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The AWS CloudFormation Public Coverage Roadmap
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CloudFormation Public Coverage Roadmap

The AWS CloudFormation Public Coverage Roadmap


This is a public roadmap focused on upcoming coverage support for CloudFormation. It is focused on coverage additions to existing AWS services to be addressed by upcoming CloudFormation releases. It represents a preview of the information we provide in our existing release history documentation. Knowing about our upcoming coverage additions and priorities helps our customers plan, and we want to provide a way for our customers to help us ensure we are working on the most important requests.

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Security disclosures

If you think you’ve found a potential security issue, please do not post it in the Issues. Instead, please follow the instructions here or email AWS security directly.


Q: Why did you build this?

A: We know that our customers are making decisions and plans based on what we are developing, and we want to provide our customers the insights they need to plan. If our customers know that a coverage item is being worked on and will be released soon, we can help them avoid additional work if they are considering workarounds or custom resources to address their needs. Further, we want you to help us ensure we are working on the most important and impactful issues.

Q: Why are there no dates on your roadmap?

A: Because our main priority is security and operational stability, we cannot provide specific target dates for releases.

Q: What do the roadmap categories mean?

  • Shipped - currently usable in CloudFormation templates
  • Coming soon - nearing completion, likely being planned for an upcoming coverage update release. Think a couple of weeks out, give or take.
  • We're working on it - in progress, but further out. We might still be working through the implementation details, or scoping stuff out.
  • Researching - We're thinking about it. This might mean we're still evaluating designs and options, or thinking through how this should work. This is a great phase to give us feedback as to how you want to see something implemented! We’ll benefit from your specific use cases here.

Q: Is everything on the roadmap?

A: We are focusing on coverage updates for existing CloudFormation resource types, as well as new and previously available AWS services where there’s no native CloudFormation support yet. There is other coverage-related work that we won’t be able to preview. For example, services that are not publicly released yet will not appear on this roadmap. Finally, there are other non-coverage-related feature work that we won’t cover in this roadmap at this time.

Q: How can I provide feedback or ask for more information?

A: When in doubt, please create an issue! Although we’ll focus on coverage issues, all submitted issues will get reviewed and/or forwarded appropriately.

Q: How can I request a feature be added to the roadmap?

A: We encourage you to open an issue, even if you’ve requested it before via other channels. All community-submitted issues will be reviewed by the roadmap maintainers. We’ve created a template to make it easy to open new issues.

Q: Can I "+1" existing issues?

A:We strongly encourage you to do so, as it helps us understand which issues will have the widest impact. You can navigate to the issue details page and add a reaction (thumbs up). There are six types of reactions supported (thumbs down “-1”, confused, heart, watching, laugh, hooray, and thumbs up +1). We can typically do 8-10 items per month with all necessary regression testing, and we want you to help us decide which items will benefit you the most.

License Summary

This project is made available under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license. See the LICENSE file.

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