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Om Tutorial Code

This is a project holding an Om (next) project that is to be used as the basis of a complete overview of the features of Om. For simplicity, the server-side component is simulated in the browser. The code you would write on the server is identical (though you will need some minor plumbing to do the actual network bits).

I try to keep it running at, though it is really meant to be cloned locally, as the exercises have you edit the code.

What's inside?

The organization is in flux. The top-level src directory contains:

  • tutorial: Devcards with a live tutorial (in progress)
  • main: A demo application with simulated remote server (in progress, but working with Om master or alpha25+)
  • cards : Some development/tests written in devcards

The latter two are for my internal purposes at the moment, so you can largely ignore them.

Running it

There is a clojure script in the script folder. You can run it with lein or in Cursive (Run..., Add a Clojure Local REPL, Run with Clojure Main (NOT nREPL!), parameters script/figwheel.clj) or at the command line with:

lein run -m clojure.main script/figwheel.clj

Using Emacs, just start up the repl with cider-jack-in (or connect to a running lein repl), and evaluate the contents of script/figwheel.clj in the repl. Similar steps should work find for fireplace in Vim.

Then browse to the following URL:

http://localhost:3450   Devcards-based Tutorial (start here)

Expect things to change often...this is a work in progress that may take several weeks or even months. If you'd like to contribute, I'd love the help. Ping me on Slack (@tony.kay) so we don't stomp on each other.

Some things I'd like to have (but don't have the time to get to):

  • Docs in the UI section (or a subsection) that talk about more basics of (stateless) UI. E.g. more references to React docs, what the #js stuff is about and why you only do it on dom elements. Basic gotchas for beginners. Bonus points if anyone wants to hack the cljs ecosystem so that code pretty-printing can handle #js.
  • CSS for anything you think is too ugly

Figwheel notes

Once the figwheel REPL is going, you can clean and rebuild with


after which you probably want to reload the page in your browser to clear out any cruft.





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