+ %img{:src => relative("/common/twitterLogo.png", page.outputPage)}
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