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Textract Response Parser

You can use Textract response parser library to easily parse JSON returned by Amazon Textract. The library parses JSON and provides programming language specific constructs to work with different parts of the document. textractor is an example of a PoC batch processing tool that takes advantage of the Textract response parser library and generates output in multiple formats.

Python Usage

For documentation on usage see: src-python/

JavaScript/TypeScript Usage

For documentation on usage see: src-js/

C# Usage


document.Pages.ForEach(page => {
    Console.WriteLine("Print Lines and Words:");
    page.Lines.ForEach(line => {
        Console.WriteLine("{0}--{1}", line.Text, line.Confidence);
        line.Words.ForEach(word => {
            Console.WriteLine("{0}--{1}", word.Text, word.Confidence);
    Console.WriteLine("Print Fields:");
    page.Form.Fields.ForEach(f => {
        Console.WriteLine("Field: Key: {0}, Value {1}", f.Key, f.Value);
    Console.WriteLine("Get Field by Key:");
    var key = "Phone Number:";
    var field = page.Form.GetFieldByKey(key);
    if(field != null) {
        Console.WriteLine("Field: Key: {0}, Value: {1}", field.Key, field.Value);


document.Pages.ForEach(page => {
    page.Tables.ForEach(table => {
        var r = 0;
        table.Rows.ForEach(row => {
            var c = 0;
            row.Cells.ForEach(cell => {
                Console.WriteLine("Table [{0}][{1}] = {2}--{3}", r, c, cell.Text, cell.Confidence);

Check out the src-csharp folder for instructions on how to run .NET Core C# samples

Other Resources

License Summary

This sample code is made available under the Apache License V2.0 license. See the LICENSE file.