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Run ML inference on Lambda arm64 (AWS Graviton) using ArmNN

This sample provides steps to deploy ArmNN on AWS Lambda (arm64) by building and loading a container image. The Lambda function will be used to perform ML inference using an example image classification ML model in ONNX format (ResNet 50).


ArmNN is an open-source software library that optimises the execution of ML workloads on Arm-based processors and uses the Arm Compute Library - ACL. It is one of the options available to perform CPU-based machine learning inference on Graviton instances.



  • Any changes to the ML inference code require re-building the Docker container image and re-deploying it on Lambda
  • ArmNN supports only 2 file formats: ONNX and TfLite. Since TfLite is typically used in edge devices (i.e. mobile) with lightweight models, the example provided here is a ResNet model in ONNX format


Architecture Diagram


Step 1. Prepare code repository

Go to service AWS CodeCommit to create a new code repository. Upload to it the 2 files: Dockerfile and from this repository.

Step 2. Build Docker container image

Create Codebuild project

Go to service AWS CloudFormation and create a new stack using the CodeBuild template.

Parameters to provide:

  • CodeCommitRepositoryName: provide name given in Step 1

  • ContainerImageName: provide a name for the container image that will be created

Run build

Go to service AWS CodeBuild to locate the created project and to start a build to produce the Docker container image.

Go to service Amazon ECR and confirm the built container image is published there.

Step 3. Deploy Lambda function

Go to service AWS CloudFormation and create a new stack using the Lambda template.

Parameters to provide:

  • LambdaMemorySize: specify amount of memory required by ML inference code

The example code uses approximately 0.9GB of memory, however Lambda supports up to 3GB or 10GB depending on region availability.

Step 4. Run ML Inference

Go to service AWS Lambda to view the function created in Step 3.

Test the ML inference code with a sample image by using this event:

  "image_url": "<<PROVIDE_IMAGE_URL>>"

Example image URL:

Confirm the output of the test shows the image classification results. Ignore the additional log output.


Additional Information


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This sample code is made available under a MIT-0 license. See the LICENSE file.


Learn how to run ML inference on Lambda (arm64 / AWS Graviton) using ArmNN



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