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Brain Sparks

Experimental neural network and deep learning code


The main neural network code. Makes heavy use of NumPy.

Implemented and working

  • Multi-layer perceptrons (dense layers)
  • Backpropagation gradients
  • Common activation functions: sigmoid, tanh, ReLU, linear
  • Common cost/error functions: MSE, MAE, cross-entropy
  • Stochastic gradient descent optimizer
  • L1 and L2 regularizers

In the works

  • 1-D convolution layer, optional max pooling (gradient nearly done)
  • Autoencoders (MLP style)
  • GPU acceleration via PyCUDA and/or PyOpenCL (experimenting still)

Future work

  • More optimizer options: rprop, momentum, adagrad, etc.
  • 2-D convolution, to follow up on 1-D convolution
  • Recurrent networks


Experimental data parallelism hook for Calrissian.

  • Attempted some linear algebra with Spark, but not much luck.
  • Looking into replicated Calrissian networks for parallelism