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AWS Neuron

Neuron SDK Overview

AWS Neuron is a software development kit (SDK) enabling high-performance deep learning acceleration using AWS Inferentia and Trainium, AWS's custom designed machine learning accelerators. With Neuron, you can develop, profile, and deploy high-performance machine learning workloads on top of accelerated EC2 instances, e.g. Inf1 and Trn1.

Neuron includes a compiler, runtime driver, as well as debug and profiling utilities with a TensorBoard plugin for visualization, and is pre-integrated into popular machine learning frameworks like Pytorch, TensorFlow and MXNet, to provide a seamless machine learning acceleration workflow.

Neuron SDK’s documentation

For full documentations including user guide, Howtos and Tutorials see Neuron SDK’s documentation


If none of the github and online resources have an answer to your question, checkout the AWS Neuron support forum.