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Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments, on a subscription basis.

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kschoenrock-iw commented Apr 14, 2020

I have created a serverless project for python on AWS, which works fine... until I try to re-use the project directly after checkout. Any CLI command exits with the following error:

 sls help
 Serverless Error ---------------------------------------
  Serverless plugin "serverless-python-requirements" not found. Make sure it's installed and listed in the "plugins" section of your ser
edlefebvre commented Dec 10, 2019


  • I am running the latest version. (up upgrade)
  • I searched to see if the issue already exists.
  • I inspected the verbose debug output with the -v, --verbose flag.
  • Are you an Up Pro subscriber?


It would be great to add regex capabilities to redirects like so:

redirects: {
  "/folder/:slug(regexhere)": {
    "location": "https
aravindkaws commented Feb 22, 2020

** Which Category is your question related to? **
** What AWS Services are you utilizing? **
Cognito, Lex

I'd like to be able to do a face auth and if a valid user is found, I'd like to simulate a click of the Microphone button without the user having to do so. How can this be done with the existing Chatbot component ?

beugene-orcher commented Apr 23, 2020

Thanks for the job you've done! Chalice is the very easy framework for newcomers and flask developers.

I've been learning the framework only for 2 weeks and regularly getting errors related with aws policies. The official content about the policies is minimal. And auto-policy can't do this job by the right way if you want to add more than just a 'hello world' function.

Run **chalice

kanbara commented Nov 6, 2019

Please fill out the sections below to help us address your issue.

Version of AWS SDK for Go?


Version of Go (go version)?


What issue did you see?

CloudFormation.DescribeStacks says that it will return an AmazonCloudFormationException if the stack does not exist, but there is no trace of this exception in the code.


DescribeStacks API opera
migueloller commented Feb 6, 2020

Running Pulumi CLI commands in CI is failing with the following error:

error: could not get cloud url: unmarshalling credentials file: unexpected end of JSON input

The following scripts are representative of what was running when the error happened:


curl | bash > /dev/null
export PATH=$PATH:/root/google-cloud-sdk/bin
a-panickar commented Sep 9, 2019

Sometimes you really need to go check the online documentation for the commands you are trying to run. Having a native shortcut to open the browser with the relevant page would be a good feature addition to this great tool.

For example s3 ls help or s3 ls docu should open the S3 ls cli page in the browser.


surister commented Jan 21, 2020

This is a reminder for me or a task if anyone wants :P


Basically, The last two questions aren't really regex's questions.

To do:

  • Move said questions to correct place.
  • Add new regex questions (Python related!)?
  • Maybe add a new ## Regex section, as it is a valuable skill
aniketpanjwani commented Nov 29, 2019

What is the problem?

I've succesfully installed Gitea using the one-click install on a fresh install of CapRover. When I try to install drone-gitea using the one-click Install, I get the following error at the 7th step: "Failed: Error: Request failed with status code 500" .

If applicable, content of captain-definition file:


Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Install Gitea
abiro commented Dec 17, 2019


It would great if there was documentation on the steps taken by sam build. My concrete use case is that I'd like to know how it finds and installs packages for Python Lambda functions so I can figure out the best way to structure my project. More specifically, does it just do a pip install -r and copies the source files or does it build my package with setuptools?



dportabella commented May 28, 2016

if I understood it corretly from README.MD, we can install like this:

$ git clone && cd dev-setup
$ ./.dots bootstrap osxprep brew osx

and later when we need datastores, we run

$ cd ~/dev-setup
$ ./.dots datastores

I understand that bootstrap copies the dot files to the home directory, such as .bash_profile and .exports.

deliahu commented Apr 8, 2020


Currently, the tutorial uses a not-very-practical model (iris-classifier), and ends with curl. Consider adding or replacing with a full end-to-end guide, which includes calling a Cortex API from an application, e.g. “0 to NLP App in Less Than 15 Minutes”. Also consider linking to for how to convert the curl to the appropriate http library

boweeb commented Apr 6, 2020

For the life of me, I can't find where valid keys are defined or how they're determined. This information would be particularly handy in the awless show --help output. FWIW, my immediate use-case is only concerned with EC2 instance "Launch Time".

awless show i-foobar shows an Uptime key but that doesn't work.

$ awless show --values-for Uptime i-foobar
[error]   no values for ["
dgsardina commented Nov 28, 2019

Small feature request. I am using helmfile for the deployment of our k8s infrastructure and wanted to use sops for encryption of secrets. I need to use the --keyservice but as I am calling sops inside a wrapper (helmfile) of a wrapper (helm secrets) I cannot pass this variable to sops in a clean way.

Could you provide an alternative way to provide this option to sops in the .sops.conf and/or i

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