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My dotfiles

This repo contains @awidegreen's dotfiles for:

  • zsh
  • vim (mapping details below)

Under dotfiles/bin there are some useful scripts and tools.

NOTE: is pretty hard-coded to arch linux (uses pacman to install tools)


git clone ~/dotfiles
cd ~/dotfiles

Installed frameworks


Look at in the Arch wiki for details.

Perl extensions required (mostly AUR):

  • urxvt-perls-git
  • urxvt-vtwheel
  • urxvt-resize-font-git
  • urxvt-fullscreen
yaourt -S urxvt-perls-git urxvt-vtwheel urxvt-resize-font-git urxvt-fullscreen

Custom PATHs

The dotfiles bundle doesn't contain any custom PATH settings exept for the helpers contained under dotfiles/bin. If you wish to add custom PATHs, put them into ~/.profile.

Local Overrides

Local ZSH settings can be overridden by creating a ~/.zshrc.local file:

Vim configuration details

Vim leader key mapping

This describes the configuration leader mapping including all installed plugings.

I have mapped the leader key to -

let mapleader = "-"

General mappings

mapping Description
jk Exit mode, ESC

General leader mapping

leader + mapping

mapping vim command Comment
space :noh Remove search highlight
ev :vsplit $MYVIMRC Opens $MYVIMRC on vertical split
sv :source $MYVIMRC Resources the $MYVIMRC
s :set spell Toggle spelling
ut :UpdateTags Update Tags
r :Make runs makeprog
rb :Make! runs makeprog in background


leader + mapping

mapping YcmCompleter
t GoTo
i GoToInclude
df GoToDefinition
dc GoToDeclaration
y GetType
p GetParent
d GetDoc
f FixIt


Since conqueGDB heavily uses the leader key, it destroys some of my other bindings. Therefore, the Conque_Leader is mapped to \

let g:ConqueGdb_Leader = '\'

In cmake projects, one normally builds out-of-source, therefore adjust you makeprg to :let &makeprg='(cd build/ && make)'

cg_leader + mapping

mapping Description
r run
c continue
n next
s step
p print variable under cursor
b toggle breakpoint
f finish
t backtrace

Ctrl-P and related

leader + mapping

mapping Command Comment
st :CtrlPTag Open CtrlP tags 'search tag'
fu :CtrlPFunky Open CtrlP funky
fU :execute 'CtrlPFunky ' . expand('<cword>') CtrlP funky narrow list to word under cursor


leader + mapping

mapping Command Comment
a= :Tabularize /= tabularize based on '='
a: :Tabularize /:\zs tabularize based on ':\zy'


leader + mapping

mapping Command Comment
tk :TagbarToggle Toggle the tagbar

Zsh configuration details

aliases in aliases.conversion.zsh

alias command
dec2bin f() {echo "obase=2; $1"|bc};f
dec2hex f() {echo "obase=16; $1"|bc};f
hex2bin f() {echo "ibase=16;obase=2; $1"|bc};f
hex2dec f() {echo "ibase=16; $1"|bc};f
bin2dec f() {echo "ibase=2; $1"|bc};f
bin2hex f() {echo "ibase=2;obase=16; $1"|bc};f

aliases in aliases.git.zsh

alias command
g git
ga git add
gaa git add --all
gapa git add --patch
gb git branch
gba git branch -a
gbd git branch -d
gbda git branch --no-color --merged | command grep -vE "^(&#42;|\s*(master|develop|dev)\s*$)" | command xargs -n 1 git branch -d
gbl git blame -b -w
gbnm git branch --no-merged
gbr git branch --remote
gbs git bisect
gbsb git bisect bad
gbsg git bisect good
gbsr git bisect reset
gbss git bisect start
gc git commit -v
gca git commit -v -a
gcam git commit -a -m
gcsm git commit -s -m
gcb git checkout -b
gcf git config --list
gcl git clone --recursive
gclean git clean -fd
gpristine git reset --hard && git clean -dfx
gcm git checkout master
gcd git checkout develop
gcmsg git commit -m
gco git checkout
gcount git shortlog -sn
gcp git cherry-pick
gcpa git cherry-pick --abort
gcpc git cherry-pick --continue
gcs git commit -S
gd git diff
gdca git diff --cached
gdct git describe --tags git rev-list --tags --max-count=1
gdt git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only -r
gdw git diff --word-diff
gf git fetch
gfa git fetch --all --prune
gfo git fetch origin
gg git gui citool
gga git gui citool --amend
ggpur ggu
ggpull git pull origin $(git_current_branch)
ggpush git push origin $(git_current_branch)
ggsup git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/$(git_current_branch)
gpsup git push --set-upstream origin $(git_current_branch)
ghh git help
gignore git update-index --assume-unchanged
gignored git ls-files -v | grep "^[[:lower:]]"
gk \gitk --all --branches
gke \gitk --all $(git log -g --pretty=%h)
gl git pull
glg git log --stat
glgp git log --stat -p
glgg git log --graph
glgga git log --graph --decorate --all
glgm git log --graph --max-count=10
glo git log --oneline --decorate
glog git log --oneline --decorate --graph
gloga git log --oneline --decorate --graph --all
gm git merge
gmom git merge origin/master
gmt git mergetool --no-prompt
gmtvim git mergetool --no-prompt --tool=vimdiff
gmum git merge upstream/master
gp git push
gpd git push --dry-run
gpoat git push origin --all && git push origin --tags
gpu git push upstream
gpv git push -v
gr git remote
gra git remote add
grb git rebase
grba git rebase --abort
grbc git rebase --continue
grbi git rebase -i
grbm git rebase master
grbs git rebase --skip
grh git reset HEAD
grhh git reset HEAD --hard
grmv git remote rename
grrm git remote remove
grset git remote set-url
grt cd $(git rev-parse --show-toplevel || echo ".")
gru git reset --
grup git remote update
grv git remote -v
gsb git status -sb
gsd git svn dcommit
gsi git submodule init
gsps git show --pretty=short --show-signature
gsr git svn rebase
gss git status -s
gst git status
gsta git stash save
gstaa git stash apply
gstc git stash clear
gstd git stash drop
gstl git stash list
gstp git stash pop
gsts git stash show --text
gsu git submodule update
gts git tag -s
gtv git tag | sort -V
gunignore git update-index --no-assume-unchanged
gunwip git log -n 1 | grep -q -c "--wip--" && git reset HEAD~1
gup git pull --rebase
gupv git pull --rebase -v
glum git pull upstream master
gwch git whatchanged -p --abbrev-commit --pretty=medium
gwip git add -A; git rm $(git ls-files --deleted) 2> /dev/null; git commit --no-verify -m "--wip--"

aliases in aliases.zsh

alias command
ll ls -lh
lla ls -lha
lh ls -lah
lt ls -hltr
lltr lt
l ll
lll ll
grep grep --color=auto
finp f() {find "$1" -iname "${@:2}"};f
cfinp f() {find . -iname "${@:2}"};f
fin f() {find "$1" -iname "*${@:2}*"};f
cfin f() {find . -iname "*${@:1}*"};f
rgp f() {rg -p "$@" | less -r};f

aliases in correction.zsh

alias command
cap nocorrect cap
man nocorrect man
tree nocorrect tree
thor nocorrect thor
mv nocorrect mv
mysql nocorrect mysql
mkdir nocorrect mkdir
gist nocorrect gist
heroku nocorrect heroku
ebuild nocorrect ebuild
hpodder nocorrect hpodder
vim nocorrect vim
ssh nocorrect ssh
pass nocorrect pass
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